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Bloody Roar 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

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Bloody Roar 3 Cheats

Debug mode
From the Main Menu, enter the options screen, then hold L2 and press Circle.
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Unlock Characters
Start and play a game through Arcade Mode until you reach stage 5, where you will be matched against Kohryu. Defeat him and he will be unlocked.

Start and play a game through Arcade Mode until you reach Xion WITHOUT using any continues. Defeat him without using any continues and he will be unlocked.

Unlock "Extra" mode
Start a game in Survival Mode and defeat more than 9 oppponents to unlock the Extra mode (found in the options menu). If you defeat even more opponents from there, you can unlock more survival games in Extra mode.

Low speed mode
Get any ranking in Arcade Mode.

High Speed mode
Play Survival Mode and win 100 fights with a single character.

Expert mode
Play Arcade Mode and finish it without using a continue.

No blocking mode
Play Arcade Mode and get first place.

Single Hit mode
Play Sudden Death and get first place. This makes it so that a single hit will knock down an opponent.

One-Fall mode
Play Survival Mode and win 20 rounds with a single character. In One-Fall mode, characters are immune to all attacks, but the first person to fall loses the round.


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Unlockable Character: Kohryu
Make it to Stage 5 without losing at all, and you will get to fight Kohryu.

Defeat Kohryu, and then complete the rest of Arcade Mode to unlock them.


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Additional Modes
No Guard Battle / Earn first place in Arcade Mode.

Highest Difficulty / Finish Arcade Mode without continuing.

Hyper Beast Battle / Fight ten battles in Arcade Mode with one character and get a place in the rankings.

Sumo Wrestling Mode / Fight twenty battles in Survival Mode with one character and get a place in the rankings.
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Get Extra Mode:
Beat 9 or more enemies in survival mode.

Get Kohryu:
Using arcade mode beat Kohryu on stage 5;

Get Uranus:
Beat the game on arcade mode w/o continuing. After beating Xion, there will be a "special stage" where you will fight uranus. Beat her, and she's yours.

Sudden Death Survival:
Reach level 10 in survival mode.

Getting to Kohryu:
To get to Kohryu in stage, you must first get to stage five in arcade mode without losing a single round. It can be set on any difficulty level.

Debug Mode
Highlight the Option menu from the main menu, then press L2 and Circle. Only works in the Japanese version.
Getting High Scores
The following are descriptions on the exact requirements needed to get onto each high score board.

Arcade: You must have the game difficulty setting on at least 4, and the match point setting on 2. Then, you have to defeat the last boss in Arcade Mode (Xion) under a certain time. 10 minutes is your goal if you want first place.

Arcade VS: Play Arcade Mode with the same settings as listed above. Then, have a friend break into your game to challenge you. The more times you cream your friend (or cheat and control the second player yourself), the better your high score on the board.

Survival: This one is the only mode you can tamper with the difficulty settings in and still get on the score board. Set difficulty at 1 and match point at 1 for a better chance at bigger kill counts.
Infinite Replays
During the replays push the Triangle Button to replay it. Continue to push Triangle and the replay restarts.
Unlock Pictures
To unlock pictures in the Options Menu, finish Arcade Mode with each character and their pics should appear.
Unlockable Character: Uranus
Reach Stage 10 without losing (having to continue) at all. You will have to fight Uranus. You have to beat her on your first attempt or you will have to start all over.

Defeat Uranus and you unlock her as a playable character.