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Another way to get blue fragment without using Nevan for Dante at Misson 9.
Another way to get blue fragment for Dante without nevan´s flying ability.
First get to the Subterranean Garden were the blue fragment is located. what you need is:

*Trickster Lv 2
*Air Hike

Stand underneath the opening were the B.F is use trickster to perform wall hike, after he jumped away from the wall use air hike then use sky star if it doesn´t work keep trying it´s easy than it looks, I know it´s little late but just wanted to share with everyone.

Thanks for your time.

Beat heaven or hell
Use Quicksilver, Ebony and Evory and Super Dante. In the game slow down time and shoot all the demons. Your eyes must stay open for exploding demons and blasting barrels. In Mission 8 (where you fight inside the Leviathan) use Nevan to fly above the pools of acid.
Beating the game the easy way
Bthe entire game in easy mode then go back to normal mode. All the weapons that you accquired in easy mode are in your inventory in normal mode.
Control players
If you need some help beating the blob at the end of the game, (the one who changed into from the guy who had the scared face)press start on the second controler, and a 2nd player can play as Vergil. Also, once you have Doppleranger style, activate it, and press start on the second controler, to have the 2nd player control the mirror dante.
Easy Mode
If you die 3 times in a row on the same mission on normal mode you unlock easy mode.
Easy way to beat Agni and Rudra
First equip Cerberus. When they jump attack you, get close to Agni, then keep on attacking. If his health is low attack the other until it's dead. When the two swords combinethe remaining brother becomes much harder to beat. Try avoiding every attack he does then get close again, attack continously, when he jumps, get some distance, that attack is deadly. It's best to try and kill both brothers as close as possible to each other so you don't have to worry about facing the tougher opponent.
easy way to get stylish points!
it works better when youve got all the d.t orbs by the way.
well when your up against loads of demons and there crowded round you just hold L1 till all you orbs flash red , red they do and all the demons are all to gether or in range, release the L1 and there'll be a burst from your devil trigger which wil kill them instantly and get you a stylish !
Enemy Weaknesses
Some enemies will take extra damage from certain weapons. This usually follows logically. Hell Vanguard and Doppelganger being dark enemies, take more damage from Beowolf. Agni, Nevan and Gigapede take more damage from Cerebrus. Gigapede, Cerebrus, Arachne and Blood Goyles take more damage from Agni & Rudra.

What you need to look out for are lingering effects that you don't see when you use the weapon normally, like fire on the enemy, ice chunks or extended flashes of light.
Even more loading screen fun
It is well known that square shoots the text and triangle slices it in the loading screen, but holding 'up' while pressing triangle, after so many hits the logo willl break. Also, if you only press down and triangle, you can knock the logo in the air and keep it there with gunfire and slashes (even breaking it with up and triangle).
Beat the game on the easy or higher difficulty setting to unlock gallery entries.

The higher the difficulty mode you beat, the more items in the gallery you will unlock.
Hidden Mission Numbers
In each mission's intro you will find hidden a number representing the action mission level. Here is a list of where to find the numbers:

Mission 1 - Theres a number "1" on the pizza box
Mission 2 - Theres a number "2" on the billboard at the end of the cutscene
Mission 3 - The burning enemies form the number "3" at the end of the cutscene
Mission 4 - The hanging banner/flag at the beginning of the cutscene is shaped as the number "4"
Mission 5 - The blood on the wall at the end of the cutscene forms the number "5"
Mission 6 - The explosion at the end of the cutscene leaves the number "6" on the ground
Mission 7 - The blood stain on the wall reveals the number "7" at the end of the cutscene
Mission 8 - The moon in the background has the number "8" engraved in it
Mission 9 - The bullet at the end of the cutscene has "9mm" marked on it
Mission 10 - The blood on the book at the end of the cutscene forms the number "10"
Mission 11 - The blood on the ground marks the number "11"
Mission 12 - At the end of the cutscene, the chain attached to the ceiling is holding the number "12"
Mission 13 - At the end of the cutscene, the wall in the background has the number "13" engraved
Mission 14 - The number "14" is on the side of the platform, in the pit
Mission 15 - The branch at the end of the cutscene shapes the number "15"
Mission 16 - The number "16" is lightly scratched on the ground. It's easier to see the number at the beginning of the mission
Mission 17 - The top of the pillar at the end of the cutscene forms the number "17"
Mission 18 - A paper containing the number "18" quickly flies by in the air
Mission 19 - As the camera pans to Lady at the beginning of the cutscene, the number "19" is lightly marked on the ground
Mission 20 - The number "20" is formed by the clouds in the background
How to raise styles easily.
go to mission 18 ( on easy mode) the one with all the bosses in . pick the style you want to raise and just defeat and boss like beowulf . it gives loads of exp more than 10k! and just keep on beating the bosses and after like 20 -25 minutes you'll get your style to lvl3!
Increase DT healing
Whilst in Devil Trigger, the speed of your recovery depends on which Devil-Arm you have equipped. If your low on health and your current devil form isn't healing fast enough, try switching to another to get that little boost.

The Nevan Devil-Trigger has the fastest healing process.
instant revitalisation of DT gauge
Before you start the mission there will be a loading screen that will show the phrase 'DEVIL MAY CRY', during the loading screen mash the triangle button as fast as you can and you will start the mission with full DT gauge depending on how fast you hit the triangle button.
Lady With a Different Outfit At The End
Beat the game on any difficulty with the sparda costume and when you fight the demons at the end, Lady is wearing a different outfit.
Loading Screen Fun
During "Loading" screens, tap the square button to pop some holes in the text with Ebony and Ivory or tap the triangle button to slash it up.

This should be enough to keep you mildly entertained during the bothersome loading sequences.
Mission 17 Red Orbs Collection
Do you want to get a massive amount of red orbs in a very short time? When you get to mission 17, you start in the Dark Corridor by a door. Enter the door you are standing in front of and jump down. Then jump up to collect all the orbs and get out where you came from. When you exit the door, walk down the corridor and collect all the orbs on the arcs. If you have collected all the orbs, you should now have +3700 orbs in less than a couple of minutes. Save the game and restart the mission, and you will be able to do this over and over again to buy lots of blue and purple orbs to become the strongest Dante ever.
ninja gaiden move
A little Izuna Drop:
Equip Swordmaster
Press Circle (repeat), triangle
Secret Mission 3: Death from Above
First, make sure you have both Rebellion and A&R equipped, Swordmaster style and Air Hike for both weapons (the last one isn't really necessary though). Basically what you do is get to a corner, air hike and start using Air Rave/ Sky Dance(incomplete), then quickly switch to the other weapon and continue using the air attack. Sometimes, the enemy will get close enough for you to accidentally kick jump off their heads, which is a good thing. With this method, you can easily stay in the air for more than 20 seconds.
Secret Mission 4 - Alternate Way
If you're having trouble with Secret Mission 4 (Devil's Teeter Totter) then play through the game until the end of Mission 16 so you can get the Kalina Ann. Then come back and try this secret mission, you'll be able to blow them off with just a few rockets even though they're in Devil Trigger.
Secret Mission 4: Devil's Teeter-totter
In secret mission 4, where you have to survive going on an elevator all the way to the top while DT'd Hell Prides start dropping down, there's a little glitch you can take advantage of to easily beat the mission.

First, make sure you have the Trickster style. Now, as soon as all Hell Prides have dropped down (they come in groups of 4), jump towards the wall and wall hike upwards. Make sure you go high enough before flipping back onto the elevator and voila, the Hell Prides will mysteriously disappear. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the Hell Prides that come your way.
Secret Mission 5: Destroyer
An easy way to quickly beat this secret mission without any hassle is to have Kalina Ann equipped and shoot a few rounds in all areas of the bar. This is I think by far the fastest method available.
Two Player Mode
Bet it would be easier and fun to take this game on with the help of a friend. Well, you can!

Activate Doppleganger fighting style and choose a mission. When you enter a fight, summon Dante's Shadow and have player 2 hit start on the second analog controller. He will become the shadow. The shadow can do mostly anything you can and can't get hurt.
Unlimited Credit Time
Having trouble killing 100 demons in the time given at the end?

Well, when fighting the demons pop the game out of the PS2 and the credits and music will stop, but you will keep fighting and the counter will keep going up. When you've killed 100 demons put the game back in and it will freeze, than it will go to the end movie and show the alternate after.
Unlimited Devil Trigger The Easy Way
At the start menu press L1 L2 R1 R2 and rotate the left analog stick then load your game and choose the costume where Dante has purple aura out of him and play the game and now enemy's are no match for your unlimited devil trigger and sometimes work on bosses to.
Unlimited Experience And Money Orbs
Go to SECRET MISSION 3, which is located at the beggining of mission 7 before you go through the first door twoards the ceiling. The mission is to stay up in the air for 20 seconds which is a little hard but if you do touch the ground the timer will just start over and the enimies never stop coming out but they are easy. During this mission you can fight as long as you want and gather lots of money and experience!!
Unlimited Orbs
To get unlimited orbs go to the fifth secret mission which is found on stage 9. From stage 9 go through the level untill you get to the area where you get the spiral. Go through the passageway underneath the waterfall and up through a small tunnel directly across from where you.
The secret mission is marked by a few bright glowing crystals. Once inside you must destroy every breakable object within 40 seconds. The jukebox contains 500 red orbs and there are other items but this is the one that gets you the most orbs. You can repeatedly fail and redo the mission and thus get unlimited orbs. The great thing is that there's no enemies in the way here.
Heaven or Hell - Complete Dante Must Die
Gallery - Complete Easy or Normal
Gallery update - Complete Hard
Dante Must Die - Complete Hard
Hard - Complete Normal
Quicksilver style - Defeat Greyon at the end of mission 12
Doppleganger style - Defeat Shadow enemy at the end of mission 17

At the mission select screen, press R1 or L1 to select a different outfit or character.

Legendary Dark Knight - Clear Hard Mode
Super Dante - Complete Dante Must Die
Coatless Dante - Complete either Easy or Normal
Coatless DMC1 Dante - Complete Hard
DMC1 Dante - Complete Normal
You can obtain them by defeating certain bosses at various points in missions or usable with a certain character or costume.

Agni&Rudra - Defeat Agni and Rudra at the end of mission 5.
Beowulf - Defeat Beowulf at the end of mission 11, and then pick the weapon up at the start of mission 14.
Cerberus - Defeat Cerberus at the end of mission 3.
Nevan - Defeat Nevan at the end of mission 9.
Force Edge - Is usable with DMC1 Dante, Coatless DMC1 Dante and LDK after unlocking them.

You can obtain them by defeating certain bosses at various points in missions.

Artemis - Found after inserting all 3 Essences into the Mute Goddess statue in mission 6.
Spiral - Found on the platform in the Subterranean Lake in mission 9.
Kalina Ann - Recieved from Lady after defeating her in mission 16.
Shotgun - The shotgun is found hanging on the wall of the front bar in mission 3.


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Alternate ending sequence
While the credits are running kill at least 100 opponents
Dante Must Die mode
Beat the game on the hard difficulty mode.
Devil May Cry (1) Dante costume
Complete the game on the normal or higher difficulty setting to unlock this costume. Press L1 or R1 at the mission selection screen to choose the new costume.
Hard mode
Beat the game on the normal difficulty mode.
Heaven or Hell mode
Beat Dante Must Die mode to unlock the Heaven or Hell mode.
You can do this on any stage of the game, all you have to do is play through the stage that you are on and collect the orbs and if you are about to die save your game and the amount of orbs that you have collected before you died will be the same and you can play through the stage and get more to upgrade the weapons and get new fight styles
Play as Legendary Dark Knight/Sparda
Beat the game on the hard difficulty mode.
Unlimited Devil Trigger
Beat the Dante Must Die mode to unlock Unlimited Devil Trigger.