Crazy Taxi Cheats

Crazy Taxi cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Gameshark Codes for more Crazy Taxi cheat codes.

Crazy Taxi Tips

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Crazy Speed
While at your top speed(after a Crazy Dash) you let go of everything, then push R+D+Accelerate to get faster than your top speed.
Submitted by: SunnyDelight on December 11, 2005

Crazy Taxi Cheats

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Alternate Display
Start a game in Arcaed or Original Mode, making sure you have a second controller plugged in. Now whilst playing hold L1+R1 and press Circle on controller 2 to switch to a first person view, or press Square to flick to a pass by cam.
Submitted by: Sphinx on April 01, 2004
Another Day
To unlock, press R1 at the character select screen then release, then hold it again and press X.

To get the push bike in this mode, select original mode. Press (R1+L1) x3, R1, R1 + X at the character select screen.
Submitted by: Jaguar on September 08, 2002
when you have to choose your character hold
L1+R1 let go then press L1 then R1 hold and press x when you hear a bell that will mean you have enterd the cheat correct
Submitted by: BEOWULF on February 18, 2002
Class S License
Go to any mode. (10 min - recomended) Pick up and deliver passengers. Once you reach $5,000, you will get S license
Submitted by: nb05 on December 30, 2002
Red: Short Ride
Orange: Fairly Short
Yellow: Medium
Light Green: Good Ride
Green: Fill The Tank First!
Submitted by: gta3er on January 16, 2003
Crazy Moves
D - Drive
B - Break
A - Acclerate
R - Reverse

Crazy Dash - D + A
Crazy Stop - R + B
Submitted by: nb05 on December 30, 2002
Disable arrow indicators
Simply hold R1 and Start together after choosing the time limit and before the character select screen comes up.
Submitted by: Jaguar on September 08, 2002
Expert Mode
Hold L2 + R2 just before the character selection screen shows and 'expert' will apear in the bottom left corner. there will be no arrow or stop zones
Submitted by: kid kaos on August 30, 2002
No destination indicator
Do the same thing for the arrow indicator, except hold L1+Start instead of R1+Start at the interval between the time limit screen and the character select screen.
Submitted by: Jaguar on September 08, 2002
Suped up Taxi
To supe up your taxi go to arcade and put in 10 mins then on the last 30 seconds press and hold L1+R2+L2+R1 then press square, up, triangle, right, circle down, x
Submitted by: Bob Miller on April 26, 2003
Taxi Bike
On the character selection menu quickly press:-

L1 & L2, Three times and then press up on the charater that you have chosen then you should have a bike to take around instead of a car!!!
Submitted by: plonker25 on January 06, 2002
unlock crazy rickshaw
press L2,R2,L2,R2,L2,R2,X quickly at the character select screen to hear a bell you can now be rickshaw.
Submitted by: mb 1 on June 19, 2003