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Draw weapon during a jump attack:

During your jump attack, hold L2 then select "Berserk" Release L2 and hold R1. Kain should draw his weapon and hit them with it.
Verified by: rafaelreese38 Submitted by: wildhazz on March 05, 2008

Easy health

Immediately after clearing a checkpoint, if you are low on health, reload the game. You will be back exactly where you just were, except your health meter is now completely full.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: wildhazz on March 05, 2008

Kill Sebastian quick and painfully

In the battle of Sebastian, you had to dodge his attacks, and block, and mind control the slave, all that crap. But, If you activated the cheat for the iron armor and the soul reaver (L1, R1, L2, R2, Square, Circle, Triangle), you can beat him in six hits.

Step 1: Use the fury attack, for this is worth just the right amount of damage to where you usually would move on to phase 2 of the battle.

Step 2: Now, grab and stab him 4 times, that is to grab and press up+Square.

Step 3: Use fury one last time, to kill the unsavory b******. It will still use the ending that shows him burning in the steam. If this doesn't work, try to change around Step 2 and Grab-Stab him 6 times.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mario on April 09, 2009

Wharves - Jumping to Rune Knights

Around the middle of the Wharves chapter is a place where you have to constantly jump across a river with one Rune Knight in each area you jump to. Before you jump, hit the Rune Knight twice with Telekinesis. When you jump, try to make the jump indicator red so that you hit the Rune Knight. While he is on the ground, press R1 to draw your weapons or get your claws out. Immediately when he stands, start attacking and catch him off guard. Two hits should be required with bare claws and only one hit with a weapon.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Miss Razz on April 16, 2005


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White room of death

Ah, the room of death. A glitch in all rushed-in-development games. There are many types of this, nintendo's being blue, sony's being white, and microsoft's being green. It can help or hurt progress in-game. You can sneak past those annoying guards, kill that otherwise unreachable enemy, or just fall for eternity. This happens in all it's forms along the boundaries between areas. One moment you are walking through a door, and the next you're left falling into a bottomless pit of the games design. watch out for this dangerous hazard, as being too careless will leave you with having to quit and erase your corrupted data.

SIDENOTE: it will reveal itself throughout the game, as in not forced or coded. This is not part of the game and may damage memory if entered. If you see a grayish-white mass behind a passageway or door, quit and start a new file, because it will not go away. Never.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mario on April 13, 2009


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Cheat Death

Press [L1], [R1], [L2], [R2], [Square], [Circle], [Triangle] at the main menu then start a new game. You'll begin with the Soul Reaver and Iron Armour, which should help you live longer.
Verified by: Blitzball King Submitted by: D Ice on August 15, 2002

defeating the sarafan lord

fighting the sarafan lord is a 3 part process that will take more than one of your special skills to fight against.

once the fight begins, locate the sarafan lord. he will fire energy spheres at you. he fires 3 in succession, then stops. evade his blasts and line yourslef up with him so you can damage him. when he finishes firing his energy blasts, target him with telekinesis and fire. if you succed, switch to jump and then hit him. hell fall over the ledge....

in enters round 2. this is a brawl really. block the sarafan lords attacks, dodge his unblocable attack, and nail him with immolate, this is the only thing you can do to damage him. when you hit him 3 times in this style, janos will interupt the combat, only to be struck down by the soul rever.

the good thing, you have the soul reaver now. the bad thing, immolate wont work anymore. ah well. now to finish the battle!

when the sarafan lord attacks now, do the same process as before, but insted of using immolate, grab him with the soul reaver and use the strong stab (thats up+attack button) after three rounds of this, the sarafan lord dies, and you win!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: dark chao tamer on February 19, 2003

How to have Kain Draw out soul reaver in jump mode

Ok this uses timing if u used the armor and sour reaver cheat done
1.select Dark gift "JUMP"
2.sellect destination to jump and press O
3.While in mid air select dark gift "BESERK" and draw out weapon
this is really good if ur jump attaking Sarafan! U DO MORE DMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Anymous on June 30, 2008


Hint: Defeating Faustus:
At first, you are in a small circle room with two doors. All you have to do is face the Boss and hold R1 + L1 (Attack and Block). Wait for him to attack. He has four different types. In the first, he does a five or six hit combo. In the second, he can punch, then kick. In the third, he will just kick. In the fourth, he jumps back with a red glow and lunges forward. When he uses his first type of attack, wait until he punches a third time, then release your block and attack. Repeat this about five times to continue. In the next room you must use the mist form to sneak up to the furnace and burn him. To do this, you must first find the two furnaces with fog in front of them. They are on opposing sides. When you first enter the room, one is to the left and the other is to the right. Run around until he jumps to one of the two, then sneak to the corner and turn mist on. Slowly walk to the switch and fry him. Finally, he will jump around and lunge at you. Just run around until he lunges. This will cause him to eventually fall. Run up to him and use a combo. This must be done about three or four times in order to defeat him.

Keep blocking and sidestepping his attacks while finding open spots for attack until you get about one quarter of his life down. Then, he will run off and enter a room will large heaters and mist around them. When Faustus jumps on to a heater, proceed towards the beginning of the mist trail that leads to the heater and pull the switch to hurt him. Keep repeating this procedure until he jumps up on to a chain, then run to a corner of the room and stay there until Fautus jumps down . He will now try to jump and kick you from far away. If you sidestep his attack, he will hit the wall and will be vulnerable for a few seconds. Keep repeating this until he is dead.

Hint: Defeating Marcus:
You will fight Marcus in a cathedral, on the bottom floor first. On the left and right sides of the room are switches, one on each side. These switches activate bells which disrupt Marcus' concentration and leave him vulnerable for a short time. Hit one switch, then run to the other switch, hitting Marcus on the way. Continue this until his "puppets" disable the bells. Go up to the second floor. Marcus will just run around until you kill him. Use the jump ability to alternate between sides, hitting him on the way. Once he dies, you obtain the Charm ability.
Verified by: Bloodsin Submitted by: sic on May 14, 2002