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Command codes

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your character becomes stronger and fastest than to the other fighter your fighter have a potential power
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: bonbon f.zuzuki on June 23, 2014


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Dev. Points & Styles

Though this can be hard in the beginning, the best way to get Dev. points is to set the game dif. to hard. It will give you alot more dev. points, as well as money.

For example, when you fight Crack, you only get 1500 dev. points on easy, 2500 on medium, and 3500 or so on hard.

Another thing I suggust is after you have your first fight style, (the free one), Build up the stats that have %'s with them, and only them. So if Speed says 20%, raise it to 20. If they say 0%, don't bother them. When you have them done, buy your next fighting style, do the same thing again. Now when you get your last one, this won't matter....So build away!!!
Verified by: Selva101, fuadrandy Submitted by: Ron on May 14, 2005

How To Finish Of Your Opponent Fast

If your low on health(and your opponent),try grabbing a weapon from the crowd,and K.O. him.You can also try to do a blazin' move,or even a combo attack(throw your enemy to a wall).And,you can try to push your enemy to the crowd,and kick of punch him,when he gets pushed.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Da Balla on April 28, 2005

Lots of cash, before you really start the story

So here's what you do. Go into story mode, create your character, then back out. Go to beat down, load the profile you just created and select Free For All. For yourself choose a fairly high character. ( I usually choose Crow because he's quick and can counter easily) For your opponents choose some characters that you know you can KO easily (I use Crack, Sticky, and Manny). Make sure your fight lasts awhile and get as many bonuses as possible (the highest payouts are Blazin' Moves, First Strike, Bill of Health, and Close One that I can remember). Even on easy you should get a decent amount of cash. Keep doing this until you have the desired amount of cash on that profile and then bling it up on your fresh character. This is also the easiest way to get the King of Bling award. Do this then buy the most expensive jewelry you can find.
Verified by: pajawuja, dayat241 Submitted by: jonnyblack1301 on September 18, 2007

Maxed Out Stats

Complete the game on hard difficulty with 6 characters. Then at the Create A Wrestler screen name your character maxout to unlock a character with maxed out stats.
Verified by: jewellcabrera Submitted by: jespomo on February 17, 2005

Tips to beat ~Fat Joe~, AKA "Crack".

When your fighting Crack,be sure to use alot of punches and grapples.These do the most damage,and will get you closer to a blazin' move.Also,before the fight,go to The Gym and learn more moves and to train.These will help to beat Crack.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Da Balla on April 28, 2005

To beat Crow

when u fight crow in story mode to end your battle really fast instead of trying to fill up your blazin you could just keep on throwing crow on the window until it breaks then throw him out then it is automatic K.O.
Verified by: shaikharshan84 Submitted by: M.K. on December 07, 2004

Unlockable Match Types

Cage match- Beat Crack in story mode

Demolition Match- Beat Magic in story mode

Inferno match- Beat Sticky Fingaz in story mode

Ring out match- Beat Chiang, Masa and Santos in the Dragon House, in story mode

Subway Match- Beat Danny Trejo in story mode
Window Match- Beat Crow in story mode
Verified by: dylanb96 Submitted by: skittles07 on February 05, 2006

Unlockable Venues

125th Street Station- Beat Trejo in story mode

7th Heaven- Beat Bonecrusher in story mode

7th Heaven: Club DTP- Beat Ludacris in story mode

Club 357- Beat Ice T in story mode

Club 357: High Stakes- Beat Redman in story mode

Club Murder- Beat Crack in story mode

Crow's Office- Beat Crow in story mode

Gun Hill Garage- Beat Magic in story mode

Hunt's Point Scrapyard- Beat Teck in story mode

Hunt's Point Scrapyard: After Hours- Beat the
team of Magic and Crack in story mode

Red Hook Tire Co.- Beat Sticky Fingaz in story mode

The Babylon Club- Beat Sean Paul in story mode

The Chopshop- Beat the Chopshop team tournament in story mode

The Dragon House- Beat Chiang, Masa and Santos
in story mode

The Gauntlet- Beat Lil Flip in story mode

The Heights- Beat N.O.R.E. in story mode

The Red Room- Beat WC in story mode
Verified by: Akil Submitted by: skittles07 on February 05, 2006

Unlockables & Reward Points

Enter This names into the cheats menu, you'll get 100 reward points.
NEWJACK - 100 reward points
THESOURCE - 100 reward points
CROOKLYN - 100 reward points
DUCKETS - 100 reward points
GETSTUFF - 100 reward points
Codes For MH (All Cheats Work Once)

Completed Story Mode - STY572939
Unlock Eminem (No voice) - EMM512723
Machino Cap In SUS - SUS138658
Machino Cap 2 In SUS - SUS138654
Machino Cap 3 (Checkerd) At SUS - SUS138652
X's Junkyard Venue (Fight DMX) - HVU494656
DefJam Vendetta Venue (Fight Oldschool D-Mob) - HVU494652
Cheats for Unlock songs
LOYALTY - Afterhours by Nyne
MILITAIN - Anything Goes by CNN
BIGBOI - Bust by Outkast
CHOPPER - Chopshop by Baxter
CHOCOCITY - Comp by Comp
AKIRA - Dragon House by Chiang
PLATINUMB - Get it Now by Bless
GHOSTSHELL - Koto by Chiang
GONBETRUBL - Lil' Bro by Ricbyobyche
KIRKJONES - Man Up by Sticky Fingaz
RESPECT - Move by Public Enemy
POWER - Original Gangster by Ice T
ULTRAMAG - Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MCs
SIEZE Sieze - the day by Bless
CARTAGENA - Take a look at my life by Fat Joe
PUMP - Walk with Me by Joe Budden
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: mundy on June 14, 2006


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Get 500 Reward Points

In the cheats section insert:


for 100 reward points a piece.

Note: Each code can only be inserted once.
Verified by: thabutcher, witchmayfair Submitted by: A Definite Product on September 29, 2004

Invisible torso cheat

To get an invisible torso you need to buy a diamond chain,then go to your wardrobe put the chain on, take your top off and put it back n and your top half of your body is invisible even when you fight
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: henman52 on January 31, 2008

Reward Points

In the cheats section insert THESOURCE to receive 100 reward points.

Verified by: A Definite Product, arvinx1995 Submitted by: skittles07 on February 05, 2006

Unlockable Songs

Outkast - Bust: BIGBOI
Baxter - Chopshop: CHOPPER
Comp - Comp: CHOCOCITY
Chiang - Dragon House: AKIRA
Bless - Get it Now: PLATINUMB
Nyne - Afterhours: LOYALTY
Chiang - Koto: GHOSTSHELL
Ricbyobyche - Lil' Bro: GONBETRUBL
Sticky Fingaz - Man Up: KIRKJONES
Public Enemy - Move: RESPECT
Ice T - Original Gangster: POWER
Bless - Sieze the Day: SIEZE
Fat Joe - Take a Look at my Life: CARTAGENA
CNN - Anything Goes: MILITAIN
Joe Budden - Walk with Me: PUMP
Ultramagnetic MCs - Poppa Large: ULTRAMAG
Verified by: raven_sting Submitted by: Mario Man on October 19, 2004