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Ape Escape 2 Cheats

Ape Escape 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Gameshark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Codebreaker Codes for more Ape Escape 2 cheat codes.

Ape Escape 2 Tips

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Better Ending
Get all 300 monkeys to face the real final Boss. Win the battle to view the good ending.
Submitted on December 02, 2004
Easy Money
Go to the casino level. It helps to get rid of any black pants wearing monkeys in the first part of the level. Break open all of the slot machines in a counter-clockwise direction. After awhile you will meet a rat-looking enemy that takes your money when you run into it. Let him hit you and allow him to take your gold. Then, quickly hit him and all of your gold will be dropped. Grab all of it quickly; after you collect 5 gold pieces they turn to silver stars. After 5 silver stars, they turn into gold stars which are worth 10 gold pieces. Continue hitting the slots and you will find one more of these rats.
Submitted on December 02, 2004
Extra Mini-Games
Complete the following tasks to unlock the said mini-game:

Dance Monkey Dance: Complete the "Ninja Hideout" level.
Monkey Climber: Defeat Specter.
Monkey Soccer: Complete the "Enter The Monkey" level.
Submitted by: anonymous on January 23, 2006
Faster credits
Hold X while the credits are displayed.

Submitted by: Dan Mumford on December 13, 2004
Glitch: Switched Soundtracks
Go to the soundtracks area in the extras menu. Select either "Gotcha Rythmn" or "Monkeys Gonna Getchu". Listen to them to hear that they are switched.
Submitted on December 02, 2004
Repair your tank
(You must have the water cannon) If you need to repair your tank or submachine then you use your water cannon to spray water on the flames.
Submitted by: SunnyDelight on November 09, 2005
Unlimited lives + cookies
unlimited lives: if you go to the level with the dinosaurs you can find a life jacket when you go past the T-rex. After you get the jacket escape. The jacket goes back into place when you escape. Then do it again and again until you get as many as you want.

unlimited cookies: go to snowball mountain and if you go behind the second house on the snowball path there is a cookie. Then if you go a little further you will find a snowman next to a gate and a pig with a skull. if you hit the snowman with stun club you will find another cookie. just do it again and again like the unlimited lives and stay to the left side to dodge giant snowballs
Submitted by: wiggle_mickey27 on November 27, 2008

Ape Escape 2 Cheats

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Easy 999 Coins
On your second time through the game, go to Simian Citadel and track down the magician monkey, Tommy, who hangs out by the fountain. Don't net him! Instead, let him summon his mouse thieves, and let them steal some of your money. When you hit them and they drop your coins, there will often be enough floating around to trigger the multipliers, turning the single coins that they stole into x 5 and x 10 coins. Grab them and you'll have way more money than you started with. Since Tommy will always supply more thieves, you can do this over and over until you've maxed out your coinage.
Submitted by: SS4Frieza on July 01, 2003
Get A NEW Improved Stun Sword
Go to your inventury take the sword out. Go to the pause menu and press circle(2) x (2) left down right(2) left down right(2). A monkey will fart if done correctly.
Submitted by: Raymond Millard Hayse on March 27, 2003
Good Ending
Catch 300 Monkeys and defeat Spector to see the Good Ending.
Submitted by: jespomo on October 22, 2004
Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys!
There's something about Ape Escape 2 that gets under your skin, through your skull and into the folds of your brain, causing you to see adorably mischievous monkeys wherever you go. At work, at home and even during...intimate moments...those helmeted little simians seem to follow you around, taunting you with their bananas and tight, colorful pants. Put simply, Ape Escape 2 causes Monkephenia.

The only known cure for Monkephenia is to catch 300 wild monkeys, boil their brains with a little vinegar and salt, and drink this monkey brain broth in a cup made from monkey heads. This guide will help you with the first part, but due to the meddling of those do-gooders at the S.P.C.A, you're on your own from there.

If you're looking for that one elusive monkey, trying to figure out what goodie box items you're missing or just want to know whether or not the Library of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this is the guide for you. Read on, my fellow Monkey-hunters, and be cured.

In this guide you'll find:

Monkey Basics
Monkey Gadgets
Monkey Hints and Tips
Monkey Unlockables
Monkey Thought: The Wisdom of Natalie and Specter
Monkey Non-Monkey Enemies
Monkey Walkthrough
Monkey Secrets
Monkeys, monkeys, Ted and Alice
Eternal Bliss and Contentment
Submitted by: SS4Frieza on July 01, 2003
No See-All Scope
After getting all 300 Monkeys enable the "Play as Spike" code. While playing Spike, even though you have all the gadgets you do not have the See-All Scope which lets you find the monkeys you get with the Magic Punch gadget.
Submitted on December 02, 2004
Official Way To Play as Spike
Finish the game with ALL 300 monkeys caught and win the 2nd battle with Specter, and save the game. Then select New Game at the Title Screen and press Start while holding L1.

This makes for a different feel to the game.
Submitted by: dragonclawz on September 10, 2003
Play as Spike from Ape Escape 1
Complete the game and catch all the monkeys. Now go to start a new game and press L1 and Start.
Submitted by: jespomo on October 22, 2004
Play as Spike:
Successfully complete the game after finding all 297 monkeys. Highlight "New Game" at the main menu, then press L1 + Start to play as Spike from the original Ape Escape.
Submitted by: Hitman3580 on March 14, 2003
Rude Monkeys
When you get to "Land Of The Apes" find the Spa area, and you will a few naked monkeys. 3 of them are *ahem* cleaning themselves with a towel.
Submitted on March 24, 2003
On pirate isle, go to the tallest Ship mast and face forward. The, still facing forward, do a dash(or is it rush?) attack. If done right, you go straight through the ship and hear a splash. Then you rise out of the ship. You can also jump off on different places and smash.
Submitted by: bobo the clown on March 28, 2008
The real way to unlock Spike
To unlock Spike, beat the game, collecting 297 monkeys in the process. To use Mike, go to the main menu, highlight New Game, and press L1+START to use him.
Submitted by: SS4Frieza on July 01, 2003
The Water Net Out of Water!
First Unlock Spike by Getting all 300 moonkeys and beat Spector the Second time.

Then while holding L1 start a new game, go to the Gadget Menu. Highlight the monkey net press R1. You will hear a sound and you have the water net out of water!
Submitted by: matuty74 on May 25, 2004
Unlock Pink Monkey In Dance Monkey Dance
In The Mini-Game "Dance Monkey dance" You Can Unlock Pink Monkey By Beating Dance Monkey Dance, you will find her in the Gotcha Box By Paying 10 coins.
Submitted by: Mrblikey on April 22, 2007