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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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2-player strategy
If you are having problems defeating enemies in a 2 player game, specifically on extreme difficulty try getting enemies to follow you to a doorway or other narrow area. Position one character in the doorway and have them block. Have the other character stand as close as possible and melee or magic the enemies until they are gone. The character blocking will still gain experience points from this. This may not work depending on the character combination that you are playing with. Note, this also works great on some of the bosses.
Best way to item dupe/level up
Get some small, high value items (i.e. a few gems or a decent gemmed item). Go to the sewers on the first quest, clear out the first little area. Save your game, note which one it is. Drop all of your stuff, hit START, Choose change player, Choose import (triangle) and choose the player you just saved. Pick up the stuff, go to the save kiosk, save over the top of the first save.

Drop the stuff, import again, save again.

When you get full, run to the merchant (but be sure to keep some good stuff or, if you have enough cash, make a 16rune, 32 gemmed ring and take it back to the dungeon with you).

Save over the previous game, drop the stuff, import, pick it up, the rings will expand exponentially. (First you'll have one, then two, then four, then eight and so on to infinity). These rings should sell for about 80K since you only have runes, moonstones and rubies.

Just remember to keep a few (don't sell them all) and then you can continue to create money/gems/items.

When you get enough cash (it won't take long to get millions (I made 40 million in an hour), start making some kick ass gear - you'll make better flawless stuff later, but you are insanely rich, so who cares?

Now, start another game with one of the characters able to buy experience. Save your game with this other character. Import your big dolla playa and buy the experience, save your game. Restart your game with the new character, import the playa, repeat until you are godlike.

Now go play the game - it won't be very fun because you will tear through everything and be nearly invinceable, but you can say, "gee, I kick ass!" and feel really powerful.

Big Battles
Try to get the person stuck behind a portal or benches ect. then you can have better luck getting them... it best works with two players!
When you're surrounded, try to get your back to the wall and into a narrow area where only a few enemies will be able to close in on you. If you can manage this, and have a shield, you'll be able to block enemy attacks and attack only when you see an opening, taking the enemy down one by one as necessary. Be wary of larger beasts however, as they may have explosive magic or knockdown attacks that ignore the player's block.

Works in both Dark Alliance games.
Extreme Mode
To unlock Extreme Mode, beat the game once. Extreme Mode requires a saved character to play.
Fast level 40
Once you have 30,000 or 60,000 gold from one of the other cheats, you can level up very quickly if you have any of Alessa, Vhaidra, or Borador in play. Borador and Vhaidra have relatives in the tavern, and Alessa has a priest in the Church of Helm, that will reward a donation ( 2000, 4000, 8000, and 16000 gold ) with an equal number of experience points.

SAVE before giving them any money and note the timestamp on the save. Fork over the 30,000 gold for 30,000 ecperience points, and save again, being sure not to overwrite the save you just made. Next, load the game save from before you donated the 30000 in gold, and import (main menu, "change character" button, triangle for import ) your character(s) from the save after you donated. Repeat until satisfied, or you max out at level 40.

I suggest using the money and cloning cheat to make boots, rings, and amulets all with +5 wisdom (16 each of rune stones and pearls) first; you gain at least a 50% increase in experience points, so each pass yields 45,000 experience instead of 30,000. Note if the gems you want aren't for sale directly, you can always buy enhanced weapons and break them down, then clone the results.

Be sure to talk to these helpful characters again in chapter III, as they will have another level for their brethern to play, with new skills to learn as a reward for success.
Lyran is such a pain...
When you get to Lyran's study, he becomes a pest. he doesnt do much damage, but having someone smack you around really gets annoying. if you are as sick of dealing with him as i am, just recall out of there. when you recall back, (after buying and selling stuff) he will be gone until you get to the cellar. unfortunately there isnt a way to get rid of him in here....just make sure you stay away from the pits.


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Cheat Menu
Hold L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE + SQAURE + CIRCLE + X, START to unlock the Invulnerabilty and Level Warp menu.
CLONE ITEMS - for use with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance >>>TWO<<<
Yeah, this cheat works with the SEQUEL, and isn't for the first game. (although the first game also had a clone items cheat)

I figured this one out myself. Not quite as easy as it was in the first game, but more or less the same thing. Use the clone item cheat to, well, clone items...and sell them to get money. You can clone anything you can drop, and is best used to drop rune stones and gems to create a custom item, use the gold you got from selling previous clone items to help make a custom item, use a lot of runes and gems on a new custom item so it will be expensive (but keep at least one rune, and one gem of each type you have so you can clone it again), and get ready to sell that super custom weapon you made/will make.

Here's how it works. MUST BE A SINGLE PLAYER GAME!

If you have a multiplayer gamesave, then you'll have to create another save of that same game, and simply delete the player two character.

You also need two controllers for this.

First, equip player one with all the stuff you want to clone. When all that is done, go to the player 2 start screen, and select 'new' character.
Pick whatever character you wish - I suggest Dorn or Vhaidra as they are stronger and carry more. Allesia works well too.

Once they are loaded, they will come with the crap equipment they start off with. Best place in the game early on to do this cloning and selling, is in Baldur's gate, right outside the merchant guy from the first game. There's also a save point just a few yards away from him, so it works out just perfectly...

Once the player two character is loaded, sell all his crap to the merchant/trader guy, and then drop all player one's stuff so player two grabs it all. Now save. You can overwrite that copy of the multiplayer save with this save, make a new save altogether, or whatnot.

Once you have saved, drop all player two's stuff and give it back to player one, DO NOT SAVE, and then delete player two's character. STILL DON'T SAVE!

Once that's done and you're on your lonesome again, simply go back to the player 2 start screen, and import player two as he was a few moments ago in the save you made or overwrit'.
He will once again load up, with all the equipment you had given him, only now you have the same equipment. Have him drop everything and give it back to you, OR, simply have him go straight to the merchant and sell it all. DON'T SAVE, then delete his character, load it up again, bada-bing, bada-boom. You're in the business of cloning.

Once you have enough dinero, about 26,000 or so, you can try to customize a weapon or armor, to clone later on for more income.

Anyhow, this works, I tried it. I don't regularly cheat, but I was making sure it worked, and wanted dual swords of my custom beauty. Works like a charm.
Duplicating items, easy money
To duplicate items in DA2 you need to have two characters. If you're playing with just one character create a new charcter then save the game and drop item to duplicate (preferably a high value item like a ruby or rune stone)and have second character pick it up. Next push START and select CHANGE PLAYERS then TRIANGLE (IMPORT) then X (FOR THE GAME THAT WAS JUST SAVED) then X (FOR THE CHARACTER THAT IS NO LONGER IS HOLDING THE ITEM(s) then X (IMPORT) then X (CONTINUE) then X (ACCEPT). Do this as needed to create lots of items to sell for cash or just to have an extra of a great item. (On one player game return to CHANGE PLAYERS and delete temporary character) Have Fun!
Easy Level Up & Money
Use the "Level and Continue" to go to Baldur's Gate 2 (BG2) the go talk to rondella brashorn and she will give you 1000 coins & 1000 experience.
Easy Money, Level Ups and 45 Skill Points

HOLD! down L1,R1,Triangle,Circle,Square and X. Then !PRESS! L2

how to get money/good items easily
this is what you do.......first you have to have 1 file thAt has good items and has already fliped a game.....(this is your choise to start the game over just for fun!!)ok lets say if you start a new game and you already want to level up and get-----tight weapons-----

so heres what to do in the new file you just made go and press start then impot the player in the file that has good items and has already flip the game.when you import that player drop all the stuff you want then delete him dont worry it will not erase that file(aquires 2 players)then pick it all up then equip all the items thAT IS GOOD AND SELL THE ONEs that you dont like.and that it. if you want more money just keep doing it all over and over.
Infinite Gold Supply.
Step1. Make sure your charecter has earned a nice amount of gold, like 50 thousand or more then save the game.

Step2. Start a 2 player game or load 2 player game if you got it already and then save it.

If you started the 2 player game load your 1 p charecter with the cash into slot one and keep the other charecter the same, this will distruibute the money amount to both of them, so they have the same amount of cash.

If you loaded the game import your charecter to the first slot and make sure the other charecter stays the same and save it.

3. go back to the 1 player game and use your money to make items or by stuff then save it, then reload the 2 player game, and go to import chaecters.

Make sure the first charecter you have in the import slot isnt yours, but the 2nd p charecter that has themass amount of money like you do. importet your 1 p dude whos low on cash to the second slot and make sure the other persons charecter or other charcter, with the mass cash is in the first slot and hit ok/ or import.

Then once that is done save the game and go back to the 1 p game, and import your charecter for the 2p game to the 1p game, and you should have all the mass amounts of cash for the 2p game, do this anytime you need cash to make stuff or by stuff.
item clone cheat. massive dinero.
ok. i was looking for cheats. found one simular to mine. but the guy was way underrated. so here is a cheat that is bad ass.

make sure when you do this cheat that you are near a save point in any dungeon or battle ground. save your game. drop your most valuable equipment or items. then load the game you just saved a minute ago. there you have it. all your equipment in your inventory, as well as all your equipment on the ground. instant clone.then save it again with all you duplicated gear. the process can be done as many times as you wish as long as you can carry it. if done in baldurs gate...the equipment will disapear off the ground.

if u are further in the game. go to the weapons smith dude in baldurs gate, get a great sword or bastard sword and put 16 runes, 16 rubys, and 16 of whatever 2nd choice jewel you want. make it if you have the money. it will be worth about $134,000. then use the cheat detailed above. if you have a large carrying capacity like dorn...you will now be a millionaire and will be able to constuct weapons and armor beyond what you have seen before.

have fun.

-Evan B.
Level Warp Cheat Screen
Press and hold L1,R1,triangle,square,circle,x and start
Level-Up Cheat
To level up (or down if LV 11 or higher), hold L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE + SQAURE + CIRCLE + X, Press L2.

This cheat REVERTS your character to level 10, REVERTS your money to 500,000 gold and REVEVERTS you to 45 skill points, it also lets you keep any previously allocated Skill points

Try it out and you will see what i mean.
Level-Up Cheat
To level up, hold L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE + SQAURE + CIRCLE + X, Press L2.
LvL 10 Instantly
To Get to Lvl 10,receive 500,000 gold and acheive 45 skill points, press and hold
L1, R1, triangle, square, circle,x and L2
Play as Artemis Entreri or Drizzt Do'urden & invulnerability/level warp cheat
Artemis Entreri:
Beat the game in extreme mode(as any character)and you'll be able to select him(I suggest using the invulnerability and level warp cheat if you don't want to beat the game).He is an assasin and starts at level 16 with his trademark weapons Charon's Claw and Defending Dagger, along with his magnificant weapons he is equiped with a +4 Grand Leather Armor of Thunder. He also has a exclusive feat, Ash Blade.

Drizzt Do'urden:
Drizzt is a little easier to obtain. Simply beat the game in easy, normal, or hard mode then you'll be able to select him.Drizzt is a legendary Drow hero and comes equipped with two spectacular weapons,Icingdeath and Twinkle(both of which are Scimitars), and a Mithral Chainmail +4(unfortionatly you can't sell or replace those items but you can add other ones),he too starts at level 16. Drizzt also has some exclusive feats, Otiluke's Icy Sphere and Repulsion .

Invulnerability/level warp cheat:
This will bring up a small menu .Invunerability makes you immune to everything(except rust monsters still steal your armor). The level warp one takes you to any level related tot he level your on,like if your in Bloodmire Manor you can go to any level in the manor but you can't just skip right to the Shadow Plane.
Play as Drizzt and Artemis
To unlock Drizzt, beat the game on any difficulty. To unlock Artemis the Human, complete the game on Extreme Difficulty and start a new game. Move the cursor to Alessia Faithhammer and then press DOWN once for Drizzt and DOWN, DOWN for Artemis.
Winning the game Instantly!
To win the game instantly, which means, going to the final congratulation with that cute girl who keeps giving you quests, press L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE + SQUARE + CIRCLE + X + START which might open the invulnerability/level warp menu, and select "bgate3". There, the woman will be congratulating you with lots of people, and a final move that sounds like it introducts to BG:DA3 and the credits! Now I think you're able to do extreme mode, and if you also do this 3x, you'll get a special character!