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Destroy All Humans! Cheats

Destroy All Humans! cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Gameshark Codes for more Destroy All Humans! cheat codes.

Destroy All Humans! Passwords

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A couple of cool cheats
Pause the game and hold L2 as you enter the cheat
PasswordWhat it does
square circle left left circle squareInvincibility
left circle R2 right R1 squareUnlimited Ammo
L1 square R2 R1 right R2Maximum alert meter
square circle left left circle squareBulletproof Crypto
R1 R2 circle right R2 circleUnlimited mind power
R2 right R2 R1 square rightRest alert meter
R1x2 R2x2 left right x2 R2 R1Increased DNA (only use on mothership)
square circle left left circle squareUpgrade Crypto (only use on mothership)
l1,r2,circle,square,l2,l2,l2multplayer and friends modes to pick team death match,world battle and create weapons for dna
Submitted by: Mr T The Big, karol on October 13, 2008
A couple of cool cheats
Pause the game and hold L2 as you enter the cheat
PasswordWhat it does
Right, Square, R2, R1, Right, R2Aware Like A Fox (Max Alert Meter)
R1, R1, R2, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, R2, R1Mmmm Brains! (Increases DNA, Must be entered on Mothership, do not pause)
R2, Right, R2, R1, Square, RightNobody Loves You (Resets Alert Meter)
Left D-Pad, Circle, R2, Right D-Pad, R1, SquareAmmo-A-Plenty (Unlimited Ammo)
R1, R2, Circle, Right D-pad, R2, CircleDeep Thinker (Unlimited Mind Power)
Square, Circle, Left D-Pad, Left D-Pad, Circle, SquareBulletProof Crypto (God Mode)
Square, Circle, Left, Left, Circle, SquareMore Upgrades (You must be on the Mothership, again do not pause, this is also the same cheat as for bulletproof crypto but different effect)
x r1 r2 l1 l2 circleall weapons unlock
square r2 r2 l2 l1 r1god of war mode
Submitted by: rhammy on January 27, 2009

Destroy All Humans! Tips

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AAAAH! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!
The most funny thing in the game for me. When you have alot of guys close to a car or truck, blow it up with the disinagrator ray only. When it blows, the people close to it will either turn to dust or catch on fire and run around like idiots! It's flippin' hilarious! If you use an ion detinator the people will just turn to dust.
Submitted by: shadowlord101 on March 04, 2007
After you complete the game all brain stems will be worth more when DNA
you use the anal probe
Citizen from 10 to 15
Cops from 25 to 40
Repent men (Union City) 50 to 75
Army from 25 to 40
G-Men from 50 to 75
This will help to buy the expensive final upgrades.

When Pox has you take out the President, just run up, extract his
brain. and take it. When you do this you will get 200 DNA. That is
the most you can get from a single human.

To get more DNA from humans, first use Hypno on them. For example,
using Hypno on a town crazy (the one with the sign) can result in
200 DNA.

To probe a Majestic Agent, cycle to your anal probe and charge it.
Then, shoot the agent. Do this three times and the agent brain will
pop out. It is worth 75 DNA each time.
Shoot a human (normally worth 25 DNA) with the anal probe a few
times without charging it, then shoot them with full charge. Their
brains may now be worth 50 DNA instead of the usual 25. This is best
used at Tunipseed Farm and Rokwell. Farmers and cowboys work the
best. This does not always work, and never works on army men and
Majestic Agents.
The best way to super charge DNA is to use your Zap O Matic. Zap the
person just before they die. Then, hold L1, target the person, and
rapidly tap Circle. Their brain should now have be super charged
Submitted by: alieon on October 13, 2008
Anal Sniping
Get up high where no one can see you and whip out the anal probe. when people walk by shoot them with it and they should run away holding they're rear end. this is an extremely fun way of getting DNA because the anal probe has a ridiculously long range.
Submitted by: Colak on November 04, 2005
Get in alot of trouble and make sure the Majestic people come. Extract their brains to get 50 dna. Also when you get to the island with all the cargo and ships, go to the Majestic people with the furon dna and extract their brains out and you will get 100 dna or if you are lucky maybe 200 dna.
Submitted by: masterofgames9205 on June 26, 2005
destroy all humans
Glitch when you have to collect the furon parts go to the building before the base where your clone is jump on the path way beside the tankerYou fall upwards It's really strange
Submitted by: Agent Hermann on February 13, 2006
Easier DNA
Jetpack onto the top of a building and wait for everyone to crowd round the building.
When they get near (make sure they dont make it to underneath the building) use PK to pick them up and bring them onto the roof - don't let them go yet. Use the analog stick to bash them against the roof till they die then drop them on the roof. Extract them and pick up the headless body - throw away the junk.
Submitted by: JXD007 on June 26, 2005
easy 100 DNA
in the mision named "citizen crypto" (3rd mision). when you have to holobo the mayor. you can just extract his brain and start the mission again. every time you extract his brain it gives you 100 DNA
Submitted by: Ace12986 on April 07, 2006
Easy Majestic Kill
Set a live Majestic person on top of a car and they will get sucked under, killed and popped back out, and then you can use the floating bodies trick. It works with all cars and people except for tanks and the military transports. I say Majestic because Civillians die too easy.
Submitted by: Jace230 on June 10, 2008
Easy way to use Anal Probe-without the Anal Probe?
Find a majestic guy (preferably mutant- they are best.) and dont kill him. Put in the cheat code for unlimited brain power (press pause, and hold L2. Then put in R1, R2, O, ->, R2, O.) Then look at him and hold L1. Choose Extract. Tap circle as fast as you can. When he dies, you will have the brain you would have gotten with the Anal Probe. As in- A farmer= dead gives 15 DNA, with anal probe/alive extract 30 DNA. This works best once you kill Sillouhette and use it on a Maj Mutant. I once got a 300 DNA red brain from them.
Submitted by: Tom B on July 01, 2005
emp excape
to excaPE from emp mines use your pk and drop em anywhereand now you aint getting paralized
Submitted by: racerextreme on March 31, 2007
even more DNA
to get more DNA, kill the majestics with alien powers. you get 50 DNA from them. and when you finish the game they sometimes give 75 of even 150 DNA
Submitted by: yudidf on June 26, 2005
Extract faster
To get the brains faster keep on pressing O.
Submitted by: masterofgames9205 on June 26, 2005
Fun in your suacer
When in Rockwell, hop in your saucer and crash into the drive-in theater's movie screen and a chunk will come out!!! It would also come out by throwing cars at it but thats not any fun.
Submitted by: Colak on August 19, 2005
Go to Santa Modesta. Now, go somewhere by the ocean and land. Jump and Jet pack out as far as you can (tap X over and over) make sure you are still in the invasion area and drop into the water. You will only go kneedeep in a really deep ocean.
Submitted by: Tom B on July 31, 2005
Go to the Farm. go to the cows and kill them and the farmer. Use PK on someone (farmer or cow, it doesnt matter) and carry them over to the tractor. Set them down on top of the tractor. Then use PK to push the tractor out from under them. You may need to do this a few times. Once the tractor is out from under the "victim", the body will be floating there. You can jump on top of it and it will stay up. Use this to get into trees and stuff easier. You can disintigrate it while its in midair too.
Submitted by: Tom B on July 01, 2005
FINDING PROBES: Look around the very edges of the maps (this works very well on the farm and in Rockwell) Run around the very edges. Also, on Turnipseed Farm there are multiple fields. Almost all of them on the side of the road opposite of the main farm holds a probe, and some on the farm side hold probes too. Also, there is one inbetween the roads at the far end behind a tree. Santa Madesta has some probes on the edges, but on this level(i need four more before I go on to Area 52? 42?-watever its called.) most of them are inward. Look behind buildings.

GOOD WAY TO KEEP ENEMY AMOUNT DOWN: When a police/Maj/Army/Tank car comes along, use PK to pick it up and send it flying away (You probably want all the PK upgrades lol) Sometimes, the people will jump out and get smashed by the car. Its pretty hilarious. And it works like heck.

Funny thing at farm: If you get pissed or just wana beat the crap outta someone, go to the dock at Turnipseed Farm. Kill the farmer, and use PK to smash his body on the railings and the building. It sounds like his bones are cracking lol. (1000 points for a nutbuster! lol)

If i find ne more ill submit.

Submitted by: Tom B on July 01, 2005
I found more glitches!
There are multiple places where there is a glitch (you go through things)

Go to Rockwell. Find the big cow statue. Jetpack on top of it. You will go through it up to your knees.

Go to Santa Modesta. Find the hotels where there are two pools and a big sign. Jetpack onto sign. You go through it up to your knees.

I think there is a thing like this on every level.
Submitted by: Tom B on August 01, 2005
I found some funn stuff to do when playing this game...
1ST PERSON VIEW: Back yourself all the way up against a wall(with your back to it) and the camera should move forward into your head. You are now in like a first person mode but if u turn too far it goes away and it does when u leave the wall.
EZ WAY TO GET BRAINS: Holobob yourself as someone then go up to a person (preferably black suit guys) and hypno them to sleep. make sure noones around(if there is PK him to a quiet spot then do this) then turn off ur holobob and overload ur anal gun thing and shoot him. It will only take one shot when hes asleep. This is really good once you kill the guy with the gas mask at the end of the game.
BRAIN DNA AMOUNTS ONCE U BEAT GAME: blue brains are 15 Dna green is 40 and the oranges are 150 and the ones that are 50 DNA at first are like 75 i think.
FLYING ROBOTS: get in your saucer and find a robot. Use the sonic boom nearby him and he will go flying.(sonic boom is also really good for tanks.)
ROBOT TALK: First, put in the unlimited concentration cheat and get a Holobob on. find a robot and just listen to him talk. If he stops talking lift and drop him with PK. He will say some funny stuff.
ANGRY FLIERS: Pick someone up with PK and they will say funny stuff.
Submitted by: anonymous on June 28, 2005
Ion Mines
when you are in capitol city put infinite ammo and infinite heath cheats in first thing.Now take out Ion Detonater and aim at the ground.(NOTE) you might need to be on the grass. Shoot at the ground and the bomb will go through. You can detonate it underground and you have Ion Mines. Lol. Don't let it fall for more than 3 sec. or it will vaninsh.
Submitted by: moothyknight357 on February 11, 2006
Jetpack Stop

When your up in the air with your jetpack, you'll eventually fall and when you fall you will take a beating, so when your just about to hit the ground, tap X to take off about an inch and you'll land safely on the ground!
Submitted by: Jak66 on June 28, 2005
Just a little further (*YOU WILL NEED FAST FINGERS*)
Have you ever tried reaching a high spot on a TALL building,then on your way up your jetpack runs out? Well what you can do (AGAIN YOU NEED REALLY REALLY FAST THUMBS,LIKE ME.) is once your jetpack runs out REPEATEDLY press "X" these really short bursts will get you a little higher. If your thumb gets tired pause the game stretch your thumb then go back and keep Repeatedly tapping "X"
*when i say repeatedly i mean FRIGGIN FAST
****Alternate way.
Instead of holding "X" to get higher REPEATEDLY tap "X" instead of holding it. This is GARUNTEED to get you higher
Submitted by: djfunnybonez on December 29, 2010
when your stuck with allot of g-mans majestic etc.
find a vehicle that the guys that shoot you well
just take their vehicle use that red gun charge
and FIRE damn it at a bunch of cars or use the disinergrater ray and their backs should be on
fire and escape
Submitted by: racerextreme on March 17, 2007
Kill humans quicker!
If you wanna kill humans quicker, I have a tip for you that can be very helpful to get more DNA.
First, hypnotize the FBI (or any other person). Then, you use your Anal Probe to shoot up their crack or balls. Then, enjoy your 25 or 50 DNA. Cool, huh?
Submitted by: darkmaker53 on January 01, 2007
Less dna
When you kill somebody and you want their dna, you'll get less because they're dead.
Submitted by: masterofgames9205 on June 27, 2005
Maj attack Santa Modesta!
1. Reach Maj level.
2. Get a explosive shot guy on you (green guns)
3. stand in front of a building.
4. Let the gunner attack, but dodge before hit.
5. Requires practice but it will hit most of time.

Also this will be AWESOME!!
Works once you here the cracking sound,
but can't repeat on same building.
Submitted by: Mapleguy555 on October 17, 2009
Moon walk glitch
To make crypto do the moon walk in place, push the anolog stick very softly forward and he will walk in place!
Submitted by: shadowlord101 on February 15, 2007
More Brain Juice (DNA)
I have a good solution...while a human (army man, detective, etc.) is still alive, suck his brain out of his skull. You should get more DNA!
Submitted by: lightecoman50002 on November 18, 2007
more DNA
When you extract the mind of an agent that works for the majestic, you get 25DNA instead of 10. Sometimes, if you use the anal probe, you get 50!
Submitted by: Guticb on June 25, 2005
More DNA
If you wish to get more DNA you should simply extract there brain when they are still alive. When they are alive, hold L1 and rapidly tap "Circle". You will get more DNA and more majestics.
Submitted by: Alex Ratcliff on August 19, 2005
Whenever you see a probe or small insectlike robot, pick it up! Not only do they give you dna but you have to collect all of them to win the game after campaighn mode.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: shadowlord101 on February 16, 2007
Quicker brain extraction
There are 2 hints that i can give you for extracting BRAINS(dun dun dunnnn)
1. You will use less energy (or telekinesis energy,power...whatever)when extracting brains if the specimen(person) is dead.
2. Repeatedly press "Circle" instead of holding when extracting to get the BRAIN quicker
Submitted by: djfunnybonez on December 29, 2010
Allow the game to sit for a while, without pressing any buttons or moving. After a while, the screen will turn black and white and will play elevator music in the background.
Submitted by: Jax06 on December 08, 2005
sinking tanks
find a robot then a tank put the robot on the tank and it should sink if not destroy the robot
then put it on top
Submitted by: 1909 on October 26, 2006
Spaceship Glitch
When your in capito city...

If your in your spaceship and you want a glitch. Get right next to any building and fire until the buildings destroyed. Just before the building starts to fall(or when it is falling) you can go directly through it with your saucer

Note: kingrazer adds- "you can go through any building when it is falling."
Submitted by: Nicholas II on July 21, 2005
Stuck On The Screen!
Want to see something funny? Pick somebody up at the drive in at rockwell and through them at the screen. They stick up there and flop around.
Submitted by: shadowlord101 on February 15, 2007
the 3 cheats to complete destroy all humans!
pause and hold L2: invinibility [] () left left () []

unlimited ammo left () R2 right R1 []

unlimited mind power R1 R2 () right R2 ()
(with mind power make sure you have a full mind power bar.)
Submitted by: ace71uk on May 13, 2006
First go to the Turnipe-Seed Farm and go West. Keep going intill ur past the barn with 3 farmers grauding it. Go past that intill you rach a garden with TONS of farmers. Get out your Anal Prob and get to work on them! If you kill them all, Just run around in the feild alittle but dont leave it. ENJOY!
Submitted by: mikaela_quinn on December 03, 2007
Get in the U.F.O. and grab a vehicle or person. At a house, align perfectly and go towards the house. Once it\'s flinging, let go when it flings forward. It is too damn funny!!!
Submitted by: darkmaker53 on February 17, 2007

Destroy All Humans! Glitches

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Make cars fly off the map
Pick up a car with the abductor ray and go to a high building. The car will get stuck but fly forward and when the car comes towards you let go and it will fly of the map.
Submitted by: iReaperX on October 13, 2008
Walk as slow as you can and Crypto will moonwalk.
Note: Use the analogue stick which is easier.
(If in a fight go to Santa Modesta and walk on a balcony)
Submitted by: Razor_11 on October 13, 2008
People get sucked into cars
If you drop people (live people) onto a car and wait after a few seconds the car will suck the person under it, kill them, and send them up back through the car on top but dead. If you then pk the car and push it the person will be floating there.
Submitted by: iReaperX on October 13, 2008
Put chicken through the ground
When at Turnipseed Farm, PK a chicken. And kill it. Pk a tracter hit the (dead) chicken with it. keep trying until it goes through the ground.
Submitted by: alieon on October 13, 2008
Through the building.
First go to any world that has a building taller than you aircraft.When you destroy the building it will start to fall. Quickly crash into the building as it falls. Then you will be inside the building.
Submitted by: anonymous on April 06, 2012

Destroy All Humans! Cheats

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A Secret Route For: The Lone Gunman
This is a cheat. On Capitol City, the Lone Gunman is possible to complete. Memorize this route:

After the asssanation, go down till ya hit the Immagration sign. go straight forward the sign till ya hit Tom's. go down the alley and make a left. Jump over the brown wall in front, and stop Majestic!

(If this doesn't work,I'm soo sorry if it also doesn't make sense. Try to practice your own route and if it is similar to mine, it will make more sense to you.)
Submitted by: Cryptasporidiom on November 18, 2006
All Upgrades Unlocked
Hold L2, then press square, circle, left, left. circle, square while on the Mothership. This code only unlocks every upgrade for the weapons you have already unlocked.
Submitted by: Subsoul on June 22, 2005
Best DNA
When you go to the area 51 level when you go to the base sometimes there will be a guy walking around that looks like armquist axcept a darker shirt and no hat.holobob someone and use anal probe on the guy and you should get ether 200 or 300 DNA!(go right close to him,turn alien and then probe him!)
Submitted by: Cryposporidium 137 on July 16, 2005
Best DNA people
Here are a list of people to find to get 50 or more DNA! Level Next to it.(Make sure you have them alive)

1.Cops, Military Soliders, Majestic Agents(All levels except cops who don't appear in are 42)

2.The Sign wearing Hobos(Union Town)

3.The Crazy scientist guy(Santa Modesta)(He has different spots so look around)

4.Crazy Ladies (Turnipseed Farms)(Go to the beat up buildings next to the highways)(they also don't have braided hair)

5.High ranking Military officers(Area 42)

6.Farmers (25 or 50 only)(Turnipseed Farm, Rockwell)

There you go! Where to find the biggest DNA.
Submitted by: bluebass555 on March 29, 2006
black and white glitch
in any level put the invinceibility code on(Pause and hold L2. Enter SQUARE, CIRCLE, LEFT, LEFT, CIRCLE, SQUARE) get some attention amd let everyone shot you and after a while the alert meter will drop down to zero and every thing goes black and white ( this does need some patience)
Submitted by: ant_shango on October 08, 2007
just some cheats to help anyone who needs them out


Unlimited Ammo
Pause the game and hold L2. Enter LEFT, CIRCLE, R2, RIGHT, R1, SQUARE.

Unlimited Mind Power
Pause the game and hold L2. Enter R1, R2, CIRCLE, RIGHT, R2, CIRCLE. Your mind control meter will not decline, but make sure it's above zero for the code to work.

all Upgrades
Go to the mothership. Pause the game and hold L2. Enter SQUARE, CIRCLE, LEFT, LEFT, CIRCLE, SQUARE. All the upgrades for the unlocked weapons will become available at Pox's lab.

Max Alert Meter
During a mission go to the start menu, hold L2, then enter RIGHT, SQUARE, R2, R1, RIGHT, R2.

Increases DNA
You have to be on Mothership. Go to the start menu, hold L2, then enter R1, R1, R2, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R2.

Reset Alert Meter
During a mission go to the start menu, hold L2, then enter Right, R2, R1, Square, Right.

Submitted by: dathboy on July 22, 2006
flaming brije!
this is kinda funny and cool after you\'ve beat every rockwell misson then it will start you at the fair

then type the invinsable and infinity ammo cheat

go over to the brije then get in your sauser using the death ray blast the brije for about 30 seconds then let it flame and you did it!
Submitted by: Brian Williams on February 24, 2007
funny suicide
On any level with tallish buildings get on a building and pk a guy/gal onto the building and then drop them on top next to you. They run away and fall off the building and die the lots of people crowd round it and run off here\'s your chance to drop a ion charge and blow em all up
Submitted by: anonymous on February 16, 2007
gliches and stuff
The flying car: first get to the majestic level.then
just like the floating body, put a dead body on top of a car. make sure the car is near a sturdy form like a building. pk push the car. if the car flys out, restart. then lift the body. the car should fly into the air.
Easy cheat: to get unlimited mind juice with out typing in the cheat,pause the menu. type in invicability: hold L2, square,circle,left,left,circle,square,release L2
and Unlimited amo: hold L2 left,circle,R2,right,R1,square,release L2
Submitted by: Rich on July 19, 2005
GLITCH: Floating Bodies
If you kill someone and put their body on a car then use the alien powers and move the car. The body should float in the air, but if you do anything to the dead body it'll fall down. Also, if you extract the brain it won't be able to float for some reason.
Submitted by: anonymous on July 03, 2005
I found a funny glitch! First you get in to your saucer, pick a truck with army guys in it (to pick it up, use abtucto ray) then after a few seconds, a guy or two will jump out while you are in mid-air! Its Halarious!
Submitted by: Josh on May 14, 2006
holobob tip
when you are in holobob mode you run out of concentration but if you read peoples minds while in holobob mode your concentration increases.
Submitted by: anonymous on July 23, 2005
HOLY *bleep*!!!
First, you must get in your saucer. Then pick up a car andrun it into a building and keep flying. The car should go through the building after awile.
Submitted by: mpmhcm on July 22, 2007
Infinite Ammo
Hold L2, then press left, circle, R2, right, R1, square while the game is paused.
Submitted by: Subsoul on June 22, 2005
Infinite Mind
Hold L2, then press R1, R2, circle, right, R2, circle while the game is paused.

NOTE: With the Infinite Mind code, the code freezes your MC meter so if you have 0 MC, then you won't be able to use any of your mental abilities.
Submitted by: Subsoul on June 22, 2005
Hold L2, then press square, circle, left, left. circle, square while the game is paused.
Submitted by: Subsoul on June 22, 2005
Person Or Animal Levitating.
In a level (does not matter which level) if you are in the saucer land it, then kill a human or animal. I suggest a human or cow; use the pk cheat holding L2 type this code: R1,R2,O,rightD-PAD,R2,R1. Use pk on the person or animal then take them flying and put them on top of the saucer enter the saucer as always the landing site is blue and when the saucer moves up the human will remain there levitating under him or her is the blue and it will look like some kind of sorcery!
Submitted by: destroyer666 on September 17, 2005
talking pox
when you are on the mothership stay on the screen and after a while pox will start talking to you
Submitted by: jonno on November 04, 2007