Aqua Aqua Cheats

Aqua Aqua cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Gameshark Codes, Codebreaker Codes for more Aqua Aqua cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Apr 22 2001)

Unlock Different Era's in StoryPuzzle mode
To unlock each Era, just complete the indicated Era:

To unlock...Complete
Mesozoic EraPaleozoic Era
Cenozoic EraMesozoic Era
Ancient CivilizationCenozoic Era

Unlock story puzzle mode and Vs puzzle modes
To unlock these two modes, simply complete all the lessons in Training mode.

Unlock Hidden Future
If you earn the Master rank in all stages of the game, you can unlock the Hidden Future, found in StoryPuzzle mode.

Aqua Aqua Tips

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Hidden Future
Earn a "Master" rank in all four stages to unlock the Hidden Future in story puzzle mode
Submitted by: U_Turn on March 04, 2005

Aqua Aqua Cheats

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Some Hints

Complete the Training Mode.


Complete the Paleozoic Era.


Complete the Mesozoic Era.


Complete the Cenozoic Era.
Submitted by: bignac on August 12, 2003
Sonic Speed
Hold x on the title screen and press start after youve held onto x for 10 secounds.
Submitted by: jambos no1 on August 03, 2005
Water Tricks
Keeping Water: First, build small lakes or rain will fall off the edges if you try to build right around the land straight away. Second, evaporate water from different parts of the land so you can get special items by completing the bingo card puzzle in the middle.
Submitted by: SerialZero on August 30, 2003