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Burnout 2: Point of Impact Cheats

Burnout 2: Point of Impact cheats, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Burnout 2: Point of Impact cheat codes.

Burnout 2: Point of Impact Cheats

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Tapping Square around a corner can make you slide a lot more sideways.
Submitted by: anonymous on October 23, 2002
Burnout 2: Point Of Impact - Gameshark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On):


Unlock Invulnerable Cheat:

Unlock Infinite Boost Cheat:

Unlock Persuit Mode:

Unlock Runaway Cheat:

Unlock Face-Off Cheat:

Driving 101 Complete:

Unlock Free Run Cheat:

Max Score:
Submitted on May 08, 2004
To make the cars go faster, skip championship and open all levels

Submitted by: David hoyes on November 10, 2002
Every Car
Here is every car and how to unlock (how do i know because i have completed it)

Face Off 1 - Hot Rod
Face Off 2 - Oval Racer
Face Off 3 - Japenese Muscle
Face Off 4 - SuperCar

Pursuit 1 - Cop Car
Pursuit 2 - Classic
Pursuit 3 - Gangster
Pursuit 4 - Custom SUV
Pursuit 5 - Custom Pickup
Pursuit 6 - Custom Muscle

Custom Series Qualification - Custom Compact

Speed Streak Grand Prix - Custom Sport
Split Second Grand Prix - Custom Coupe
Point of Impact Grand Prix - Custom Roadster
Heart Attack Grand Prix - COMPLETED

Offensive Driving 101 (all gold) - Driver's Ed
Submitted by: globalvex on October 26, 2002
Unlimited Burnout
In Pursuit mode, hold down the break button then the gas button as soon as the camera starts rolling on the course, if this works right, you should still be burning your tires as the target passes you. After the count down ends and you take off, you will have unlimited Nitro.
Submitted by: Sir_Taz on November 10, 2002
Unlock 2 Player Pursuit Mode
To unlock the 2 Player Pursuit Mode, complete Pursuit #3 in the Championship Mode.
Submitted by: Jeevan on October 25, 2002
Unlock Driver's Ed (Car)
To unlock the Driver's Ed, complete Offensive Driving 101 with 100% Gold Medals.
Submitted by: Jeevan on October 25, 2002
Unlock Invincibility/God Mode
To unlock God Mode, you have to beat the rugular championship or the first series of 4 championships. Note: You stop when you hit something you don't keep on going, just to let you know!
Submitted by: Baddbuddy75 on November 28, 2002
Unlock Police Car
To unlock the Police Car, complete Pursuit #1 in the Championship Mode.
Submitted by: Jeevan on October 25, 2002
Unlock Runaway mode
To unlock runaway mode you must win gold on every crash course. After that go to options and cheats to turn on runaway mode. Crash is now replaced with runaway - no brakes and permanant boost.

(N.B. for even faster speeds keep tapping R1 ( turbo ) )
Submitted by: LetterAfterZ on February 03, 2003