Chaos Legion (PS2) Cheats

Chaos Legion cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Chaos Legion cheat codes.


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Max Player status
If you have find troubling to defeat monster, try using these:
1. Get a Map Selector
2. Get a place where there are many status items

The status item is unlimited you can get them as many you want, until thyre max.


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Tips/hints and codes
Get Super Hard Difficulty Level

Beat the game using Hard Difficulty

Unlock "Liv Special PV", "Total Results" and "Extra Menu" options

Beat the game using any Difficulty level

Play Previously Played Levels

On stage 9 beat the boss and you will get the Map Selector which allows you to go to any completed level

Change Enemies on Previously Played Levels

Beat the boss on level 10 to unlock Change Appearance which changes enemies on replayed levels

Destroy the final summon

Slash twice then us the upper cut then summon up the 2nd summon monster it will die!