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Core design / masterpiece AC
Core design can be tricky, but here's some things to keep in mind

Heads: The head isn't terribly important. all you really need is high AP/DP and radar. or not even radar.
Cores: It's widely disputed, but for the most part, Mirage cores are useless. the extra weapons seems cool, but it drains your energy faster than anything else in the game and tends to miss a lot. additionally, you get lower AP/DP and no Overboost
Arms: so as long as you don't overload on weapons, it's best to stick to well rounded arms. most of the weapon-arms are useless
Legs: Just remember, tanks and four-leggars are almost always useless. as are heavy bipeds. just stick to mid-bipeds, heavy inverteds, or floaters
Booster: Just stick to the FLEET or the MARE and you'll be fine
FCS: is completely reliant on your style and ability. figure out what works best for you
Generator: ALWAYS use the CGP-ROZ
Radiator: Want in on a secret? you can use the RIX-CR1O through the entire game. it's light and the radiator really makes no difference.
Inside: Mostly useless, unless you have extra space and are exremely skilled. If you must use something, make it the ECM pods
Extensions: Tough call here. The quick boosts are worthless, missile interceptors can save your life... if they work, shielding is a waste of energy, the CROW can be extremely effective... provided you have space for it, most arm units will go over. the radiators and generator are useless.
Back units: Go nuts! Almost everything has some use. missiles are ok, if you can use them. if you're going to use rockets, go with the tri-rocket, radar is useless. about everything else is useful
R. arm: Less is useful than you think. even the renowned 1000 ammo machine gun is hard to use in missions due to low ATP and inflated ammo price. stick to what you like, as long as it's not a blade.
L. Arm: Stick to the Howitzer. seriously, blades aren't as good as they used to be. the flamethrower is good, but isn't usually possible to use, shields are worthless, and the spread howitzer, while good in theory all too often splits its shots at just the wrong second and completely misses the enemy. The basic howitzer is light, has good range and solid damage, and 50 rounds. only downside is rather expensive ammo.
Optionals: until you get the OP-INTENSIFY, always use the damage reducers and the generator upgrade. most of the rest are ok, so use your disgretion.

now, your thinking "so, who's this guy to tell me my precios parrying blades, spread howizers, mirage cores, and heavy radiators are useless???" Well, look at most core submissions. they can say things like "Excellent core. has low AP and DP, so must be extemely skilled to use, but can beat anyone in the arena" Here's the truth; if you're extemely skilled, you can beat everyone in the arena with ANY core. I've killed BB, Ace, and Exile with the starter core. seriously. so here's MY core. a monkey could win with this thing. you don't have to have ANY skill to use this core. just get ahold of (one way or the other) the following parts:
Head: MHD-MM/003
Arms: CAM-01-MHL
Legs: CLR-00-MAC
Booster: N/A
FCS: again, it's up to you, I use PLS-ROA
Generator: always CGP-ROZ
Radiator: again, RIX-CR1O
Inside: N/A
Extension: N/A
Back Units: both CWC-CNG-300
R. Arm:N/A
L. Arm: KWG-HZL50

Now, you're thinking "no R. arm weapon? what??" calm down. look at the stats of this core. the core provides better anti-missile than you think, not that anything's going to hit you anyway. unload with the chain guns and use the howitzer when you can, you'll make mincemeat out of your opponents shortly. not a good shot? doesn't matter. those guns have 600 ammo and the howitzer has 50 more. it's not like you're going to be taking damage. you're not good at evading either? it's ok. in the arena, all you ever have to do is hold X and L1 or R1. you will almost never get hit, and you can keep it up for some time, long enough for your guns to kill the enemy anyway.even if you get hit, it's a floater design that has over 9000 AP. really, you can't lose. no skill, no strategy, just death. the SOLE drawback to this core is that you must be adequately skilled prior to it's construction in order to gain the improved back weapon OP-INTENSIFY function. you can even use it for missions, though I suggest downgrading the generator and adding anti-missile. just watch your ammo costs. but, it's not like you'll get damaged.


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Add defeated AC emblems
Press start+select when viewing a defeated AC at the victory screen to add its emblem to your list.
Drop parts
Hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and Triangle to drop R arm weapon, back unit, and inside parts. Hold L1 L2 L3 R1 and R2 to drop extension parts. Hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and O to drop L arm weapon.
Easy arena match wins
Go to the "Reservoir" arena level. At the beginning of the match, boost backwards to the point where your AC is almost out of bounds (indicated by the red line on your radar). Most arena opponents will try to get in behind you to attack. Using this trick will cause them to go out of bounds. You may take a little damage, but most fights will be over within ten seconds. Keep in mind that some opponents will not fall for this, but most will. In the "Parking Lot", as soon as the match begins, boost backwards (into the corner). On occasion the enemy will get caught-up on the wall and you will have up to a minute worth of free shots. Since the part of the wall covers the R arm weapon, there are only a couple of Arena opponents that this trick will not work on. Buy and equip the machine gun with 1000 ammo (R arm weapon), and the hovering legs at the end of the list (it is a long shaft). Strafe around your opponent in the arena while firing the machine gun. This trick usually works up until rank A-3.
First person veiw
Make a save file on a memory card that has an AC2 or AC2:Another Age save file already on it. After you save start a mision or challenge someone in the arena and go to the mid-game pause menu, then press L1+R2+X+Square+D-pad to veiw the stuff in front of you in first person. (the veiw will be paused and will stop when you un-pause)
hint:human plus enhancements
beat the game save it and load the game again. in the shop there will be a optional part named op-intensify it is free so bye it. do missions to get inhancements.
add radar functioneafeat arena opponent thunder house
add varios sensor functionseafeat ac in eliminate intrudors mission
blade wave:beat the mission destroy massive weapon
enhance booster performanceeafeat ace in arena
enhance cannon operationefeat the big part of the mt in destroy masive mt mision
enhanced cooling:beat smaller part in destroy massive mt
enhanced missile interseption:beat ac in defend water procesors
enhance turning:beat ac in bomb disarmament mision
better targetingeafeat the ac in ruglen lab
increase blade rangeeafeat exile in arena
unlmited boost power!
this is a great way to mess with the arena. It works all the time with tread legs or any other slow ACs.

head: CHD-04-YIV
back unit r:CWM-VM36-4
back unit l:CWC-CNG-300
arm unit r:CWG-HG-80
arm unit l:CLB-L5-2551
optional parts:OP-INTENSTIVE

This AC can only fly forever if you use the extensions.I recommend using the missiles first then chain gun.Once your out of ammo go in with your blade and that yellow gun.You'll have a blast with this.OR use my favorite to win.just keep flying till they run out of ammo. EX: Fanfare,Midas,OX,etc
Unlock KWG-HZL30
Destroy two or more monorails on the Destroy Naire Bridge mission.
Unlock Part KWM-AD-50
Complete the MT Training Exercise without getting hit once.
Unlock Part MLH-MX/VOLAR
Earn a rank of A or higher in the AC target practice exercise.
Successfully complete the Destroy Massive MT mission without the aid of a consort.
Succesfully complete the Escort Personnel Convoy mission without any member of the convoy being destroyed.