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Avatar: The Last Airbender Cheats

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Make your charaters abilites stronger

In order to make AANG, KATARA, SOKKA, AND HARU`S abilites stronger, equip these to them

Aang: Equipment that says Four Winds.
Katara: Equipment that says Lifebender.
Sokka: Equipment that says Soul Iron.
Haru: Equipment that says Core.

When on the max. level(20) the max. you can get is 95, with all equiped. They are all set items so sell items you don`t need.
Verified by: bencode, bulllavigne Submitted by: Angel Valentin on November 16, 2006

Some extra codes

Select the Code Entry option at the Extras Menu, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function

Code Effect

54641 1-Hit Dishonor
97831 Character Concept Gallery
34743 Double Damage
53467 Neverending Stealth
23637 Unliimited Copper
24463 Unlimited Chi
94677 Unlimited Health
37437 Unlock all Treasure Maps
Verified by: Mr_Carnage_Pwner Submitted by: mastergamer05 on November 03, 2006