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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 cheat codes.


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A few Unlockable Characters
Here are some unlockable characters.
UnlockableHow to unlock
NappaDefeat him with Vegeta
RaditzDefeat him with Goku
RecoomeDefeat him with Goku
Captain GenyuDefeat him with Vegeta
FriezaDefeat him with Goku
Android 20Defeat him with Goku
Android 18Defeat her with Krillin
Android 17Defeat him with Piccolo
Android 16Defeat him with Goku
CellDefeat him with Goku
Great SaiyamanDefeat Cell with Gohan
HerculeDefeat fat Majin Buu with Great Saiyaman
VidelDefeat Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) with Hercule
Future TrunksDefeat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks
super buuget over 2,400 kili in babidi's ship
YamchaDefeat Nappa with Tien
Teen GohanDefeat Cell on last level with Gohan
Supreme KaiDefeat him with Goku
DaburaIn Babidi's Ship, get over 100 Kili.
Majin Buu1200 kili in Babadi's ship
Kid Buu3600 kili in Babadi's ship


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Advanced Viral Hart disease
I've Found out this out by playing the game. When you are using Viral Hart disease with the vaccine capsule In a transformed state. Your enemy will loose health faster than in a normal state. And even faster than that while on a spot where the health drops for both characters In dragon World.
Beat Kid Buu.
To Beat Kid Buu you must first get the characters you are best with, I used Gohan and Vegeta...

Then beat all of the other villians on the level, this will give you 3 more free turns, then go to the dende spots to get full health and dig around the areas as you will then get the rest of the dragonballs and additional health and defense...

While this is happeneing Kid Buu will do nothing, exept charge up every once in a while...
Then go to the warp mat at the very top of the level this will take you to the area where kid buu is...
First make sure you have got all of your health full and have dug at every area, then use up all of your moves but one, then use it to go onto the map...

Also equip Varial Heart disease, Vaccine, Sensu Bean and a Death Move...
Just use the death move whenever you have a chance and denfend and attack whenever you can...
Big Bang Attack!
In order to get Vegeta's "Ultimate Move", "Big Bang Attack", all you have to do is defeat Kid Buu at the very last board using Vegeta. I've done this twice already and it worked both times. Once was intentionally and the second was one "Big Bang Attack" too many! I have a funny feeling that you'll get good stuff from Kid Buu no matter who you use to beat him! (Seeing as I got "Super Spirit Bomb" from beating Kid Buu with Goku!)
Break Gaurd In An Ability
You know when your opponent is gaurding and you want to do a continuous kamehamaha attack right? Well if you do >PPPPE and press R1 right after, your hands will glow and you can break through the gaurd and use your ability!!! If you find any other abilites it works on, please e-mail me!
DBZ Budokai 2 Easter Eggs
I have found a small Easter egg as I have played this game.

When fighting in the city arena look at one of the buildings in the back and it says Dragonball GT. The makers are advertising Dragonball GT. Other buildings have these signs on them too. This is pretty funny for the game only goes to the Kid Buu saga. GT is years after DragonballZ.

It's not that big of a Easter Egg. I think this is the only one in the game.

Defensive and Offensive Attack
If you are in mid-air and your opponent fires a death move at you, then you can dodge it by pressing K+G, and if you are close enough to your opponent, you will automatically give him a Charged Kick.
Different moves for Vegito!!
Go to Vegeta and change his coustume and change Goku's costume. Pick one to do the fusion and when it happens, Vegito will be wearing black and have 3 or 4 new moves.
Easier Way To Beat Kid Buu
Equip Viral Heart Disease to each of your characters and Vaccine, so now when you fight Kid Buu his health will constantly go down while yours stays the same.
Easy Transformation
An easier way for your characters to transform is to go to the options menu and go to controllers. Then go to controller setup and change it to Custom, then hold the button you want for transformation and press left or right until it shows "P+K+G" then release the button and exit.
Easy Win In Tournament Mode
To knock your opponent out of the ring with ease in Tournament Mode quickly, move close to him/her before the match starts and straight away do a kick combo (K,K,K,K,K) this will knock him/her to the edge of the ring, then rush over to him while he is getting up hold in the Charge Punch (P+K / R1) and when he gets up you will punch him/her out of the ring, he/she will be unable to block this.
Extra Defense
Sometimes, when the enemy is really hard, he usually does combinations by charging, in other words, getting you in the technique even though if u shielded the final "E" button (P P K E). However, you can prevent it! Here are some ways how:

Fire a ki blast attack
Slide up or down
Press back twice
Do charge attack

However, I suggest you practice this because when the enemy is about to do it, you wouldn't have that fast a reflex because ur sort of nervous, you know.
Full Ki
In practice and practice only, you can get max ki by pressing select. You can't do it with Gotenks or Tiamcha because they have a time limit but you can with anybody else, even with the Potras.
Good Skill Combos
Here are some good skill combinations for Goku and Videl (They aren't the best for everyone but they work well for me).

Videls best combo with capsule skills is:
-Varial Heart Disease (2 Slots)
-Vaccine (1 Slot)
-Eagle Kick (1 Slot)
-Sensu Bean (3 Slots)

Gokus best combo with capsule skills is:
-King Kais Fist X20 (1 Slot)
-Super Saiyan (1 Slot)
-Angel Halo (1 Slot)
-Kamehameha X2 (2 Slots)
-King Kais Wish (2 Slots)

Using these capsule combinations and your skills. These easily take down the Advanced level at the world match. Just remember to keep moving and block (And don't bother finishing a combo with circle if your opponent is blocking at the start of your combo).
Having Trouble Defeating Kid Buu In Dragon Mode?
The easiest way of defeating Kid Buu in Dragon Mode is to put a Senzu Bean and anything that increases Defense in your capsule tray. You'l stand a far better chance. It's also a good idea to use my recommended try:

Senzu Bean (3 Spaces)
Viral Heart Disease (2 Spaces)
Vaccine (1 Space)
Any Type Of Vest (1 Space)
Having Trouble Finishing Off Your Opponent?
This is a tip if facing an opponent on one of the hard modes. If your opponent only has a fraction of health left but he/she is blocking all of your attacks, then you can either use a Charge Attack (P+G / K+G) which he/she will be unable to block or you can go up to them and transform, this will break their guard, giving you enough to press >+E, which will do enough damage to destroy that last bit of health.
Helpful Tips
*You probably won't have much time to charge if you're playing seriously (very hard &very strong), so no matter how you set up your characters, any item that raises combat spirit may be a good idea to equip. I find that using the grab (p+g) techniques, it's most effective against a blocking foe in 2 player mode, however in 1P mode, depending on the difficulty, it's pretty useless.
*Doubling up weak techniques makes the damage higher, so two Kame Hame Ha's on one character would have the effect (or close to it) of one of those big techniques, only without the major ki deduction or difficulty to input.
*Although the flashy techniques with awesome sequences are what you're aiming to win with (ie: Burning Slash, Fierce Destructo Disc), keep in mind a simple block could ruin the combo and deplete your ki bar to a point where you can't use any more ki attacks, rendering your character helpless! Keeping it simple helps since every combo you do will basically end in some form of bash n' crash that keeps your ki in good condition.
*In Dragon world, you usually have 2-3 characters so excavate the whole game board. Just press x, and instead of selecting a new destination hit square. Your character will find a booster item, onion, or dragon ball. Don't worry about missing a ball in one area, as you can pick up 2 or more in the next.
Infinate Ki (Training Mode)
When in Training mode, press select to fill all of your ki bars. It's much more sufficient than standing there powering up, and it helps save time if you want to train quickly.
Nullify Your Opponents Ki Blasts
If your opponent fires a Ki Blast or a Death Move then you can nullify the blast by transforming (G+P+K / R1+R2), however, if your character can't transform or is in their last form then you should just deflect the Ki Blast.
Perfect Match Every Time
Before starting a match, equip your character with a Senzu Bean. During the match, get your opponents health way down low, then allow him/her to attack you and get rid of your health. Then when you are regenerated with the Senzu Bean, finish him/her off, making sure you don't get damaged, it will be classed as a Perfect Win, and not a K.O.
Reference - Power Rangers
In the fourth stage, when Dr.Gero Sends out saibamen, he calls them the "Saiba Rangers," Since the collors are Red,Blue,Green,Yellow & Pink, the colors of the power rangers, they refer.
Shielding/Charge Related Techniques
As u know, shielding makes u lose ki, but even wen ur out of ki, u could still continue to shield. Also when doing techniques such continuous kamehameha or energy rain, when you are pressing the last button to finish the combination, hold the E button so that you will charge. That way the combination will be a success even though the enemy is shielding.
By the way, sliding your body up and down (up Guard or down Guard) is extremely effective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop the time!
This works only for Cell, Android17 and Android18. Put taunt to button R2. Use Energy field and taunt when the character is still loading the attack. I do always Ki-balls from Max ki to 0 about 3 times and then do some finishing move.
Two Gohans?
After you've unlocked Saiyaman when you defeat cell with gohan you can then have two gohans whenever you can choose to allies' The Great Saiyaman and Gohan.
unlock every thing
go to edit skills then hold L1&L2 enter skill shop keep holding L1&L2 then exit do for maybe half hour do not exit out of main skill screen it wont save entill 50% and 98% it will not go to 100% even if you buy capseles
Vegeta 1-Shot Combo
Equip: Super Saiyan , Big Bang Attack (x2) , Rage!!! (3rd Stage) ,
Saiyan Spirit

Now , you'd better train a bit while using this combo while it is created by two separate ones . The one is normally used for Final Explosion with Majin Vegeta while the other one is for The Big Bang Attack.

It goes like this : 1) Turn Super Saiyan to break the block of your enemy while standing as close as possible to him. 2) While hes disoriented by the break use this combo KK->K->KP (if he manages to defend during the last K you should charge your punch to break through his defence)
3) Your enemy should be in the air right now which means that you should try to time your next combo perfectly so that he's kept disoriented all the time . Use this : ->PPPKE , this one's for the Big Bang attack, if hes on the air while using this he wont be able to defend against it , so use the Special Finishing move with this one and the total damage output should be near 3300-3585, more than enough to finish him off.

NOTE : The most important factor here is not performing the combo quickly but managing to store enough Ki for Big Bang Attack which is 4 bars. The whole combo will provide you with enough Ki for this but it is extremely important not to miss a single P or K otherwise it'll fail due to Ki shortage.


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Freeze time
This works with the androids with energy field. Use energy field and taunt right after the blues screen will stick making your rival frozen and everything else but you. It ends when you atack, eccept for Ki blasts. Set up a rose of ki around your rival and unfreeze time to create the ultimate atack!


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Every single thing breakthrough and fusions
first all you have to do is go to the skill shop and when you go out bulma will say something like "come again" or something else when she's saying that press R1,R2,L1,L2 all at the same time and then look your capsules pecent it will be higher keep doing this until your satisfied. Ive got 99% every capsule you also unlock character ever capsule etc.
Fusion Vogetto
The first time you fight cell after the dr.gero and the androids go as far left as possible and look for a tunnel go down it and press square and you will get a fusion item potara for goku called vogetto.
Get extremely high
When u are playing practice mode you can get an extremely high max damage score. if you are either kid trunks or goten, you fuse and become gotenks. Because you have a time limit you rather than ki, you can just keep blasting. Anyway you knock them down to the ground when you are just close enough. After you knock them down you can just fire ki blast and it will keep them down. Your damage will keep going up and it will get higher and higher. As a warning, it takes a little while, alot of concentration, and you might not wanna try it if you have weak or slow fingers.
Get up to 100% in a matter of moments!
You go to Bulma shop, their when you are in you press triangle and directly L1+L2+R1+R2 and you keep the L and R buttons in.
Then you go back to the Bulma shop and you relase and you do it again and again until you are at 100%.
Gokule, Tiencha And Kibitoshin!!!!
Get breakthrough capsules for Goku or Hercule.
Then, wish for the capsule from the dragon...
Get breakthrough capsules for Tien and Yamcha.
Then, wish for the capsule from the dragon...
Get breakthrough capsule for Supreme Kai ONLY!!!
Then, wish for the capsule from the dragon...
How To Get Characters...
Dabura Get over 100 Kili in babidis spaceship.

Gotenks (fusion) You get his capsule automaticly when you get to the point in Dragon Mode where you're in the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber.

Kid Buu Get over 5000* Kili in Babidis spaceship.

Majin Buu Get over 1000* Kili in Babidis spaceship.

Majin Vegeta you have to beat Majin Vegeta before Buu's egg hatches.(in dragon mode)

Super Buu Get over 2000* Kili in Babidis spaceship.

Vegetto (fusion) In the city, when Supreme Kai tells you about the Potara earings, go to him to get them.When Vegeta comes, give him the other earing

To get babidis spaceship wish for it on the dragonballs.

All these must be done in Dragon mode. unlockable How to Unlock

Android 16 Beat Android 16 with Goku.

Android 17 Beat Android 17 with Piccolo.

Android 18 Beat Android 18 with Krillen.

Android 20 Beat Android 20 with Goku.

Cell Beat Cell with Goku.

Frieza Beat Frieza with Goku.

Future Trunks Beat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks.

Ginyu Beat Ginyu on Namek with Vegeta.

Hercule Beat Fat Buu with Saiyaman.

Kabitoshin (Potara) Collect seven dragonballs and wish for the capsule from the Dragon.

Nappa Beat Nappa with Vegeta (can only be done when you unlock Vegeta and start Dragon mode again).

Raditz Beat Raditz with Goku.

Recoome Beat Recoome with Goku.

Saiyaman Beat Cell with Gohan (adult) only.

Supreme Kai Beat Supreme Kai with Goku.

Teen Gohan Beat Cell for the last time on Supreme Kai's planet with Adult Gohan.

Vegeta Beat Vegeta with Goku on Namek.

Vegetto (Potara with Vegeta) Collect seven dragonballs and wish for the capsule from the Dragon.

Videl Beat Super Buu (with Gohan absorbed) with Hercule.

Yamcha Beat Nappa with Tien.
keep ki at max
go to edit skills if you have a capsule called
geros perpetual energy r&d teach it to someone
and ki will remain at max
Power Up Moves(Gotenks,Mystic Gohan)
When you're playing as Gotenks you have to be Super Saiyan to use Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Galactic Donuts. So here's the cheat: turn to Super Saiyan 3 and then remove the disc and put it immediately back in. You should then be able to use both of those moves and they should be powered up. You do this the same way with Mystic Gohan except you turn into Elder Kai Unlock Ability then you should be able to use Super Kamehameha instead of having to be in Super Saiyan. This will power it up in the same way.