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Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies cheat codes.


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Ace Fighting
First, charge in to the largest shrapnel group and let them get behind you, let them think your a bigger wimp then you are. Let them feast on the idea that your nothin' more than rookie. MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE NOT A COWERD, WIMP!
Then with a large group on your tail, hit the brakes. make sure that as you begin to stall, keep her steady, dropping a little is ok, maybe be better. Those exhost eating turds won't know what to do!
Now, unlesh your fury as the fly right in front of you. That's right, pick up your speed some and stay with them. Pound all your missles and rockets and anything else ya got, no don't let up on the machaine gun hold that trigger down rookie! Shoot every lost one of 'em fart eating magots down boy! If your not a bigger wimp than I think you'll master this technique rather quickly.
Defeating Megalith
Use the following trick to defeat Megalith with an "S" rank. First, destroy all Yellow aircraft possible. Next, fly past Megalith until you see an red-orange triangle. Shoot that aircraft down and return to Megalith. Go through the right tunnel and shoot the generator. Continue to destroy the next generator in the left tunnel. Now, go to the side of Megalith and destroy the last generator. After all generators are gone, destroy the two missiles that appear just ahead. Turn around as fast as possible, as the next two missiles will only remain for a minute after the generators are destroyed. Next, destroy the big missile in the center and do not forget to pull up.
Eliminating Ground Targets
Ground targets such as SAMs have the same lock-on range as you do. If you are targeting a SAM, as soon as you get a lock-on, so does the SAM. Similarly, AA guns have the same firing range as your gun. If you can hit them, they can hit you. The best way to take on SAMs is to play chicken and fly into them head on. Do not bother using your guns or secondary weapons, even if they are for ground targets. Most ground-based secondary weapons are for multiple targets. As soon as you get a lock-on, fire one missile then bank to avoid the SAMs missile. One missile is enough to destroy targets such as SAMs, AA guns, tanks, launchers, howitzers, watchtowers, and most ships. Ground targets such as pillboxes and batteries take two missiles under the harder difficulty settings.
Impossible Speed
This trick only works with jets that have high speed and can go over 40,000 feet in altitude (X-02, S-37, Su-37) .Press R2 to go way up holding down over 40,000 feet (near space). Keep going in a circle while R2 is held. Go up and down slightly until the speed reaches 1665, then dive. If done correctly, when you dive the impossible speed should be about 1788 (if fast enough). Actually it will be about 1725. Note: Try practicing this trick in free flight mode.
Losing Tough Enemies
Use the following tricks when you have a group of enemies on you, or just one that will not give up. Find a very mountainous area and try to lose your enemy in there at full speed. Zigzag in and out until the enemy cannot find you. They will not follow you into this mountain area. If dealing with multiple enemies, disengage, climb to 40,000 feet at full throttle, take a breather, then re-engage and destroy the enemy. Use this technique against the Yellow Squadron in the second part of the Siege Of Farbanti mission.
No damage when along the ground
First of all, you must be in Very Easy mode. This should also be preferably done over water. You must lower yourself very carefully to about 9 to 10 ft. elevation. Once you reach it, you cannot go any further down. You will hear a constant scraping-like sound but will not sustain any damage. You can actually not touch any button on the controller and put the controller down as you will not crash.
Preview Aircraft and Weapons
When you are in the hanger looking at the airplanes or weapons, hold Square. You will be able to look all around the airplane or weapon.
super barrel roll
to dodge qaam's and other missiles that don't stop unless they destroy you, just hold down L2 or the yaw left button then just hold the stick to the upper left of the controller then just keep going. you can also do a faster version by holding R1.


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Ace Mode
Successfully complete the game on Expert mode.
Ace Pilot tip- dodging gunfire and missiles
Okay. No Chaff in this arcade game. Instead, speed is your ally. To dodge missiles, let the missile get right behind you when its as safe as possible, meaning as far away as you can get it to lock on behind you. While its tracing you, raise speed to after burners. When the missile is right about to hit, brake HARD and pull straight left or right. The missile will go right past you.
This setup also makes great for countering the enemy, and coming right up on them as you dodge the missile.

The easy way..just speed up will pulling left or right. Do not pull up. You will eventually dodge the missile, but you will loose track of your enemy or enemies fast.

To dodge guns. In this game, it's pretty easy. Just brake while barrel rolling. The enemy will take evasive precautions and go right past you, or brake left or right away from you, perfect for your current speed, since it would then be able to get behind them.

To barrel roll, pull the stick back about halfway, and then hold it there while holding it about 2/5 of the way either left or right. You will loost motion while slowing down, so adjust the stick increments to match, until you can center your sights on the chicken heart enemy.
ace pilot tip- quick kill
Okay. What's the nature of an ace pilot? Dog fighting. What's the best way to win a dogfight? Fast and clean, no sloppy shots. And how do we get fast and clean? Move in, get behind the enemy, become unshakable, play grim reaper, and get on to the next aerial victim.

And how exactly do we do that?

1- an enemy fighter/attacker appears in the sky a bit away from you on radar. Hit the after burner and fly straight to the enemy.

2- once the enemy is withing sight range, you need to tell which way the enemy is moving. Once you have that figured, move into position behind the enemy. To do this, you must calculate your path. For instance, if the enemy is headed in your direction, you need to let the enemy pass and then turn around to greet him, and submit to them the kiss of death. (Missiles or guns, whatever you choose. Aces use guns though!)
If the enemy is veering hard to the right, you will need to do the same, but to keep things straight and easy, dont set your nose on the enemy, but in the area the enemy is heading. This will keep three things in line, A- your gun crosshairs will be lined up almost perfectly every time when you do come in gun range, B- your enemy will have a very hard time trying to loose you, unless its a gravity defying Yellow. And C- your missiles will kick arse, and their accuracy is best this way, since it has to adjust itself the least.

Now- brake turns. What I do is rush at the enemy at sonic speed, brake, and turn around to shoot the enemy before he can realise i was in the same airspace. Caution though. When making a brake turn, let's say a 180 to meet an enemy that just passed you, DO NOT turn by raising the nose over 90 degrees to vertically climb, but rather, make a half circle to your left or right. You maintain the right speed and balance to get the enemy. Chances are the enemy will try to descend or climb. Their speed will be no match for yours, if times right, and you'll have the shot near instantly.
All Aircraft
Use the following steps to unlock all aircraft, including special colors. First, acquire an aircraft by destroying it in battle. This is easy, except for three aircraft. Forget the ground targets and dogfight instead, which is the true nature of an ace. You can acquire three different paint schemes for each aircraft. Two of the paint schemes can be acquired by destroying that color aircraft in battle. To acquire the special brightly colored third aircraft, you must find and kill the pilot flying it. On each level of the game there is a single hidden aircraft (eighteen total hidden aircraft). Each one of these aircraft has a specific pilot. When you see the aircraft in front of you and lock on, it will display the pilot's name next to the aircraft name and lock on square. For example, "S-37A SMIRNOVA". The hidden aircraft will not show up on radar until you get nearby. On radar, the aircraft will be marked with a red triangle instead of yellow. Each hidden aircraft is always in the same place on their specific level. This is always in an empty spot on the map away from the main combat zone. The aircraft can usually be found directly behind the main combat zone. Last but not least are the three remaining aircraft. To acquire the Yellow Squadron fighter (SU-37) of your nemesis Yellow-13, you must kill all of the pilots with names flying the special colored aircraft (eighteen total).
Alternate colors-Ace locations.
To unlock the alternate colors for the planes there is an ace placed in each mission that you must find and shoot down. Here are the planes and locations for each mission.

1. F-5 just north of the allied airbase
2. A-10 north of the enemy airbase
3. F-16 South of the second radar station(the westernmost one)
4. Mirage 2000 Northwest of the westernmost radar jamming plane
5. MIG-29 South of the far western pumping station on the map
6. F-14 North of the northenmost group of enemies on the map
7. TND-IDS North of the solar tower
8. F-18 after refueling during the mission the ace will appear to the east of the main combat area
9. F-15C North of the center beach combat area
10. RF-01 Far upper northwest corner of the map, northwest of the sub base
11. SU-35 The ace will appear with about 90 seconds left during this mission
12. F-2 North of the stonhenge gun base
13. F-15E After clearing the radar balloons, enemy fighters will appear, the ace is in the north east
14. F-22 Ace is in the north east of the map
15. EF-2000 Ace will be in the center of the map when the mission starts(between the two southern combat zones)
16. F-117 Ace is located northwest of the westernmost combat zone(Due to stealth sometimes hard to find, head 2 grids north and 1 west)
17. F-15A Ace is located in the far northwestern corner of the map, past the city
18. S-37 The ace is located north of megalith.

The F-4 is available after completeing hard mode, the X-2 is available after completeing expert mode.

The aces are sometimes difficult to spot on radar as they don't show up until you get close. When you do find them they will be red on the radar instead of the usual enemy fighter colors of yellow or orange
Added Options:
Once you have beaten all 18 missions, a couple of new options will be unlocked. Load your saved game (with all missions complete), then go to the main menu. The new options will be listed there. They are: Special Continue, which allows you to play through missions with different aircraft; Free Mission, which allows you to play any mission; Trial Mission; Scene Viewer and Music Player.

SP. Continue:
Start over from mission one with all Aircraft, Weaponry and $$$ obtained previously.

Free mission mode:
Play any mission from the game.

Trial mission mode:
A new mode which let you play Score Attack or Time Attack mode.

New aircraft paint:
On normal level and above, shoot down aircraft with that aircraft's pilot's name on it. On radar it will show up as red symbol and it is harder to shoot down. Should appear away from the main combat zone.

Complete Aircraft List for Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies (in order)

F-4E Phantom(fighter)
Tiger Stripes

F-5E Tiger II Freedom Fighter(fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray Camo
Sea-Green(WANG)level 1

F-16C Fighting Falcon(fighter)
White w/ Blue Stripes(TEMPEL)level 3

A-10A Thunderbolt II(attacker)
Desert Camo
Silver(CIFFRED)level 2

MIR-2000 Mirage(fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray Camo
White w/ Blue Stripes(RIGAUX)level 4

F-14A Tomcat(fighter)
Sky Camo
Black(LEVY)level 6

TND-IDS Tornado (Interdiction & Strike)(attacker)
Yellow Stripes(DE VICO)level 7

F/A-18C Hornet(multirole)
Desert Camo
Yellow(VRISALA)level 8

F-15C Eagle(fighter)
Blue-Silver(TUTTLE)level 9

MIG-29A Fulcrum(fighter)
Gray Camo
Red(MRKOS)level 5

F-117A Nighthawk(attacker)
Winter Camo(KWEE)level 16

EF-2000 Typhoon (Euro Fighter)(fighter)
White w/ Red Stripes(OLMSTEAD)level 15

R-M01 Rafale(multirole)
Gray Camo
White w/ Blue Stripes(FAYE)level 10

F-15E Strike Eagle(multirole)
Blue Tiger Stripes(GUNN)level 13

F-2A Banshee(attacker)
White w/ Red Stripes(URATA)level 12

SU-35 Flanker(fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray Camo
White w/Blue & Red Stripes(NEUJMIN)level 11

F-22A Raptor(fighter)
Sky Camo
Gray(ABELL)level 14

SU-37 Super Flanker(fighter)
Gray Camo w/ Yellow Wing Tips and #013
(Yellow Squadron#013)

F-15ACTIVE (F-15S/MTD=STOL)(fighter)
Gray Camo
White w/ Blue & Red Stripes(HALLEY)level 17

S-37A Berkut(fighter)
Gray Camo
Silver Camo(SMIRNOVA)level 18

X-02(multirole)(last aircraft)
Gray Camo

Expert Mode
Successfully complete the game on Hard mode.
Extra Options
Successfully complete the game and make a save. Next time you load that saved game you can choose to play on any level and you can change your character by pressing the L2 and R2 buttons.
How to get Tiger Stripe F-4
To get the Tiger Stripe F-4, you simply need to shoot down the ace in the F-4! That's it. I'm pretty sure that's it, since I checked a few missions after that. If anyone else knows a way, plz send em in.
Shorter Time in Chases or Returning to Base
Players can travel a long distance when going into battle or when returning to base in all the missions. Long distances are quickly covered by flying below 300 feet with afterburners. Over oceans, the altimeter is safe to trust however be careful when flying where battle missions are at high altitude, such as at mountain elevations. If you are not sure, skim the battlefield and read the ground elevation mark. Whiskey Trench or Broken Arrows are both high altitudes in the desert or Arctic. Use the altimeter instead of judging by sight. The sea is filled with icebergs, but there is a path to fly below 300 feet to quickly reach its most northern targets. Generally the lower you fly, the farther you will cover. Watch your altimeter and look for canyon floors, low valleys, or the sea if nearby to get the chance to do some low fast flying.
Watch Missile or Bomb When Fired
While flying any jet, lock on to a target (ground or air) and hold Circle. This will allow you to watch your missile or bomb from the time it leaves the jet until it hits the target. Note: You have to be careful or your jet may crash.
X-02 Color Schemes
To get the first color scheme for the bonus aircraft, the X-02, get S Rankings on all missions on Hard difficulty, either in Story or Free Mission mode.

For the second color, play through the game and get S Rankings on all missions on the Expert difficulty setting (Expert mode will open up after beating the game on Hard difficulty setting) in either Story or Free Mission mode