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Crash Tag Team Racing (PS2) Cheats

Crash Tag Team Racing cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Crash Tag Team Racing cheat codes.


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Blocking Fire Guy Power-ups
If ever you are in 1st in a race and there is a lot of Fire Guy activity, there's an easy way to avoid them. Just pick up an exploding chicken or TNT monkey, and throw it back as soon as you see a set of crosshairs turn red from a Fire Guy closing in. You will destroy the Fire Guy and avoid damage completely!

You can also shoot it if you are the gunner of a clashed car, but this proves difficult with some weapons.

Also, this works with any power-up, but it's most convenient with insta-kill power-ups like Fire Guys.
Bowling tip
In Von Clutches bowling when you get stuck in the gutter, tap X repeatedly to jump out of the gutter.
Change Pitch
Okay, you probably know that you can make burping and farting noises at the loading screen by pressing X/Triangle. But did you know you can change the pitch of them? Just hold up/down on the left analog stick (NOT the D-Pad). Up is for high pitch and down is for low pitch.
The easiest way to win races is to clash with other players and keep with them the whole time. Try clashing with Nina or N. Gin. Be the gunner. If the driver starts to do reckless driving, switch to driver.

If in a race your going to clash,clash with either Nina or Crunch.They are both really good shooters so if you are clashing with them,DRIVE!Be driver!!!
Funny sounds!
At the loading screen press X for Crash to fart and Triangle to burp!
Get even more coins from penguins?
You all must know that body-slamming Ninja Penguins ( X + O) gives you alot of coins, right? Well, when the Ninja Penguins are flashing once body slammed, Spin it. For each spin before it disappears it gives you two Wumpa Coins.
How to win 1st easily in a race
To do this, just clash with anybody(but don't drive, shoot.) When you are near the finishing line clash out and drive at full speed to win the race:) (You can get power crystals eaiser when you do this).

Hope you liked the tip
Loading Noises
While on the loading screen within the game press the triangle button to make some farting noises and X to make some belching noises
More coins from penguins!
If you want more coins from penguins, don't spin them, bodyslam them!
Each character has an outfit. Here they are in random order.

Crash Bandicoot

-Classic Crash
-Mad Crash
-Space Crash
-Crizzash Bandicizzle
-Agent C.R.A.S.H.
-Baby Crash - Earn from all 34 Die-o-ramas
-Cave Crash
-Nega Crash
-Realistic Crash
-Japenese Crash - Cheat - At title screen hold L1 and R1, press square, circle, square, circle

Dr. Neo Cortex
-Neo Fu


Crunch Bandicoot
-Mr. Crunch

Coco Bandicoot
-Princess Coco

Nina Cortex
-Part Timer

-Cyborg Idol

Ebennezar Von Clutch
-Captain no sense
Platinum Times for Fast Lap
I emailed the developers and asked them if there were any more times to go for even if they weren't in game and they showed me these:
Tiki Turbo 0:45.00
Pirates of the Carburetor 0:53.00
Deep Sea Driving 0:54.00
Once Upon A Tire 1:06.00
Track and The Beanstalk 0:54.00
Evilocity 0:56.00
Fossil Fuel Injection 0:47.00
Labrea Car Pits 0:49.00
Tire and Ice 0:47.00
Dead Heat 0:44.00
Crash Test Mummies 0:48.00
Pyramid Pass 1:02.00
Rings of Uranus 0:15.00
Uranus Mine 1:18.00
Craters on Uranus 1:29.00
As being platinum Fast Lap Scores.
Secret goodies
Use a USB link and link the ps2 and psp systems. have both go to extras and press connect to psp (if you are using a ps2) and connect to ps2(if you're using a psp). You get 2 battle arenas and 5 new cars
Each particular character has a taunt. To activate the taunt, press the left analog stick. Each character will have a different taunt with a particular weapon.
the easy way to get loads (i mean loads)of coins n crystals
ok here it is for a race be n-gin or nina cortex and then clash with somebody and then be the shooter.You should have a great weapon which can blow up another veichle in literally 2 or 3 shots(this is useful for the game rolling thunder aswell)
NOTE! This does not work in a battle arena

For a battle arena when you choose a characters car select a car that has a sheild sign to the right of the screen, this should give you a tougher veichle so you can't get destroyed as easily.Change to the driver and get to the red rocket that is around the arena somewhere, then quickly change to the shooter it should be easier for you to destroy more characters.If you run out of rockets just simply change to the driver and get some more.

Sorry i'm still working on figureing out hoe to be number#1 in fast laps and crashinator

Hope this helped
Tips on Races
As you start a race, quickly clash with someone* close to you and become the driver, as you get power ups use them as and when but your gunner should be destroying the cars in front.

Nearing the end of the race, you should be near the front if not first, but as your coming up to the finish line make sure you're driving and un-clash, (being driver when you un-clash pushes you further forward than the gunner, there-fore you should be able to beat them**),
ideally you'd end in first.
*most other non-player characters are unlikely to clash, giving you the edge,
**If your still clashed whilst you finish 1st, you'd share 1st place with your companion, quickly un-clashing before finishing 1st ensures you with 1st place, just you, no-one else... unless you mess up,
Happy Racing from England, Ta
Unlockable evil crash costume
When you find Cortex on Mystery Island there's an owl shaped lamp behind him. Hit the body-slam switch and it will rise up. Enter the cave, and go right. Have a chat with the drone at the top of the island and shell out 2000 coins to get the costume.
Unlocking cars
This is how u unlock the different cars avaliable in the game:

Crunch: Pay Crunch 2500 wumpa coins
Pasedena: Pay her 1 power crystal
Von Cluch: Pay him 1 power crystal
N.Gin: Bring him the platonium in mystery island
Nina: Bring her the keys in mystery island
Coco: Bring her the power unite in mystery island
Use a good handled car if you have to
If you have been using a fast car lately, and you keep coming in 4th or 5th place, try a good handled car, such as the Yellow Horde.


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headless zombies
first, put the chicken head cheat. next, hit every person except for the racers. when finished, you should see all people headless.

(NOTE: looks a little creepy when headless and follow you around)
Scary Crash
Firstly, go to the main screen and punch in the Japanese Crash cheat (R1+LI square, circle, square circle) and go to a world (Not the Midway). Run a round for a bit, then find a race gate. Go into into it and change to normal Crash, you know if it works because his pupils are gone and he is standing up straight (The standing straight bit is for all Crash skins, try it!) Come out, dont do a race.You'll notice that his pupils are gone, his shadow is very peculiar and when he is still, he doesnt to his little movement thing, he just stands there. Enjoy!


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A few more cheats
1 Hit Explosion
At the title screen, hold L1 and R1, then press, X, Circle, Circle, X.

Chicken Head People
At the title screen, hold L1 and R1, then press, X, Circle, Circle, Square.

No Text or Maps
At the title screen, hold L1 and R1, then press, X, Square, Circle, Triangle.
ajust burps and farts
I know there is burps and farts with the ^ and [] button right? You can move the left analog stick up and down to make Crash's burps/farts deeper or higher.

All Six Cheats
Below is the complete list of cheats in CTTR. To enter them, go to the title screen, hold R1 and L1, and enter the following for any cheat.

Japanese Crash: SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE (Note: This cheat triggers an annoying glitch)

One-Hit KO: X, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X (This does NOT count as a KO for extra coins)

Chicken Heads: X, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE (This affects the NPCs only, and their heads explode if you attack them)

Disable HUD: X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE (Note: You will not see anything during play)

Baby Block Cars: CIRCLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE (This only works outside the park, and only your character is affected)

Faster Cars: CIRCLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE (This may cause out of control driving)

If you entered any of these cheats correctly, you will hear a chime.
astro land shortcut
At the place where you get the 1st die o rama go all the way round the pillars until you see a computer. Go up to it and press square . You will get a shortcut for the last race at astro land.
How to Unlock: Tier 1 Cars
Pasadena: Bring her one power crystal in the Midway.
Crunch: Pay him 2500 wumpa coins.
Coco: Find the fusion unit. (MI)
Nina: Find the keys. (MI)
N-Gin: Find the green plutonium. (MI)
Von Clutch: Bring him one power crystal.
Japenese Crash Bandicoot
To have a new japanese costume for Crash, at the title screen, hold L1 and R1 and type in Square, Circle, Square, Circle. Crash looks really funny!

Japenese Crash Outfit
While at the "Crash Tag Team Racing" title screen, hold L1 and R1, press square, circle, square, circle. You should hear a sound.


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Make Crash Look Strange
First, at the title screen, enter SQUARE CIRCLE SQUARE CIRCLE L1 + R1


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Pass through cars
You can clash with somebody, and immediately hit ^ again to look like you pass right through somebody's car.

Play as Other Characters
Play as - What you have to do

Crunch Bandicoot - Give Cruch Bandicoot 2,500 Coins at Midway.

N. Gin - Give N. Gin the Green Plutonium at Midway.

Nina Cortex - Giver Nina Cortex the keys at Midway.

Pasadena Opossum - Give Pasadena Opossum one Power Crystal at Midway.

Von Clutch - Give Von Clutch one Power Crystal at Midway.
If you press the X and triangle buttons at a loading screen you will hear crash burp or fart.
The frozen shadow
In Happily Ever Faster, after buying the Agent C.R.A.S.H outfit, you will see that Crashes shadow is stuck with Crashes arms out. To buy this outfit go to the employee in Happily Ever faster on a high platform.

NOTE: The shadow will unfreeze once you leave that level and won't freeze again.
Unlocking second cars
Unlock second cars for each character

Crash= Find Stew's eggs in Happly Ever Faster.
Coco= Find modulator in Happly Ever Faster.
Neo Cortex= Find gears in Happly Ever Faster.
Crunch= Bring him 3500 wumpa coins.
Pasadena= Find her engine in Happly Ever Faster.
N-Gin= Find his Bunny Slippers in Tyranosaurus Wrecks
Von Cluth= Bring him 3 power crystals.