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all recipes and other stuff!

Here are all of the recipes 4 u 2 use!!!


Carrot Juice: Carrot + Carrot + Carrot
Chocolate Shake: Chocolate + Milk + Ice
Strawberry Shake: Strawberry + Milk + Ice
Apple Juice: Apple + Apple + Apple
Melon Juice: Melon + Melon + Melon
Iced Water: Ice + Ice + Ice
Hot Chocolate: Milk + Chocolate + Honey
Cherry Delight: Cherry + Milk + Honey
Fruit Mocktail: Strawberry + Cherry + Melon
Apple Cider: Apple + Apple + Ice
Lemonade: Lemon + Ice + Honey
Honey Melon Magic: Melon + Honey + Milk
Iced Lemon Tea: Lemon + Lemon + Ice
Lemon Soother: Honey + Lemon + Lemon
Egg Nog: Egg + Honey + Milk
Honey Shake: Honey + Milk + Shake


Apple Pie: Apple + Apple + Flour
Chocolate Mousse: Chocolate + Egg + Cream
Birthday Cake: Butter + Egg + Honey
Chocolate Fudge: Chocolate + Chocolate + Butter
Apple Cobbler: Apple + Butter + Flour
Strawberry Mousse: Strawberry + Egg + Cream
Strawberry Fudge: Strawberry + Strawberry + Butter
Pumpkin Pie: Pumkin + Pumpkin + Flour
Fruit Salad: Melon + Cherry + Apple
Chocolate Brownie: Chocolate + Walnut + Flour
Carrot Cake: Carrot + Walnut + Honey
Cherry Pie: Cherry + Cherry + Flour
Lemon Meringue: Lemon + Egg + Flour
Chocolate Cake: Chocolate + Egg + Honey
Strawberry Flan: Strawberry + Cream + Honey
Lemon Cheesecake: Lemon + Cream + Honey

Hope this helps u.

Also, a good way to make money is to collect loads of flowers and sell them to the gophers at night and use your metal detector to dig up money. NOTE: You can only dig the money up after Ben tells u about it, OK?

If u do not know where those ingredients r 2 make food or drinks, look on your map by pressing the select button.

Have Fun!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: kirbstr on February 12, 2008


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all flower and knapsack items

during gameplay press and hold R1 + R2

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: austin t89 on May 19, 2008

Cheat Codes

Hold R1+R2 at the main menu while entering the following at the main menu.

All Bonus Items= Triangle, O, X, Square, Square, X, O, Triangle
All Antics, Triangle, Square, X, O, O, X, Square, Triangle
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Deathsythe on June 19, 2007

Get 9999 gopher bucks

first talk to ben and he will tel you that if you use the metal detector above the treasurebells (yellow flowers)you will get tons of money. so go back to the barnyard and look for the yellow flowers and use the metal detector over them. MONEY POPS OUT.
Verified by: Hacker man Submitted by: asasdasd on August 09, 2006