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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Castlevania: Lament of Innocence cheat codes.


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Coin of Happiness
In the room in the Ghostly Theater where you will face a maze of Boneheads with lazers and lots of platforms, you will notice when you fall down to the floor level, there are the Enemies called "Hanged Man". (This is the room right before you reach the Black Turtle Key)

If you go to the platform to get back up to the Boneheads and stand on the first platform, you are out of the reach of the Hanged Men, but can still hit them with the whip.

Therefore attack them until they drop a Coin of Happiness. It will increase Leon's Luck if equiped.

Also these Hanged Men will drop a good amount of money, sometimes $100, sometimes $25, sometimes nothing, but it is well worth the extra time, especially where you don't take any damage as long as you stay on the platform.
Strategy against Forgotten One using Joachim
First of all you need a fully upgraded Joachim. I bet you already knew that, anyways.

1st form is the hardest IMO, it took me lots of tries really, your goal should be defeating him depleting 20-40% of your HP. My strategy is standing in the middle, in front of Forgotten One and hit square (fast-strike, volley-type stance) as fast as you can. Don't worry about the maggots, I found out that they die either before they drop or before they jump at you while doing the volley-type strike while you're positioned in the middle. Do it until all his parts are removed leaving the big bulb-type body wherein you need to jump to hit it (that's around yellow to half-yellow bar). Still, position Joachim in the middle, in front of the bulb then hit square and x (without left-analog). Joachim will jump, strike, jump, strike. I find this easier than trying to look for maggots bending their bodies preparing to jump at you. If MP is full use 25% do the laser-type special clearing some maggots (even with square, x they can still hit you if they're too many).

Once the 1st form dies the next ones will be easy. The 2nd form has three moves you should use to your advantage, my suggestion in this round is having a full mp and pay full attention to his moves. When his hands are raised, he will drop it fast to hit you, count 3 sec. when his arms are raised then do a dash before the hand drop, if you dodged it successfully the hand will stay in that position for 3-5 sec. so you can hit it.

His next move is the swing crush, you can easily distinguish if he'll do that move next, so all you have to do is to do slash-type special while his arm preparing for that move. Using special you'll be un-harmed, if you do the slash-type you can damage him while his hand is swinging to the other side. I find this easier to execute than the laser-type because you don't need to change stance.

His last move is (usually doesn't happen to me, because he dies before the move), arms raised and he will spew blood. All you have to do is stand on either side of the platform (make sure you don't get hit by the rain) and start jumping and striking. After the rain he will drop his hand to crush you (if your HP is low you'll die and you can't go to the other side because you'll get hit by the rain), if you ask me you'll have lots of time to hit him in that position, so technically he dies before he crushes you so don't worry.

His 3rd form is the easiest, all I did was to stand in the middle and bash square (volley-type stance), don't bother with specials, just bash square while standing in the middle. He will shout 3 times, rocks will drop (stay in the middle, near the boss to avoid large rocks) but your stance will destroy them before they hit you, so don't waste time dodging, just press square. In my experience he dies even before he performs his mouth-blast technique, in case he doesn't just do a special (laser-type) so you'll stay unharmed. The head IMO, has the lowest HP/Defense so you can easily defeat it.

With that you defeated the hardest boss in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence without healing (glitch anyone?)!
The Forgotten One-Easy Kill
ONce you have the unlock jewel, and have gone down to basement floor 1 in the castle, save at the save point. then use the unlock jewel on the door opposite of the save point. You will have access to a secret chamber. go down to the basement floor 2. Once you go into the boss room(red door), the battle automatically starts. This boss has three life bars and 4800 HP. I request you take 9 potions, 9 serums, 9 uncurse potions, 9 high poitons, 9 mana prisms, and 9 heart repairs. I also request you use the white bishop for your relic and the cross for your sub-weapon. On his first bar of life, just simply get directly in front of him, and hack away. use your skill where you throw your whip in a circle to kill off the maggots. Use uncurse potions and try to save at least 3 serums for later. Once his first life-bar is gone, you rise up a "story" and begin his second life-bar. This is where you have to use the white bishop constantly and dodge great attacks. Just use the serum(s) if you run into his blood and hack away at his hand at all times. Once this is done, you rise to his head. Here, three boulders drop and he uses a blast that can kill you in 2 hits so hide behind the rocks, and use divine cross to take out the head. If you run out of hearts, simply use heart repairs to fill up your hearts. This process should take you no longer than 10 minutes if you have the arm gauntlet and a high attack. If you have any questions, e-mail me at pthdmike@yahoo.com


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Acquire Two Special Items
There are two items which can only be found at Rinaldo's shop once you have completed the game (technically, there are three items, but one of these items, the music box, is explained in the 'Unlock Music Tracks' cheat.) They are found as follows:

Jade Mask - Complete the game on the 'normal' difficulty, save your game at the end, then load it up again. Go to Rinaldo's shop and you will be able to purchase it for 999 gold.

Mobius Brooch - Complete the game on the crazy difficulty, save your game at the end, then load it up again. Go to Rinaldo's shop and you will be able to purchase it for an astonishing 200,000 gold.

Begin game with all skills
Begin a new game. Enter @llskill as your name. You will begin the game with all the skills!

Added by Raijin1999:
YOU MUST COMPLETE THE GAME ONCE, and have the clear save on the memory card in slot 1. Make a new game on a seperate save slot to get this code to function.
Boss Rush Mode
First off, you are going to need to defeat every single boss in the game (this includes the Forgotten One). Once you have done this, return to the level warp room to find that another warp has appeared. This sixth warp will take you to Boss Rush mode.
crazy mode
at the name screen when you begin your game enter @crazy and you will play the game at a crazy difficulty.
Duping: 9 of each item in inventory
*WARNING*: this will make the game VERY easy; it should not be used if you expect to get any enjoyment out of the game!

Go to the first save point in the castle, just to the right of the 5 statues and warded door. In the hallway outside the save point, stand in between the last two candleposts in the room on the way to the Forgotten One's Prison. Make sure you're standing ON the red portion (and only that) of the rug and facing the opposite wall.

Hit START, look in your item list, and every time you scroll over an item it will increase by 1. You should hear a "ching" sound each time.

Wanna make the game REALLY easy? Do this until you have enough money to buy a DIAMOND, dupe the diamond until you have 9, and then you can buy anything in the game as it comes available! If you have the JEWEL CRUSH, each diamond will completely replenish your HP, MP, and HEARTS (you can dupe those Super Potions you found as well).
play as joachim
to play as joachim (the vampire you fight in the sewers) enter @joachim at the name screen when you start a new game. His actions are a little dif. but its really cool he flies and has swords rotating around him that act almost as homing missles when you attack.

You must beat the game at least once for this to work.
Play as pumpkin
Beat the game with Joachim and enter @pumpkin at the begining, you will have the strongest character in the game
Unlock Music Tracks
Once you have beaten the final boss, save your game. Now, load your file up again, and make your way to Rinaldo's cottage. Once inside, purchase the music box from him. With the music box now purchased, you can listen to the game's tracks at the main menu screen.