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Champions: Return to Arms cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Champions: Return to Arms cheat codes.


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If u are a barbarian, and u get the skill that counter strikes, than just keep blocking. U automatically attack back, slowly, but steadily.
Check Point Save.
If you want to create your own check point save, use a Gate Scroll to the Plane of Tranquility and back. If you get killed you will return to the spot where you used the Scroll.
When you're surrounded, try to get your back to the wall and into a narrow area where only a few enemies will be able to close in on you. If you can manage this you'll be able to block enemy attacks and attack only when you see an opening, taking the enemy down one by one as necessary. Be wary of larger beasts however, as they may have explosive magic or knockdown attacks that ignore the player's block.

Works in both Champions of Norrath, and Champions: Return to Arms.
easy dragon boss
first get the best shield that u possibly can. once u start the fight, if your a dark elf summon a skeliton. run away from him until he breaths fire after that he'll reaim at you run up agianst his front leg as far as u can then block until hes done breathing fire then atack as fast as you can(if your weapons has fast equiped on it then better) the dragon will then try to bite you and backup block and run forward and attack. repeat as many times as needed.
Easy level up
You need two controllers. Start a new game for two players with your most powerful character first and then the one you want to level up (a new or an old one). Go to the last mission. Player one will go ahead and kill monsters while player two follows without fighting. The player two will level up faster than if he was alone. This works better if you have a really strong character and you want to level up a very weak character.
Evasive jump
While blocking, press the button assigned to change weapons. You will jump backwards a bit while defending to create some space between you and the attacker.

Certain character do a massive hop (Shaman and Berserker).
Maintain Weapon Effects
In Champions: Return to Arms, you can imbue weapons with special abilities. If you do this to a summoned weapon (like throwing axes) the effect will stay with the weapon as long as the number you carry never drops below zero.
this is a suggestion NOT A CHEAT! after you defeat some enemies a light (their soul) will try to fly away. to catch it, hold R1 until it flies into you.

P.S. i don't know wut it does if you find out e-mail me
Unlock Sword In The Stone:
Beat a series of 5 bosses in the last bonus round (the Bloodstone one). You need all 11 Bloodstones to get into the extra area in that last bonus round. Once you defeat the last boss (Innoruuk), you'll "feel like a champion." Now you can go back and draw the sword from the stone. While the sword has a level minimum of 30, you don't have to be any particular level to draw it out.

* dmg: ~220-270
* +50 strength
* 100% health regeneration
* lvl 30 to equip
* weight: ~19.2


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Alternate Item Duplication + Gold harvesting (2nd way)
On the last bonus stage, just outside the battle area, drop the item you want duplicated. After that, enter the battle arena and let yourself die. Hit "Try again" and you will appear back where you dropped your items to dupe, but the original items will also be in your inventory. Collect them, but be warned that you may go over the weight limit (so pick up the most precious items first).

Once you've harvested the items you could carry, either quit the mission or complete it, so you go back to the 'plane select' portal near Firiona Vie. Save. You've got your items, repeat as needed, or sell them for gold harvesting.
Duplicate items (first way) + harvesting gold
For this game this cheat is a bit harder to pull off.

You need to have 2 controllers or more for this to work.

Start a new game or load a game, and get the items you want duped so they are in your main character's inventory.

Save to a slot.

Start a new game, and make sure it's on multiplayer.

Import the character from your last save, and if you have other controllers, import the same character (if possible) to the other players. If this doesn't work, then just create new characters.

Have the player with the items to dupe, drop all items and give them to another player. If you managed to import (clone) your character multiple times, make sure only 1 character has all the goods. You've already duped items by doing this, if you managed to clone a character (2 or more of the same character being played by various players). Save on a new slot, Repeat. Upload the character with multiple items (and clone that player).

If you could not clone a character, then when you hand the goods over to the newly created character, save again, but this time on another slot. Once saved, start a new game and import the character from slot 1 and slot 2 that has the dupe items. At this point, both players should be controlling a character with the dupe items. If you have another player present, Drop ALL items from player one and two, and give them to player 3. Save to yet another slot (the third), and start a new game. Load all 3 characters from the 3 slots that have the items. This time, give them all to one player, and save yet again over the FIRST slot.

Once you have a save where every character has at least one set of dupe items, you can delete save slot 3. Slot 1 must always be overwritten with the main character having all the dupe items. Slot 2 must maintain a save where all 3 or more characters have at least 1 set of dupe items.

When loading a new game, the character in slot 1 is loaded to the main player, and the characters in slot 2 are loaded to remaining players. Once the game loads, players 2-4 drop all items for the main character to pick up. After players 2-4 have dropped the items and player 1 has picked them up, save to SLOT 1.


Harvesting gold: Basically, load up a new game using the characters carrying the bounties. Have the player that wants the gold, pick up all the items in the other players' inventories. Sell all to the shopkeep and save to SLOT 3.

Tough bit: Load up characters with dupe items in slot 1 and 2, AND THE RICH GUY/GAL from slot 3.

The rich person won't have items in their inventory. Have a player drop one set of dupe items for that player, then when all characters have at least one full set of dupe items, save to slot 2. You keep the money just harvested, and got dupe items again. Delete slot 3, or continue the process with another player.

Alternately, don't sell the final set of dupe items when harvesting gold. This works best only if you don't need to return to make more money, in my opinion. Depends on how quick you are navigating menus and loading the right saves/saving to the right saves.

Check the cheat list for the alternate item dupe trick. Also in my opinion, it's best to play the game up until that point, so you can dupe items without ruining the game experience; however some people don't feel cheating ruins the game experience. Up to you.

NOTE: Make sure you keep at least 1 of each type of upgrade gem!!! That way you can harvest them too and always be able to make enchanted weapons/armor!
Infinite stat points
This cheat requires the player to have 1 level up ready. Do not spend the points on anything!

This works even better if you have a few level ups not used up (so you have more points to spend).

Complete the tasks on the first plane. Once completed, you unlock a bonus 'Champions round'. Enter the plane selection portal, and highlight the first plane. Press left to access the special stage "The Four Horsemen".

Start the stage. As soon as it starts, use up those stat points! Once used up, let yourself die.

Hit try again...

Check your stats. You still kept the stat change from before you just died, and also get to spend those same stat points again.

Skill points do not stay updated this way, but stats do.