Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Cheats

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Resident Evil Code: Veronica X cheat codes.

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Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Cheats

Battle mode
Complete the game on any difficulty setting with any ranking. Battle Mode will be selectable from Main Menu (this is saved in the memory card so it is unlocked permanently).

First person view in battle mode
Complete the game on the Easy or Normal difficulty with any ranking. This will enable First Person view as an option in Battle Mode.

Unlock Steve Burnside in battle mode
Get the Gold Lugers from the basement office in Disc 2. The combination is red, green, blue, and brown. Steve Burnside can also be unlocked if you do well with the original Chris in Battle mode.

Get Steve in Battle Mode:
When you're playing as Chris you'll find a chest of drawers in his 1st save room. Solve the puzzle and pick up the item and stash it away and you can get Steve in battle mode.
submitted by gokussj3

Unlock Albert Wesker in battle mode
Perform well with Chris in Battle mode (this also unlocks Steve Burnside).

Unlock Wesker for Battle Game:
Unlock Albert Wesker for use in the Battle Game by beating the Battle game with Chris Redfield.
submitted by gokussj3

Unlock an Alternate Claire in battle mode
Perform well with the original Claire in Battle mode.

Unlock Hunk in battle modesubmitted by Matt
Beat the game by collecting all the files and beating the game in under 3 hours.

Play as Hunk in Battle Mode:
To play as the legendary Hunk from Resident Evil 2, simply play through the game snagging all the files and beating the game in less than 3 and a half hours.
submitted by gokussj3

Extra Movemnet in Battle Game:
A few of the people in battle mode have extra moves they can do. 1. Clair gets cold when you go through ice areas. 2. Wesker looks inside the torso with no eye 3. Steve get unhappy after not having change for a soda. 4. Once the locker room is clear chris will groom him self at the sink.
submitted by gokussj3

Linear launcher in battle mode
Get an "A" ranking with Chris, Steve Burnside, Albert Wesker and both versions of Claire in battle mode to unlock the Linear Launcher. The Launcher will be in your inventory the next time you start a game in Battle Mode.

Rocket launcher
Get an "A" ranking in the normal game. To do so you need to complete the game without saving, without using first aid sprays, without using any retries, quickly saving Steve from Luger, getting the Medecine to Rodrigoe, and finishing the game in under 4:30. When you get the A rating, you will find the rocket launcher in the first item box of your next game.

Infinite Rocket Launcher:
You must Beat the game with a ranking of A and you will find it in the first item box you come across.
submitted by gokussj3

Throw Zombies Off The Bridge:
When going across the bridge for the first time heading to the palace there are two zombies (not bandersnatchers). Get as close to the edge as possible and still leave room for a zombie to grab Claire's neck from behind her. Keep pushing buttons and he should fall off.
submitted by gokussj3

Get Magnum:
To get the magnum, keep the fire extinguisher after you use it in disc 1. Store it in Claire's box. When you get to the middle - end of disc 2, you will get some foam for the extinguisher. Soon after, you will come upon a fire. Put it out and theres the magnum.
submitted by gokussj3

D.I.J.'S Journal in Battle Game:
During the battle game visit the slot machine every time you go through. The 2nd or 3rd time you open it with the same character you'll find a journal.
submitted by gokussj3


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Beat the boss in the plane.
To beat the boss in the plane easy, as soon as the fight starts hit the switch to send the crates at him to weaken him quicker, then fire all your bow gun boom rounds as they are the best weapon for the boss fight. Kept firing and as soon as you hear the buzzer, hit the button and send the crates at him and if should fly out of the plane. Boss fight done as Eazy as that.
Defeating Cerberuses
These are the zombie-like dogs. Shoot one until it hits the ground, then quickly run towards it, aim downwards, and shoot. The Cerberus will not be able to get back on its feet and will die easily. Note, that this can be a bit difficult when encountering numerous Cerberuses. This is really useful when you really don't want to use a lot of ammo on the Cerberuses.
Easy Hawk Emblem
After you've collected the TG-01 go back to the 3-D duplicator and before putting in the Hawk Emblem and TG-01 into the machine, walk through the metal detector with any metalic object to sound the alarm.(while on the 3-D duplicator side or you will be locked out.) With the shutters down the three zomies cannot break the windows. After the 3-D duplicator is finished all you have to do is push the button to lift the shutters and take the duplicated Hawk Emblem without losing any health.
Easy kills in one shot.
When you have found the shotgun, equip it and wait for a zombie to get close, aim at their head and shoot it will blow its head off and die. You can use this against a group of zombies, wait for them to get close aim up and shoot, the bullets will spread and hit all the zombies in the head and they will drop dead.
Easy kills with steve in battle mode
Findin it a abit hard to get quick kills with steve in battle mode. Well then all ya gotta do is select the gold lugers and get really close 2 a foe then aim up n blast away. If done right ya will blow da there head. It work's on really all on foe's on battle mode, but only use the machine gun's on the hunters as they fast firin and will kept them at bay.
Extra First Aid Spray
When the model of the training facility uncovers the secret passageway, go to the cabinet. Use the lock pick to open it and get a First Aid Spray.
Extra Ink Ribbons
While in the Private Residence, before go on the stairs is a room to the left. There is a Bandersnatch inside. There is also BOW gun ammunition on the mantle and handgun bullets near the door. Go to the door of that room then go all the way around it to find some Ink Ribbons.
Kill the hunters in 2 shots.
When playing as chris and you have got the shotgun, save it for the hunters because you only need to shoot it twice. Then its dead, it will save you ammo and health.
Last Action Hero reference
During the funeral scene, Jack Slater takes the corpse out of the casket to divert a chemical explosion. Soon afterwards, all of the patrons take out guns. At the part before Jack tosses the corpse over the ledge of the roof, a mobster can be seen in front of the camera, wielding Claire's handgun.
Recommended weapons
These are the best chose weapons you should use against certain enemies:
Zombies (as Claire): Bowgun with Normal Arrows as much as possible, and if not, the Handgun.
Cerebuses (dogs): If you fight one on one, attack with one Handgun bullet, then Knife it to death. Otherwise, use the Handgun.
Bandersnatchers (enemies with long arms): Grenade Launcher with Explosive Rounds. Otherwise, Acid Rounds or Bowgun with Powder Arrows. If they live after one shot, use the Handgun or Bowgun with normal arrows, or if playing as Chris, use the Shotgun.
Tyrant 1 (on walkway): Grenade Launcher with Explosive Rounds. Otherwise the Acid Rounds or the Bowgun with Powder Arrows.
Tyrant 2 (on airplane): Grenade Launcher with all 3 B.O.W. Rounds followed by a few Bow Gun Powder Arrows to finish the job or the Grenade Launcher. Then, fire the catapult.
Moths: Run away; there is no need to kill them.
Spiders: Grenade Launcher with Explosive Rounds. Otherwise, Claire's Custom Handgun. If you do not have anything important to pick-up in the area, just run away.
Nosferatu (Boss with exposed heart): Sniper's Rifle through the heart. Otherwise, Bow Gun Powder Arrows, M150-P, Bow Gun with Normal Arrows, or Grenade Launcher with Grenade Rounds.
Digger (worm-like creature): Assault Rifle. Otherwise, M150-P, Claire's Custom Handgun, or anything else.
Zombies (as Chris): Claire's Custom Handgun. Otherwise, any Handgun or the Bow Gun.
Hunters (frog-like enemies with claws): Grenade Launcher with Explosive Rounds. Otherwise, Acid Rounds. If they live after one shot, use the Shotgun.
Tentacles: Any Handgun. As Claire, use Chris' handgun or Claire's Custom Handgun if available.
Giant Spider: Run away; there is no need to kill them.
Alexia 1 (Alexia using Blood to create fire): Shotgun. Otherwise, Grenade Launcher with any rounds or the Magnum.
Morphed Steve (Nosferatu-like Steve wielding a huge Ax): Run away.
Alexia 1 1/2 (Alexia going to 1-hit kill Claire): Shotgun or Magnum.
Alexia 2 (Alexia as a huge creature spewing out little creatures): Magnum. Otherwise, Grenade Launcher with Explosive Rounds, Rounds, or Shotgun.
Alexia 3 (Alexia flying around the screen): Get the Linear Launcher and use it.
Save Ammo Against Zombie dogs
This saves a ton of bullets. All you have to do is wait for the dog to get close and knife the dog before it hits you. The dog will collapse. While it's down, keep on hitting the action button, and eventually the dog will shriek and die. Don't stop until you see blood around the dog.
How to unlock:

Battle Mode
Finish the game on any difficulty and with any ranking.

First Person View (Battle Mode)
Finish the game on easy or normal with any ranking.

Linear Launcher (Battle Mode)
Finish the Battle Mode with an A ranking and all the characters.

Infinite Rocket Launcher
Finish the game with an A ranking, then start a new game and look in the first item box.

Albert Wesker (Battle Mode)
Finish Battle Mode with Chris.

Alternative Steve Burnside (Battle Mode)
Finish Battle Mode with Chris.

Alternative Claire (Battle Mode)
Finish Battle Mode with Claire.
Weapons that the tyant is weak against.
These weapons are the strongest against the tryant boss, but best saved for the boss fight in the back of the plane.
The bow gas rounds for the garade launcher.
The gun powder rounds for the bowgun combine with the stell arrows.
And the garade rounds for the garade launcher.
After a couple of shots with these guns, you will be able to launch the crates at him and he will fly out of the back of the plane.


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First person view option in battle mode
Successfully complete the game on the easy or normal difficulty settings with any ranking to enable an option to play battle mode in first person view.
Play In Battle Mode
Play in Battle Mode:
After finishing the game, the new Battle Mode feature will be available.
- the main tip: if you can run away. Save as many bullets as possible.
- If you have a good gun but can take the enemy out with a weaker gun do it.
- If you're too scared turn the sound down, the brightness up, and the vibration off.