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Easier Kill

I found a really good way to kill enemies,it includes Edge's jiptus blade(or glaive,as i call it) and burst.First,learn soul burst,it does damge according to your gauge.Get into burst mode,so you will get 9 gauge,and use soul burst.It should do around 8000-15000 damage,so it's rather useful against annoying bosses like FateBringer or Alkane.
Verified by: harx Submitted by: Jenova Jenova on April 26, 2009

Getting materials/money easily in the beggining of the game.

When the game begins,after the first fight,go into the town,when you reach the fountain,chack it out by pressing the X button,you will get a meruze water.Just keep pressing X until you get 99 of them.Once you do,go to the town's shops and sell them,you will get 99 Cole.Do this a couple of times and you will be able to stock up on materials and healing items in the beggining of the game.
Verified by: Jack159, harx Submitted by: x_revenge on December 02, 2007