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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (PS2) Cheats

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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How to beat the tank in "Close Quarters"
This part is tricky. First off, you will have to do everything in your power to not let the tank move over to where the Panzerfaust is. If it does, then this part will be a million times harder. So have your two teams draw it's fire(but keep them behind cover as much as possible) and have them supress the Germans as well. While they attract the tank's attention, you can move CAREFULLY around the field to the Panzer and shoot the tank quickly.

But keep in mind that it's hard, and you might lose some of your men.
How to defeat the 88 in "Hedgerow Hell"
In the level titled "Hedgerow Hell" you will have to find a way to defeat a German 88 at the top of a large hill with little cover. To start this fight out, send both of your teams to the cover on the far opposite side of the map. They will be covered from the 88 and they will be able to supress the two Germans in a crater. Once they are behind their cover, you will have to run as fast as you can back to where you entered this part of the level and then move up to the wall where you have a good shot at the Germans being supressed. Throw a grenade to finish them off easier and then stay as close to the wall as possible and you will find a part of the wall which can be destroyed. It will allow you to move up the hill protected and flank the 88 crew with no problems.


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All levels and rewards
Make a profile with the name 2ndsquad. Enter it exactly as given. No spaces.

Authentic Difficulty
Complete the game on "Hard" to unlock the "Authentic" difficulty. Your enemies are now excellent shots and use supreme tactics to counter your moves.
Infinite Ammunition
Complete the game on "Normal" difficulty to unlock the infinite ammunition cheat, giving you an un-numbered supply of bullets for any weapon you choose to pick up.
Old Movie
Beat the game under the "Easy" difficulty to unlock the "Old Movie" mode, which allows the game to be played in black and white, like actual WW2 footage.
Super Squad
Complete the game on "Authentic" to unlock the "Super Squad" cheat. This cheat enables your squad to have extreme strength against most small arm fire, but grenades, fixed machine guns and German armor can still eliminate them.