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cheat on game

Cannonbolt; heatblast; wildvine; 4arms = Master Control

Heatblast; XLR8; XLR8; Cannonblot = Unlock All Locations on Map

Cannonblot; Heatblast; 4arms; Heatblast = Unlock ALL Combos

Cannonbolt; Cannonbolt; 4arms; Heatblast = Dark Heroes

XLR8 ;Heatblast; Wildvine; 4Arms = Invincibility

wildvine; 4arms; heatblast; wildvine = unlock alien forms

Wildvine; Fourarms; Heatblast; Cannonbolt = DNA Force
Verified by: Simon1987 Submitted by: super michael on November 08, 2007