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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Cheats

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex cheat codes.


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All Game Gems
UnlockableHow to unlock
Clear Gem 1Break 147 Boxes on Arctic Antics
Blue GemBeat Death Route on Arctic Antics
Clear Gem 2Break 15 Boxes on Tornado Alley
Clear Gem 3Break 125 Boxes on Bamboozled
Clear Gem 4Break 129 Boxes on Wizards and Lizards
Green GemBeat Death Route on Wizards and Lizards
Clear Gem 5Break 150 Boxes on Compactor Reactor
Clear Gem 6Beat Yellow Gem Route on Compactor Reactor
Clear Gem 7Break 150 Boxes on Jungle Rumble
Clear Gem 8Break 99 Boxes on Sea Shell Shenanigans
Clear Gem 9Break 154 Boxes on Banzai Bonsai
Clear Gem 10Beat Red Gem Route on Banzai Bonsai
Clear Gem 11Break 12 Boxes on That Sinking Feeling
Clear Gem 12Break 165 Boxes on H2 Oh No
Clear Gem 13Break 146 Boxes on The Gauntlet
Purple GemBeat Death Route on The Gauntlet
Clear Gem 14Break 101 Boxes on Tsunami
Clear Gem 15Beat Blue Gem Route on Tsunami
Clear Gem 16Break 34 Boxes on Smokey and the Bandicoot
Clear Gem 17Break 82 Boxes on Eskimo Roll
Clear Gem 18Break 147 Boxes on Fahrenheit Frenzy
Clear Gem 19Break 113 Boxes on Avalanche
Clear Gem 20Navigate Through Gates on Avalanche
Clear Gem 21Break 169 Boxes on Droid Void
Clear Gem 22Beat Purple Gem Route on Droid Void
Clear Gem 23Break 14 Boxes on Crashteroids
Clear Gem 24Break 85 Boxes on Coral Canyon
Clear Gem 25Break 140 Boxes on Weathering Heights
Clear Gem 26Break 138 Boxes on Crash and Burn
Red GemBeat Death Route on Crash and Burn
Clear Gem 27Break 209 Boxes on Gold Rush
Yellow GemBeat Death Route on Gold Rush
Clear Gem 28Break 167 Boxes on Medieval Madness
Clear Gem 29Break 110 Boxes on Crate Balls of Fire
Clear Gem 30Break 155 Boxes on Cortex Vortex
Clear Gem 31Beat Green Gem Route on Cortex Vortex
Clear Gem 32Break 115 Boxes on Knight Time
Clear Gem 33Find Gem in Hidden Area on Knight Time
Clear Gem 34Break 65 Boxes on Ghost Town
Clear Gem 35Beat Crunch in race on Ghost Town
Clear Gem 36Break 20 Boxes on Ice Station Bandicoot
Clear Gem 37Beat Polar Bear in race on Ice Station Bandicoot
Clear Gem 38Break 86 Boxes on Solar Bowler
Clear Gem 39Find Gem in Hidden Area on Solar Bowler
Clear Gem 40Break 111 Boxes on Force of Nature


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collect all 46 gems and finish the boss at level 5 to view an alternate cutscene. This cutscene is really funny because Uka-Uka chases Neo at the middle of nowhere!
Bamboozled Time Trial
When you are going for the time trial on level 3 Bamboozled you can purposely fall off the track being caught by the one under it. It will save you a couple of seconds on your time. All you have to do is go full speed all the time in the track and in 2 places you might fall out of it.
Blue Gem
On level 1 do not lose a life through the entire mission. Do not enter the blue gem route yet, instead go through to the end & destroy the Nitro crate. Then go on the blue gem route & it will be extremely easy. On the end do a slide jump & you can actually make it.
Clearing death route from nitros!
You need to find nitro exploder box. Don't die before you found the box or there will be no death route. Then activate it. Go to the death route. And there it is! No nitros on the death route! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> This works on Arctic Antics' and Wizard and Lizards' death route, and this may work on other places. I never tried their death routes, though. xD Hope you're helped!

<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/angelwings.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> LiquidMan <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/angelwings.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Coloured Gems
To get the coloured gems, in special levels, if you don't die, there will be a death route. Make it to the end, and you will get a gem. Here are the levels:
BLUE: Level 1, Artic Antics
GREEN: Level 4, Wizards and Lizards
PURPLE: Level 11, The Gauntlet
RED: Level 21, Crash and Burn
YELLOW: Level 22, Gold Rush
compactor reactor clear gem
go to the level "gold rush" and don't die and there will be a death route, if you win the death route you will get a yellow gem, after that go back to level 5(compactor reactor)
ON THE MINE CART, before your cart skips the broken part of the track, turn right and you will
be in a bonus area (but still on your cart)
dodge all of the nitro boxes and you will get the
clear gem!!!!!!!!! (this does not work in time trial mode)
Deafet water elementol crunch
While jumping from bridge to bridge jup onto the second one when you start before he gets to the 4th then dodge his attacks the move to the next bridge this should give you extra time to deafeat his he on the second bridge will stop for 6 seconds and that is when you spin
Earn Extra Lives and a relic
In the first level go to artic antics and there are lots of mammoths well all you have to do is jump on one and you will score a free life. Also to score one of the relics get every box in the game and at the end there is a relic. Note. Some of the boxes marked with a question mark contain a life.
Get through time trial faster!
Sometimes, in the middle of time trial you may have to monkey-bar your way across which can take quite a long time. If you posses an aku-aku mask when climbing and see an enemy, purposely lose the mask by slamming yourself into it, then drop and run on nothing for about five seconds; it really helps.

Make sure you're on something solid when Crash stops blinking or you'll lose a life.
How to get red gem
Go to crash and burn, go to the gem platform when you finally are in the end of the hall and when you see it, Crash jumps can't go over there so you need shoot it and then with the bazooka and then kill yourself and go to the end of crash and burn

Note1:This cheat not works if its the first time that you play it

Note2:To make it more easy hit only one check point before you go on the platform
Last Level (beating cortex)
Okay, you might have heard about defating N.Gin as the last level, but on mine your not. There are no flashing pads or anything. So, I had to try it out myself.
What I did, was i went back to the first levels and got all the lives I could, then returned to the final showdown. First, Crunch will jump onto a button and fire boulders will fall from the sky, run around, trying to miss them. After they stop pumeling at you, get your apple bazooka out (R1) and shoot at Crunch, who will be puffing tiredly. Then, he stumbles and will jump over to Cortex and wack him out of his chair. This is your chance to Spin cortex. (you can only spin him one at a time).
The next is ice boulders, what i did to avoid them, was jump over to Cortex, but you don't fall, you stay on the ledge. the boulders will miss you. (it might be a glitch in my game, i'm not entirely sure.)
Shoot Crunch again with your apple bazooka. He will wack Cortex once again, spin him.
The next phase is some more fire. If you look carefully, you will see the floor is difided up into about 4 bits. one of the bits will steam, avoid running on that bit of floor. or, if you have a glitch in the game like me, just do the same you did for the ice boulders, jump to the edge, towards cortex.Shoot Crunch again, bla bla bla...
Last but not least, its laser. you can either (if you have the glitch)jump to the egde towards cortex OR just outjump them. they vary from where they shoot. Shoot Crunch again, spin cortex..
Then, it will happen all over again, but quicker and you will not need to shoot Crunch in between, just at the end. I THINK he will wack cortex again and you spin him.. yes, thats right, and then he will be sort of like in mid air over his control chair/box with his head down.
Nice Ice
At the end of the first snow level, there are some walruses. Jump on them, but don't stay on one for too long, otherwise you'll lose an important life! I'm puzzled at what's at the end of the line of walruses, I've always fallen in.
Let me know if you got past the walruses, okay?
Only double jump if you have to in Time Trial
Double jumping wastes a lot of time in time trial, so you should avoid double jumping.

Purple Gem Hint!!!
It is almost impossible to get the gem without the aka-aka man. Go to artic antics {1} and get the aka-aka man. {DO NOT GET KILLED} Then go to the secret level and try not to lose your men on silly mistakes.

Shoot the clock!
If you can shoot the clock from ahead in Time Trial, you can save lots of time!

Time Trials
Once you beat the final boss, go to any level except for Coco levels and levels that you use a flying veichle (ie. jet). Use your Crash Dash for an easy time trial.
tips for the gem finders
in the tsunami level, dont blow up the nitro with the ! box or you have no chance to get the gem.
Wizards and Lizards Cheat
In the part of the level when the dinosaur is chasing you, don't worry about the boxes, they will get destroyed by the dinosaur and still count, so just keep running!
World 5 Boss
When you are at the boss, try to avoid the ice balls, but if you are hit, then press X to break out of it. Continue to hit X. Otherwise you die.


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Careful crash your head might go through something
Go through level #5= At the end of Level #5 (Compactor reactor) jump on top of the green ! crate after it has been used and press O X X and Crash will go through the wall.

Note: you must defeat water elemental Crunch and unlock double jump to do this.
Gold rush glitch
In gold rush once you make it to the town go to the last house on the left and double jump you should go right through it
how to die and not lose a life!
if your one of those people who keep getting annoyed that you bearly have any lives and are up to a really hard part den ur about to die or youve already fell in some icey water or youve hit a baddie and dont have aku aku on you. then just pause quikly and select warp room and if you check your lifes it will say you havent lost any!

(note:this works best if you havent got up to the first check point or are on a boss lvl)

(double note:this was a respronce to how 2 die with out losin a life! i accideintly submited it when i hadent typed in the cheat! silly me!)


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Alternate ending
Collect all 46 gems to view a different ending.
Artic Freeze: Earning Extra Lives
After you have defeated the boss in level 4 and earned the bazooka, return to level 1, Artic Antics. Shott the three woolly mammoths to get extra lives.
Extra Life:
When you are in the first level, Arctic Antics , At the end of the level, there is a mammoth up on a cliff. Jump onto the furry rascal and you will get an extra life.

Easy Lives:
To get easy lives, you must have beaten the fourth boss and have the bazooka. Then go to level 1. Around the place are those big elephants. Shoot them. There are three elephants. For each time you kill one, you gain 1 life. A better way, is to shoot the elephants, go to the beginning of the level, die, then shoot them again.

Defeat N.Gin:
To defeat N.Gin, shoot at the flashing pads on his robot suit. Four of the pads on the first suit will fall off. The pad underneath his viewing area will not fall off: it will just stop flashing. The two easiest pads to hit are the ones that fire missiles, (the middle is also quite easy too), then his arms are the last two. When he brings up his arm, there will be a few seconds before he starts firing, so this is the best time to shoot at the end of his arms. When you have destroyed all the flashing pads, then he will get into another suit which is even harder.

This time, the flashing pads are four missile launchers, one on the far left, and one on the far right. The last one is just under N.Gin's ugly mug. Hit and destroy all these pads, and you have and apple bazooka!!!

Beat Time Trail Fast on Dragon Level:
On the level that you are being chased by the dinosaur/dragon you can beat the level very fast. On time trail right when you get chased by the dragon after the ? mark platform press select and you will be telepoted to the end by the nitro boxes.

On wizards and lizards, press selsct when doing time trial to get a really quick time. This cheat doesn't work on the platinum version.

When trying to complete WOC, if you get 100%, don't stop, because too see the secret ending you needeverything, which is 106%!