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Destroy All Humans! 2 (PS2) Cheats

Destroy All Humans! 2 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Destroy All Humans! 2 cheat codes.


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Arkvoodle Cult Unlockables
To unlock the Alien Artifact Detector, you have to complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Albion. The last Arkvoodle Cult mission, in Albion, has two parts. Shama Llama will tell you to go back to Bay City and talk to The Freak and convince him to paint a poster for you. Once you complete that mission, go back to Albion and complete the last Arkvoodle Cult mission there. After you complete this mission, you'll unlock the Alien Artifact Detector. The Alien Artifact Detector allows you to find the Alien Artifacts alot easier. When you are near one, it will show up as a blinking red dot on your mini-map/radar.

To get the Burrow Beast Datacore, you have to complete all of the Arkvoodle Cult missions in Takoshima. But, to unlock the final Arkvoodle Cult mission, you have to have collected 30 Alien Artifacts. Once you do this and complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission, you'll be rewarded with the Datacore that unlocks the Burrow Beast weapon. Also, you unlock the Furotech Cell Detector upon completely finishing this mission. The Furotech Cell Detector works the same way as the Alien Artifact Detector. When you are near a Furotech Cell, it will show up as a blinking green dot on your mini-map/radar.

Also, to unlock more of the Arkvoodle Cult missions, you have to complete main missions and Odd Jobs.
car bombs
This is gotta be the best way to kill a lot of people quickly as possible and without the need to acquire ammo. Anything but a cop car or tank etc. will work. Simply take out your zap-o-matic and zap the car until it is under 1/4 health. (one full zap will do if your zap-o-matic is fully upgraded) then use pk to pick it up and throw it a group of enemies or another car for a chain reaction. This can be a fast, extremely effective way to take out enormous amounts of enemies.
Easily bodysnatching people
Having trouble bodysnatching anyone? Don't have the gene blend that lets you bodysnatch police, kgb agents, secret agents or army men quickly? Free love civilians, and in the time that they are dancing, quickly bodysnatch the person you want to bodysnatch. The people around you won't notice! Note; if your bodysnatch's victim's health is running low, free love someone while you are in the old victim, get out of the dead body and bodysnatch someone. This should take less than 3 seconds.
How to kill humans fast
First, hold down square to go through your weapons.Pick the disclocator(i might have spelled it wrong) and locate a human. Now, the following requires correct timing.Shoot the human you want dead. When they are in the air, lock on and PK them. They should automatically quit moving and be dead.

Note: This depends on how much remaining hp the human has.
Last Boss Beat Easy
Make sure you upgrade your meteor weapon to full power.
All you gotta do on the last boss is go around and make ammo outa object around you,keep doing that until you get 5 ammo
now just hit the last boss with the meteor.
take about 5 hit until hes dead.
but this way you don't gotta go through breaking his armor.
More ammo
To get more ammo, you have to use your transmog powers on cars and you will get more ammo.
That\'s a good servant!
Ok.For this tip to work, you need to finish at LEAST one Arkvoodol Cult Mission(indicated on the map by a set of eyes)or the mission in Takoshima in which you get the Ion Detonator.When you come upon a white ninja* or an Arkvoodol worshiper, your alien form will not alert them.You can then bodysnatch them and use them.That\'s a good servant!!!

*only after you finish the mission in which you get the Ion Detonator
Tip on HUMAN Tennis
Down by the Wharf (spelling?) there is a little floating object (One that you might see Pox's hologram on) that says "2p" (I think, either way, it's for 2 players). Here you will play "Human Tennis". The object of the game is to PK a human back and forth to each player over a kinda, orange, holographic, net-thingy. Now, this game is kind of difficult, because when one player PK's the human over the net, sometimes the human will go WAY up in the air, and will not be visible on the screen until it falls to the ground, which in the case, add's points to your opponet's side. The way to fix this is simple. Hold down R1 while the human is in the air. When the human starts to fall where you can see it, make sure R1 is locked on to it, and PK it. When you have caught the human bring it over closer to you and PK it back. (And just to get on people's nerves, hold the human HIGH in the air, THEN PK it over the net. The higher the human, the harder it is to PK it back.

Hope this helped! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Under fire? Create some cover!
There are plenty of times where Crypto will get swarmed by enemy agents with ranged weaponry. The more enemies arrive however, the more cars they bring. Use Crypto's tele-kenetic powers to lift a car (or preferably a bus) in front of himself to create cover, OR to create a choke point, jumping platform, etc. You can also place a car onto the ground in a specific area so when it blows up it works to your advantage.
If you feel like Yeti hunting, go to Tunguska and go near the lake, there will be one. Kill it then move away far and go back and he SHOULD be there.


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Dissapearing Act
In Takoshima, walk down to the Shinobi Island beach.
If you have max jetpack, you'll see an island not far away.
Fly to it, check the map, and you won't see yourself.
This is also good private island. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Going through your saucer.
Here is a funny glitch that happens when you call your saucer (preferably have full jetpack).
1. go to a landing place that doesn't have the saucer on it.
2. call the saucer. Wait a bit.
3. after maybe 3 seconds, jet into the air. Hold the X button so that you very slowly hover down to earth.
4. look on the minimap. The saucer icon should be making its way quickly across the city you are at towards your landing place. Keep hovering.
5. when the saucer icon is over you on the minimap, keep hovering, and the saucer will slam through you and the sound of metal hitting metal ensues.

human body jump
While in a human body, use PK and let go without doing anything and the human should fall,run straight over the human while it is on the ground, and you should jump!

(also works with alien form)


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Destroy All Humans! 2 GameShark Codes
90153008 0C059C95

Infinite Health
200C0880 8C8100D0
200C0884 01800008
200C0888 AC8100CC
20205F78 0C030220

Infinite Zap-O-Matic
202BAC28 00000000
202BB544 00000000

Infinite Dislocator
202AE0D4 00000000

Infinite Jetpack
201EC188 00000000

Super High Jetpack
201EC188 00000000
20501940 40000000

Ultra High Jetpack
201EC188 00000000
20501940 40800000

Alert Level Codes

Alert Level Never Increases
201D6488 AE000098

Alert Level Always Level 0
200C0880 240D0000
200C0884 03E00008
200C0888 ADED0098
20205244 0C030220

Alert Level Always Level 1
200C0880 240D0001
200C0884 03E00008
200C0888 ADED0098
20205244 0C030220

Alert Level Always Level 2
200C0880 240D0002
200C0884 03E00008
200C0888 ADED0098
20205244 0C030220

Alert Level Always Level 3
200C0880 240D0003
200C0884 03E00008
200C0888 ADED0098
20205244 0C030220

Alert Level Always Level 4
200C0880 240D0004
200C0884 03E00008
200C0888 ADED0098
20205244 0C030220

Alert Level Always Level 5
200C0880 240D0005
200C0884 03E00008
200C0888 ADED0098
20205244 0C030220

Saucer Codes

Infinite Cloak
202553D4 00000000
20255248 00000000
2025524C 00000000
202554E4 00000000

Infinite Death Ray
202A2F18 00000000

Invasion Report Codes

Activation Code (Must Be On For Below Codes)
200C0800 3C010050
200C0804 8C24276C
200C0808 1080000E
200C080C 24843E18
200C0810 3C05000C
200C0814 24060100
200C0818 8C810000
200C081C 10200009
200C0820 8CA30000
200C0824 8CA70004
200C0828 50230004
200C082C AC870008
200C0830 24C6FFFF
200C0834 1CC0FFF8
200C0838 24A50008
200C083C 1000FFF4
200C0840 2484000C
200C0844 03E00008
200C0848 00000000
20153054 08030200

Max Jetpack Upgrades
200C0700 A9CD1442
200C0704 00000002

Max Crypto's Shields Upgrades
200C0700 010C29F9
200C0704 00000003

Bay City Codes

Have All Datacores Recovered
200C0000 09D61EBE
200C0004 00000007

Have All Furotech Cells Retrieved
200C0008 02DCFC18
200C000C 00000028

Have All Alien Artifacts
200C0010 280BB42C
200C0014 0000000A

Pox-Mart Codes

Activation Code (Must Be On For Below Codes)
200E0800 3C010050
200E0804 8C24276C
200E0808 1080000E
200E080C 24843214
200E0810 3C05000E
200E0814 24060100
200E0818 8C810000
200E081C 10200009
200E0820 8CA30000
200E0824 8CA70004
200E0828 50230004
200E082C AC870008
200E0830 24C6FFFF
200E0834 1CC0FFF8
200E0838 24A50008
200E083C 1000FFF4
200E0840 2484000C
200E0844 03E00008
200E0848 00000000
2015347C 08038200

Max Upgrade Points
200E0000 4829C177
200E0004 4479C000
Hammer and Human nails
pick up a car and start banging it on a human.Eventuly the human will start going into the ground. Then they'll disapear