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Crash Nitro Kart Cheats

Crash Nitro Kart cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Crash Nitro Kart cheat codes.

Crash Nitro Kart Unlockables

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N. Tropy Ghosts
Beating the default times on each course will open the ghost for that course.
CourseTime to beat
Inferno Island2:01:00
Submitted by: anonymous on October 09, 2011
Unlockable Stage
there is terra track or somekinda terra level
UnlockableHow to unlock
terrabeat game once 100% any team
Submitted by: anonymous on December 30, 2013

Crash Nitro Kart Tips

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50 boosts
There are 3 different tracks that I found easy for getting 50 boots. I have displayed these tracks in difficulty order (how difficult it is to get 50 boosts on that track; easiest at the top):

Deep Sea Driving
Meteor Gorge
Hyper Spaceway

Also, Jungle Boogie is a good one.
Submitted by: joshthegreat on February 23, 2004
Barin Ruins Shortcut
After you come out of the tunnel towards the end of the track, if you have any kind of boost then go straight and hop over the little spot with snow on it and you will land on an acceleration pad that will launch you towards the finish line. In the CNK challenge, this is where the "K" is.
Submitted by: im a loser on June 29, 2009
CNK challenge: Out of time
I just got this game a couple months ago, and only have one CNK token, (so far), and it's in Out of Time. Here are the locations of each, and tips.

  • C - This isn't too hard once you find it. At the beginning when you come to the bouncy platforms, it is high in the air above the right one. Unfortunately, someone will hit the ! box, making the right bounce platform go down, but don't sulk. Bounce off the left and do a turn in midair, getting the C. You will land in slow dirt, but it is a small shortcut where you land.

  • N - This one may be tough to find, but it is on a shortcut that will put you in first place, and a heavy lead if you do it many times. After the first hill of broken pavement, go the right, and you will see a small opening with an arrow pointing left on it. With the help of a bit of speed, hop over the fence, getting the N, and a shortcut.

  • K - I hate this one. It is the middle of sand, and completely offtrack. Near the end, after you go off the boost where you go through that fan, over a right turn, you should see it sitting in the middle of sand. Don't fall.

  • Submitted by: Thunder850 on September 28, 2007
    Easy Way to Get N.Tropy
    If you're having trouble beating all of N.Tropy's times, use someone who's BETTER than N.Tropy! Beat the game twice, once with Team Cortex and once with Team Bandicoot, and you'll unlock Velo. After obtaining Velo, then go off to beat N.Tropy. Since Velo has maxed out stats, he should be able to blow N.Tropy out of the water easily on every track.
    Submitted by: Road Rocket on November 26, 2005
    easy ways to win in races for team bandicoot
    have you ever gone on a race before and thought "man this rsce is hard" ? Well if you have then heres some tips on who to be in certain races.

    NOTE! This only works if you are in team bandicoot.

    For trophy races that have 8 characters in them select crash, at the start of the race at the top of the screen there is red lights and a green light when it gets to the last red light keep hold of x if when it hits the green light if your boost meter is at red then you will get a boost.When your driving if you see a ramp, hill,etc. hop when you get to the top(press R1 to hop) and when you land you should get a boost if you jumped high enough, if there is a sharp turn whereever it is you land has a sharp turn keep hold of R1 when you hop and do a powerslide when you land (do a powerslide (to do a powerslide hop with R1 then turn when you land) whereever there is a sharp turn and no ramp anyway.If crash or your teammate does not come first in a trophy select crunch next time if crunch does not come first choose coco there is a 75% chance this will work in a trophy race.

    In a boss race choose crunch because he is fast and his attacks(with powerups) are stronger, try and get a boost at the start again an d hop at every ramp and do powerslides at sharp turns.If you do not come first in a boss race with crunch keep trying. If you do not succeed with crunch after about 5 trys (im serious) use coco she can turn easier and is easier to control.

    Sorry if you are on team cortex i am also sorry that I have no ways to win cnk or time trial races

    this probably didn't help but i hope it did.
    Submitted by: anonymous on January 17, 2009
    Geary and Velo
    Try to get as many powerups as possible for these bosses, and use them. They should help you.
    Submitted by: Thunder850 on October 24, 2007
    Getting The C at Inferno Island
    Having trouble getting the C? Well, use Crunch or Tiny, whoever you prefer. Don't bother getting the C at the start of the race; you'll be wasting time. Wait until the second lap. Get a good burst of speed and jump on that flat area near the bridge. You should be able to get the C from there.
    Submitted by: Dingo Steinberg on November 04, 2004
    how to win easerr
    when you are on a hard track and their is a lot of corners use coco or Dr cortex to go around corners easier and if you use crunch or tiny thay will crash
    happy gaming
    Submitted by: simman76 on July 12, 2008
    Out of Time (Norm)
    There is a couple out of range X boxes in this track during Norm. 1 is near the beginning, and one is near the end, directly in front of one of those plants. The first one is the very end of a turn, so Norm could cut a corner and get ahead of you, so don't get that one. The one at the end can get you eaten, so go without it.

    Submitted by: Thunder850 on September 23, 2007
    You should powerslide in races to go a lot faster. To powerslide, hop, turn, and boost.

    Submitted by: Thunder850 on July 29, 2007
    Meteor Gorge: Once you go through the speed boost on the ground, turn left. Jump on the platform over the lava. Then, jump on the regualar track.
    Deep Sea Driving: After a series of speed boosts, make a right turn. You'll land on another part of the track. It may not look like it, but it saves quite a bit of time.
    Out of Time: Near the beginning of the level, you'll see an arrow over a fence. Use the little hill to jump over the fence. This is GREAT for beating Norm.
    Clockwork Wumpa: After you get past the gears that flatten you, you'll see another arrow. Instead of following it, jump across the 3 gears.
    Assembly Lane: Get a speed boost. After a series of hills, you'll see an opening (In the CNK challenge, it's where the N is). Use the boost to jump through it.
    Android Alley: About 1/2 through the level, you'll see a window. Go ahead, jump through it. (You might want to boost, though) I mean, it's not like you're paying for the damage.
    Submitted by: Spyro Rocks on June 27, 2005
    Tip for defeating bosses
    You should try to get as many X boxes as you can during bosses. If a boss is on your tail, 3 TNTs could be useful.

    Submitted by: Thunder850 on September 23, 2007
    Unlimited missiles
    To have unlimited missiles, you need a X box in a race. Keep trying to get 3 missiles. When you get 3 missiles, team up with your friend/mate so you have frenzy! So now use 2 missiles and leave one behind. So now you have 1 missile left. Now use your frenzy unltil it is all wasted! Now when it returns to your missile it won't be 1! it will be 3 missiles again! Repeat as much as you want. Bye
    Submitted by: Christopher on March 06, 2007
    Unlock Terra Drome
    Get all purple tokens in Adventure Modes races.
    Submitted by: Seto Kaiba on July 25, 2004

    Crash Nitro Kart Cheats

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    ShortCut For Electron Avenue
    O.K. When You Get To The Bit Where Your Near A
    Small Jump That Goes On To The Yellow Path
    Gather A LOT Of Speed And Jump Off It You Should
    Land On Another Yellow Path
    So Continue Driving Happily!
    Submitted by: purralover on September 13, 2007
    Some unlockables
    Play as Fake Crash:
    - Get over 50 boosts on a track as Team Cortex in Adventure Mode

    Play as Pura:
    - Get over 50 boosts on a track as Team Bandicoot in Adventure mode

    Play as N.Tropy:
    - Defeat all of his ghosts in Time Trial mode

    Play as Polar:
    - Get one blue gem

    Play as Dingodile:
    - Get one red gem

    Play as Velo:
    - Get two scepters

    Play as Zam:
    - Get one Purple Gem

    Play as Zem:
    - Get one Green gem

    Unlock Hyper Spaceway Track:
    - Win all 12 trophy's and the 4 boss races

    Unlock Cutscenes:
    - Team Bandicoot Cutscenes:

    Challenging Krunk - Win three trophies
    Krunk Loses - Unlock one key
    Challenging Nash - Win six trophies
    Nash Loses - Unlock two keys
    Challenging Norm - Win nine trophies
    Norm Loses - Unlock three keys
    Challenging Geary - Win twelve trophies
    Geary Loses- Unlock four keys
    Challenging Velo - Unlock four keys
    Losing to Velo - Unlock four keys
    Defeat Velo without 100 % - Unlock four keys
    Defeat Velo with 100 % - Unlock four keys, have 13 relics, and one Scepter.

    - Team Cortex Cutscenes:

    Challenging Krunk - Win three trophies
    Krunk Loses - Unlock one key
    Challenging Nash - Win six trophies
    Nash Loses - Unlock two keys
    Challenging Norm - Win nine trophies
    Norm Loses - Unlock three keys
    Challenging Geary - Win twelve trophies
    Geary Loses- Unlock four keys
    Challenging Velo - Unlock four keys
    Losing to Velo - Unlock four keys
    Defeat Velo without 100 % - Unlock four keys
    Defeat Velo with 100 % - Unlock four keys, have 13 relics, and one Scepter.

    Submitted by: MD on November 30, 2003
    Super Turn
    If you want to make a really fast turn then press/hold X and Square and move the directional button where you want to go. I'm so sure of this cheat I've did it on like ten other peoples Crash Nitro Kart's and would bet my life on it. IF, by any chance it doesn't work, you're doing it wrong.
    Submitted by: Jonny Meyer on December 18, 2006