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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PS2) Cheats

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Castlevania: Curse of Darkness cheat codes.


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easier leveling up
Further in the game you get to the Infinite Corridor. You will come across two rooms that are the same but in opposite directions. Their is a save room in both. Register one of the save points and you can warp from anywhere in the game to fight the hordes of undead skeletons. I found that if you have a new I.D. with you they will level up about 39 times by the end of the onslaught. Then go back to the save room and get your health back up and head back out to fight another wave of enemies. Doing this about ten times will raise you I.D. enormously. Have fun and watch as your I.D. grows.
Easy Easy Evo crystal
in the bottom of Gerabaldi temple before legion all of those demons pop up giving three evos apice. stay there a couple of hours and you will have your ID leveled up and evolved. Also is great for evolving you demon ID.
easy evo. crystals(no im dead serius)
to get easy evo. crystals, warp to julia's shop and go right, then go left(you should see to pillars), then attack the zombies untill they are all dead and no more are coming back.

Easy I.D. experience and Evo. Crystals
Warp to Dracula's Castle and go in the door to the right of the warp point. This room is filled with thieves and the occasional Gi-lee. From here, it depends on what you want to do. To level up your I.D., use the brooch of bonds and hack away. To get evo crystals, equip the weapon you want crystals from and yet again, hack away. they should drop an average of 3 crystals. after this, go down stairs to face more powerful enemies, and if you are too weak to face them, just go back up and the theives respawn. It also helps if the I.D. you are leveling up has a massive kill-everything-in-sight attack to kill the theives.
Easy Level Up
In the Forest of Jigramunt, look for the place called "The Tower of Eternity".

There, you'll fight 40 Hordes of Enemies. Only 10 Floors are assigned to have potions and no enemies. If ever you finish it, you can Long Glide(if you have Wingosaurus bird type ID) to the other tower in the distance. This time, the monsters are alot harder but, they give alot of exp.
Easy way to beat the Minotaurus boss
If you have a hard time fighting this minotaur boss, here is a really easy way to kick his ass. It requires a few things first.

1) you must have the Corpsey ID
2) Corpsey must have the "Bone Storm" ability

At the beginning of the fight, first put Corpsey on auto, then run away as far from the minotaur as possible. (this is so Corpsey will stay next to the boss instead of following you, and as a result, the minotaur should go after him and not you) Now, all you have to do is spam the Bone Storm power, and as soon as Corpsey is done, just tell him to keep doing it. If he is at a reasonable level, he should have enough energy to do Bone Storm several times. It will seem like the power isnt doing much damage to the boss, and its not doing a whole lot, but the thing is it doesnt use much energy to do, so you can keep having him do it a jillion times. You should be able to take the minotaur down before Corpsey runs out of power. If not, and you cant do it anymore, summon your Fairy ID and finish the boss off. At this point he should be really close to dead.
How To Defeat Blood Bones
To defeat blood bones you first need a wood rod innocent devil, then you have to evolve the wood rod into a scissor rod by using swords and or knuckle weapons, finally you have to evolve the scissor rod into a nautilus rod using swords and axes, once it evolve train it till it learns the ability purify and you'll be defeating blood bones in no time. Good luck
how to lvl up fast!
go to the tower of eternity and kill floor after floor of enemies until u cant take it anymore, then use a magical ticket and get potions and heal from julia (you might want to change i.d's while your there depending on which ur using) keep doing this untill your a high enough lvl to kill all the floors with out any potions (i stopped at 55) then get an i.d with the ability long glide, get back up the tower and try for the second tower, the tower of evermore, the monsters in there are much harder then the tower of eternity but also give a bunch more exp!
Leveling Up
When you get to the tower of Eternity make sure that you save before you enter the tower. Also make sure that you have a magic ticket so before you die and lose all your leveling up you can warp out and save all your time in the tower.
Make sure you raise your Devils
The game depends quite a lot on your Devil's abilities and strengths. When you get a new Devil, make sure you take the time to level it up at least a few levels so you can unlock its initial abilities - as most of these are what you'll end up using.
Optional Bosses
In order to reach Legion and Nuculais bosses, you first must obtain the 5th Innocent Devil, the Devil Type. With this, head back to Garibaldi Temple and slide under the crack in the wall back near the area with the four courtyards and Fencers. Proceed through the hallways, avoiding the Blood Bones and eventually you'll be in a hallway that is living. Save before you enter the boss area, being lvl50 is recommended.
pwning dracula (human form)
first you need a corpsey id with bone storm.

Then use bone storm on dracula.
he will defend his self to the bone storm , but he is not focusing on you , so you can sneak him up from behind and kick his ass.
(don't attack him in front of him , because he will almost always defend his self to attack in front of him!)

If you do it like this , you will pwn him in no time with no damage!

p.s. You have to look out for his spike attack (he yells "go" and purple spikes shoot out the ground
Secret "Moai"
If you have a "CastleVania: Lament of Innocence" savefile on your memory card or the memory card in the other slot,...
Once you start CastleVania: Curse of Darkness out, take the south path and follow it until you find a weird head, this is the Moai.
It is used for healing purposes, or can be sold for a large sum of gold.
The Tower of Evermore
To get to the Tower of Evermore, you'll need a bird type Innocent Devil with the long glide ability. From the top of the Tower of Eternity, face the moon in the background so that it is directly in front of you and jump off the ledge, gliding all the way to the Tower of Evermore.


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Crazy Mode
After beating the game once, start a new game and put @CRAZY as your name, you will start the game at a higher difficulty setting.
Moebius Brooch
Once you beat Crazy Mode, the Moebius Brooch will be available in the shop. Equipping this item allows you to do special moves without using hearts.
Play As Trevor Belmont
Since i have beat the game i know a thing or two about it. if you start a new game and enter @TREVOR (it has to be exactly like that) you get to play as Trevor Belmont. you get to use all his powers and such. Right now as Trevor, i'm at the place where you fight Isaac for the first time.The movie scenes are gone but that's ok. for me, things were easier as Belmont, for you, who knows.

Also, if you put in @CRAZY you get the crazy difficulty. the enemies do major damage so watch out.
The "Chair Quest"
Throughout the game there are various chairs you must sit in. If you sit in them all, in the room inside Cordova Town a special chair will appear in the center, though it really doesn't do anything for you, it's a nice little extra quest that you can do.
Toy with your I.D.
On the I.D. window in the pause screen move the left analog stick in any direction and you will see your I.D. move faster,slower or not move at all.