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Ape Escape 3 Cheats

Ape Escape 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Codebreaker Codes for more Ape Escape 3 cheat codes.

Ape Escape 3 Tips

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Alternate Title Screen (U.S.A. version)
To get the Alternate Title Screen beat survival mode.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on October 14, 2006
Easy money
To get easy money beat the "ultim-ape fighter" at least 9 times and you will get 9000 gotcha coins.
(each time you beat it you get 1000 gotcha coins)

Ultim-ape Fighter! is a minigame featured in Ape Escape 3.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on October 14, 2006
Get these items...
Ape Olympic: You can purchase this in the Hobby Shop for 1500 credits.

Mesal Gear Solid: After you beat the game, you can buy this in Hobby Shop for 573 credits.

Sarutimate Fighting: You can buy this in Hobby Shop for 1500 credits.
Submitted by: anonymous on January 23, 2006
Monkey Movie Studio
While playing the game, look for a camera with activation pads found in various levels. When the monkeys are not on high alert (yellow or less), step on the pad and press X to get an option to shoot a movie clip. Press X again to get the movie file. The Movie Studio option will be unlocked after all twenty movie files are unlocked, and will replace the "X" at the menu. The monkey studio is found in the Cimian Cinema area of the Shopping District.
Submitted by: SunnyDelight on April 08, 2006
Monkeys Dont Pay Attention To You
To Make Monkeys Not Pay attention to you, morph into the super monkey, then monkeys wont pay attention to you, but when they think somethings suspicous, wave or dance, they shouldnt be suspicous anymore.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on August 10, 2007
Unlock blue pipotron
To unlock the blue pipotron press R1,R2,L1,L2,start at the title screen and type in
"coolblue" (with no caps) and there you go!
To find blue pipotron look auround at the airplane squadron.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on October 14, 2006
Unlock Mesal Gear Solid video and movie clip
to unlock the mesal gear solid video and movie clip press R1,R2,L1,L2,start at the title screen and type in "2 snakes" (no caps) and there you go.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on October 14, 2006
Unlock red pipotron
To unlock the red pipotron enter on the password screen redmon with no caps, you find him in the toyland area with the toy blocks, hehhehe fun place there.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on December 10, 2006
Unlock Spork
To unlock Spork (A monkey version of spike) go to the secret password menu and type in "krops" with no caps and there ya go. You can find him in the house in monkey forest.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on October 28, 2006

Ape Escape 3 Cheats

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cheat mode
use this cheat on the title screen.

press L1+L2+R1+R1+START
Submitted by: night mage on August 21, 2006
On monkey forest, go into super monkey area. Transform to Cyber
Ace. Catch monkeys if needed. go to the boxes in the back and charge through them. collect the coins. do the same with the other boxes.
you can repeat this process by going out of the room and coming back in.
Submitted by: Evam Gudsun on May 08, 2008
Mesaru Gear - You can buy this after catching Specter. It cost 573 credits.
Survival Mode - You have to make sure you capture all apes and catch Specter a second time.
Croc Cap and Infinite Items - You must rescue all 20 hostages.
Hard Mode - You must complete Metal Gear Solid once.
Submitted by: Krunal on January 19, 2006