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Crash of the Titans (PS2) Cheats

Crash of the Titans cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes, GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Crash of the Titans cheat codes.

Command codes

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Big Headed Crash
Hold L1 L2 r1 r2 and then press circle, triangle, circle, triangle, square, triangle, square, triangle, and x.
Big headed shadow crash
Press "start" then Press L1,L2,R1,R2,C,C,T,S,S,T,AND X


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Best move to beat Titans
Press square, square, then triangle to do an uppercut.

Note: you have to unlock this move first.
Block Hint
If Crash is blocking, he can't block big attacks from Uka Uka or Arachnina or other huge mutants. Some titans can't block, they aim.
Control the paw prints
In the loading screen you will see pawprints. Use the left analog stick to contol them.
Costumes Ahoy!
Do the required goal and you can unlock some awsome costumes:

Battler Skin- Jack 35 Battlers
Bratgirl Skin- Defeat 130 Bratgirls
Doom Monkey Skin- Defeat 500 Doom Monkeys
EE-Lectric Skin- Jack 50 EE-Lectrics
Goar Skin- Jack 30 Goars
Halloween Skin- Complete 50% of the game
Koo-ala Skin- Defeat 150 Koo-alas
Magmadon Skin- Jack 50 Magmadons
Ratnician Skin- Defeat 200 Ratnicians
Rhinoroller Skin- Jack 30 Rhinorollers
Scorporilla Skin- Jack 15 Scorporillas
Shellephant Skin- Jack I5 Shellephants
Sludge Skin- Jack 50 Sludges
Snipe Skin- Jack 50 Snipes
Spike Skin- Jack 50 Spikes
Stench Skin- Jack 50 Stenches
Valentines Day Skin- Get 20 Gold idols
Voodoo Bunny Skin- Defeat 200 Voodoo Bunnies
Free kick
Complete Hard Mode, then if you press R2, Crash will be able to do that one-hit kick move (from when you collect a free jack mask), allowing you to jack the Titans in one hit.
Kill Titans faster
If you ever get to play as Scorporilla, then hold the x button for as long as you can until his power meter runs out to kill everthing within a large radius.
This move is also good against bosses
Surf Anywhere!
To surf anywhere all you have to do is jump with X and press R1 in mid air and Crash will get his surfboard out. You can also hit enimies with your surfboard which is fun!
trouble with sludges
having trouble with sludges? don't worry! to jack it is simple use the rotating powerup! and you jack sludges faster! NOTE:if this tip go up than 5 votes i will put a really really good secret


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Crash is a Levitating Australlian Marsupial.
If you are in an area where you have to Aku Aku air-grind
then take a big turn to the side and Jump off the slide to Aku Aku air-grind in then Press X,R1 to get off Aku Aku continue doing this
X,R1,X,R1,X,R1,X,R1 so on as you do this crash will be climbing up a invisible wall and it looks exactly like the Crash twinsanity levitation code.
Two Aku Aku's???
On The First Level, When You Find Aku Aku In The Cage, Hold R1 And There Will Be An Aku Aku In The Cage And An Aku Aku In The Shield.

You Can Also Do It With Boarder Crash (Jump Then R1)


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Combo Glitch
In episode 17, Adolt Edumacation, jack an Ee-lectric. Once you've made it to the area where you come across Voodoo Bunnies, you'll see a Shellephant getting zapped in the cage above. Target him and shoot him, and you'll easily get Combo King in that level.
Use of Carbon Crash (without player one)
If you want to use Carbon Crash, you'll have to have a second controller. Push the circle button on the 2P controller, then get out of 1P's backpack. Then, have the FIRST PLAYER drop out of the game.

You'll then be able to use Carbon Crash, but you'll have to use the 2P controller.