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Twisted Metal: Black Cheats

Twisted Metal: Black cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

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Twisted Metal: Black Cheats

Note: Many of these cheats require that you set the controls to "Classic" settings.

Toggle Invincibility
During gameplay, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Right, Left, Down, Up. Or hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up. You should see the word "Invulnerability" to indicate the code has been activated.
submitted by Pigeon John, big_slick_knut2001@yahoo.com, wickid_k@yahoo.com, and others

Toggle God Mode/Infinite weapons
During gameplay, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Up, X, Left, Circle.
submitted by Mega-Flare, bull, and Ryan

Homing Machine Gun
To shoot powerful bullets rapidly that follow the target, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Up, X, Left, Circle.
submitted by rhino

Super machine guns
During gameplay, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press X (x2), Triangle.
submitted by Adam Peulen

Toggle One-hit kills
During gameplay, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press X (x2), Up.
submitted by Mega-Flare and Ryan

Special freeze attack
During gameplay, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Right, Left, Up.

Exchange weapons for health
During gameplay, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly tap out Triangle, X, Square, Circle.

Change weapon view
During gameplay, press Select + Right.

Special moves for attacks
freeze- up, down, up
invisibility- left, left, down, down
shield- right, right, down, down

submitted by matt7277 and poinsett

Tip - Downtown Balls
Look for the gas balls by the atomic Bank. There should be 3 of them on the left side of the sign. If you shoot the one on the left it rolls out and blows up a building giving you about 7 power missiles that will reappear. The one on the right rolls out and blows up a building giving you about 4 health pick ups.
submitted by ToadkillerDog

Easy Way to beat Warhawk
I found that the easiest way to beat Warhawk after you have taken down his shield (which shouldn't be too hard) is to stay in the middle with him. Get right underneath him until he can't hit you with the missiles and fire away with everything you've got at his claw, which should be low to the ground. Make sure to face the claw because he will still hit you with one of his weapons, but it shouldn't take away too much.
submitted by Rbrito84

Easy Way to beat Minion
To beat Minion use hit-and-run tactics. Use homing and/or rapid fire missiles or attacks(i.e zoomies). Don´t get close, or else he will ram you for lots of damage. Drive up on the side of the stadium close to Minion(not to close!), he will swerve around to get you (his character has the worst control in the game!). This is your chance. Shoot him in the panels to destroy his shield. Then, blast away!
submitted by Max Payne - snot_F1@hotmail.com

Unlock Minion
To unlock minion, you have to beat the game with every character in the game, including the locked characters. When this is done, the game will go into a cut scene telling you that you have unlocked minion.
submitted by David Miller

Unlock Worthog
In the suburb stage, go up the hills to the fairgrounds. Turn to your left and you will see a yellow weapon pick up on the hilltop. Drive at normal speed up over the hill and hit your brakes - you should be on top of a building. Shoot the roof and a hole will appear. Jump down that hole, sohot the control panel, and bang, there you go.
submitted by dirty dave

Play as YellowJacket
In Story Mode, as any character on the first stage (The Junkyard) go to the lowest part of the stage where there is a wall and junkpiles, and go in the circular opening until you reach a circular room and destroy the computer panel.
submitted by Mr. Nite Owl

Tip: Easy Way to Kill WarHawk or Minion
First put on god mode by holding L1, L2, R1, R2 and press Up, x, left, O. In 2 shots he'll be dead
submitted by Luis

Unlocking Freeway
Go to Endurance which is in One Player Mode. Pick anyone you like. Put God Mode or Invulnerable on and finish qucikly. After that select snowy roads and kill 10 opponents. When it's say "congrats" quit and save. submitted by Luis


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Axel's second special
start as you would with a normal special (s icon in the ammo box)and then press up three times , axel will pull the two wheels together , and when you ram people it takes a big chunk off their life.
Keep Moving
Some good advice: Don't stay in one location, unless it is very isolated. The enemy cars are usually on your tail anyway. Keep moving and picking up weapons to have a better chance of winning.
to see michael jacksons name in the criedts just site throuth the credets. he plays the guy with no nose.
Unlocking The staduim level
Sorry to say but the last way to unlock the stadium level is wrong. Yes, you do go to the downtown level, and yes you unlock it from the building connected by to floor. But the difference is that it's not on the left building, it's on the right (when your looking away from the river-the river is to your back), and instead of having to "creep" all over the place, all you do is go to the back (side farthest from the river) and to the left (corner). STOP when you get there, then slowly drive off. To unlock the level you have to break the COFFEE CUP that is on the ledge (not the ground) and the coffee cup says "dinner" on it. The you should be told that you unlock the Stadium level!


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Unlock Skyscarpers Stage
On the stage where you fight warhawk, go to the spot where those trucks jumping from the building
above. Switch to Helecopper view. You will see a black cube in between the two buildings. Go down to get it and Skyscarpers stage will be unlocked!
But it will cost you a live.
"2" Have God Mode and All Weapons
Just press the left and right shoulder buttons. While holding them, press up, X, left, and circle. You do not need to worry about re-entering this every level.
change weapon display
hold select then press right during the game
Cheats, Gameshark and Secret Characters
Infinite Health and Turbo - During game play, hold down all four shoulder buttons, and tape Right, Left, Down, Up. A message will appear at the top of the screen if you did it correctly.
Invincibility - While playing a game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly press Right, Left, Down, Up. If you entered the code correctly, the words "Invulnerability On" will appear on the screen. Enter the code again to disable it.

Play as Yellow Jacket - At the Junkyard level, shoot down the airplane that circles around the level. The easiest way to shoot down the plane is with a homing or fire missile while no enemy is around you. The plane will catch on fire, circle, and crash into a wall in the lowest area of the level, that leads to an underground tunnel. The suspended crate's opening faces this area. Follow the tunnel under the sewers, collect the weapons and health, and continue until you see a control panel attached to a large column in the middle of a circular room. Shoot the control panel and a message stating Yellow Jacket has been unlocked will appear. Yellow Jacket will appear inside the destroyed column.

Play as Warthog - At the Suburbs level, go to the entrance to the carnival. Turn left and jump off a hill to land on top of a building with a structure on top of it. Blow up the structure to reveal a hole in the building. Fall through the hole and destroy the panel. A message stating Warthog has been unlocked will appear.

Play as Axel - At the Freeway level, go toward the center of the level to find a large construction site with two big cranes. The one on the right is holding a pipe, the one on the left is holding a crate. Use the ridge between the cranes and the road and aim yourself at the control box of the left crane (at the center box). You only need to hit it once with some kind of missile. The crate will then lower into the construction yard. Shoot it to unlock Axel.

Play as ManSlaughter - At the Prison Passage level, exit the ship once it docks on land, go to the right (left if facing the ship). Follow the waterline until you reach some crates with a health pick-up. Shoot the crates until a ramp is formed. Go up the ramp and turn toward the side of the ship. Shoot the side of the ship until a opening appears. Enter the opening to find and unlock ManSlaughter.

Play as Minion - Successfully complete story mode with all regular and hidden characters to unlock Minion.

Warhawk's Rooftop level in multi-player mode - At the Junkyard level, shoot down the green Pizza Boy statue (near the Old Warplane and crane). His pizza box will fall near the vertical crusher and form a ramp. Go to the ramp and line yourself up to the crusher. When the crusher falls, use the ramp. When on top of the crusher, there will be a building you can drive through to get some weapons. Off the side of that will be a rotating black cube. Jump off to the black cube to unlock Warhawk's Rooftop level in multi-player mode.

Prison Passage level in multi-player mode - At the Suburbs level, go toward the downtown area, drive across the gaps, and stop on the second rooftop. Then, slowly turn toward the ocean and look for a power missile on top of the narrow roof nearby. Back-up your vehicle a bit on the current rooftop, and get a good start toward the other narrow rook with the power missile. After you pick-up the power missile, shoot the vent on top of the building to obtain a black cube that will unlock the Prison Passage level in multi-player mode.

Minion's Stadium level in multi-player mode - At the Downtown level, locate the set of buildings connected at the second story on one side of the river/bayou. You can find it easily when you drive between them, since there is a big section of wall that is very visible that you can shoot out to get to the elevators. There is one on each building. When facing the buildings from the river, take the left-hand elevator up. Then, circle around to the back of the building. Along the way you will notice that the ground changes color. About one car length to the left of that line is where you want to creep to the edge and barely fall off. You should hit the cube while falling. If not, you should be on a different level off of the ground -- jump (press L1 + R1) to get the cube. It can be seen from the ground floor once you know where to look.

Elevators level in multi-player mode - At the Highway Loop level, go to the bridge with the gap in it. Go to the side opposite the long tunnel. Facing away from the bridge and to the left on the other side of the wall, you can see two round towers at what seems to be a powerplant. Hit the one closest to the bridge with a gas can. It will fall off and start rolling toward the bridge. Make sure you and no other enemies are in its path or it will break. It will slowly jump the bridge and will make a hole just inside the tunnel. You will find a black cube inside that will unlock the Elevators level in multi-player mode.

Power Plant level in multi-player mode - At the Snowy Roads level, go just beyond the barriers toward the cliff in the area with the restaurant, on the southern side of the level (to your right if you're facing toward the road in front of the restaurant). Carefully follow the edge of the level to find a black cube that will unlock the Power Plant level in multi-player mode.

Sewer level in multi-player mode - At the Skyscrapers level, go to the bottom of the crashed plane and to the left (if you were exiting the plane) is a small billboard. Shoot down the billboard and it will form a bridge between the gap of the two buildings. Place yourself in the center of the board and aim yourself toward the inner part of the hole. Depending on your vehicle, you will have to drive off at a different speed to get the black cube. Note: You will have to lose a life to get this black cube.

Skyscrapers level in multi-player mode - At Warhawk's Rooftop level, look for where the tankers are coming from on the Rooftop. Then, align your vehicle perpendicular to the building that has hangars that the tankers come out of on top. Drive full speed straight off the edge toward the tanker building to find a black cube that will unlock the Skyscrapers level in multi-player mode. This may take multiple attempts.

Raven's second special attack - While playing as Raven, highlight the special weapon icon, then press Up(3) to have Raven pop out the top of the car and attack the nearest opponent with a machine gun.

Special attacks:

Jump: Press L1 + R1.
Freeze attack: Press Up, Down, Up.
Land mine: Press Right, Left, Down.
Charged land mine: Press Right, Left, then hold Down.
Invisibility: Press Left(2), Down(2).
Shield: Press Right(2), Down(2).
Rear fire: Press Left, Right, Down + Fire Weapon.
Game Shark codes:

(M) Must Be On

Infinite Ammo
1C8E237815F6E79D 1C8E237C1456E7A5

Extra Health (Most levels)
This code doesn't work on EVERY level, but it DOES work when fighting WarHawk and Minion!!

Mega Machineguns
This code allows the machineguns on EVERY vheicle to be fired at an extreme rate!

Rapid Fire Missiles
This code will allow you to launch the Fire Missiles as fast as you can press the fire button.

Rapid Homing Missiles
This code will allow you to launch the Homing Missiles as fast as you can press the fire button.

Rapid Pow Missiles
This code will allow you to launch the Pow Missiles as fast as you can press the fire button.

Rapid Gas Cans
This code will allow you to launch the Gas Cans at a much faster rate.

Rapid Rico
This code will allow you to launch the Rico as fast as you can press the fire button.

Gun Never Overheats
You'll see the messge 'Machinegun Overheat', but they won't shut down.

Yellow Jacket Playable

Axel Playable

WartHog Playable

Man Slaughter Playable

Minion Playable

Freeway-Massive Level Unlocked

Prison Pass-Massive Level Unlocked

Skyscrapers-Large Level Unlocked

Minion Stadium-Small Level Unlocked

Billy Ray Middle Movie Unlocked

Billy Ray Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Preacher Middle Movie Unlocked

Preacher Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Agent Stone Middle Movie Unlocked

Agent Stone Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Mr. Grim Middle Movie Unlocked

Mr. Grim Epilogue Movie Unlocked

John Doe Middle Movie Unlocked

John Doe Epilogue Movie Unlocked

No Face Middle Movie Unlocked

No Face Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Bloody Mary Middle Movie Unlocked

Bloody Mary Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Dollface Middle Movie Unlocked

Dollface Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Raven Middle Movie Unlocked

Raven Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Mr. Kane & Son Prologue Movie Unlocked

Mr. Kane & Son Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Axel Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Cage Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Black Epilogue Movie Unlocked

SweetTooth Middle Movie Unlocked

SweetTooth Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Enemies Are Sitting Ducks
This code will stop almost every enemy on a level and they will not fire at you.

If this code is used on level 8, the WarHawk battle, the fuel tankers will not enter the level and you will be unable to defeat WarHawk.
1C87CB4015F6E79D 1C87CB441456E7A5 1C87D28C1456E7A5 1C87AA641456E7A5 1C87AA681456E7A5

Idiot AI
This code will stop the enemy from firing at you; sometimes they won't even see you.
This code even works against Minion and the Tankers on WarHawks level. It does NOT, however, effect WarHawk.
Elevators Level
Start on the Highway Loop Leval. Make sure that there are only 1 or 2 enemies remaning. Go to the bridge with the gap. Go on the side opposite from the long tunnel. Faceing away from the bridge on the left on the other side of the wall you can see two round towers. Hit the one closest to the bridge with a gas can. It will roll into the tunal and make a hole were you will find the cube inside
exchange weapons for health
while playing the game hold down all 4 shoulder buttons and press triangle, x, square, o
youll lose your weapons but gain health.
god mode
while playing hold down the shoulder buttons and press up, x, left, o
during the game hold down the shoulder buttons and press right, left, down, up
killer weapons
during the game press the shoulder buttons and press x, x, up.
mega guns
during the game hold down the shoulder buttons and press x, x, triangle
Minion Code Talk
As you know, Minion talks in code. This is the codes for what he says.
He speaks in numbers, which happen to correspond to the number they are in the alphabet.

Code After The First Level:
9 4 15 14 15 20 = "I do not"
20 8 9 14 11 = "Think"
20 8 9 19 = "This"
9 19 18 5 1 12 = "Is Real"

So what he says in all is, "I do not think this is real"...
No Enemies in Challenge Mode
If you want to just drive around levels and shoot cars, you will like this cheat. First go into challenge mode. Next, Select your character and level. Now it's time to pick your opponents. If your press O, then it will say to choose a car, but if you tap L1+L2 four times, and THEN press O the sceen will laod and there will be no people. NOTE: You must enter quickly or it will not work. Enjoy!
Prison Passage Lvl. / WartHog
In story mode, at the suburbs, turn left at the carnival entrance and jump off the hill and land on a building with a structure on it. (if you blow it up and go down and get WartHog) turbo to the end of the building row. When you get there jump to the building with the flat top (R1 & L1) when you get there blow up the structure on thr building to the right, you'll see a black box, get it and the level will be opened.
To unlock sewer stage
In order to unlock the sewer stage (multi-player only) go to the rooftops level with any character. Drive to the part where you shoot the billboard to make a ramp that connects 2 buildings. Fall between the gap at a certain spot and you will fall to your death, but will also unlock the sewer stage!
To Unlock the Warhawk Level
At the first level in story mode, go to the pizza boy statue and shoot it with homing missiles (about 3 times) and he will blow up and his hat should be on the ground by the elavator/ crusher thing. Get a running start about 30 feet away from the hat. When the crusher goes down, launch yourself off and get on top of the crusher (helps to slam the brakes when on top). When the crusher goes up, you should see a floating black box. Snatch the box and a message should appear
'Warhawk Unlocked'. Then I recommend you save. You can play this level on multiplayer. Have fun pushing your freinds off the skyscraper!
Unlock Axel
Ok, go to the Freeway board. Go to the Construction site on there, and looking directly at the cranes, go for the one on the left. The tricky part. You gotta shoot out the control box, don't aim for the box hanging from the crane. Blow up the Control Box, and the Box will lower, shoot the control panel, and Axel is yours. You may want to jump off the hill to get a good angle to shoot the box.
Unlock New Levels
These are the Levels that can be unlocked by finding the hidden black cubes in each level of StoryMode:

Scrap Yard: You can unlock the Warhawk level by finding the black cube here.

Midtown Suburbs: You can unlock the Prison level by finding this cube.

Highway: You can unlock the Elevators level by finding this cube.

Downtown: You can unlock the Minion Stadium level by finding the cube.

Snowy Roads: You can unlock the Powerplant level by finding the cube.

Warhawk's Rooftop: You can unlock the Skyscrapers level by finding the cube.
Weapon Damage
Here is a helpful list of the weapons and how powerful they really are:

Machine Gun - Damage: 1-5
Fire Missile - Damage: 8
Homing Missile - Damage: 5
Power Missile - Damage: 20
Gas Can - Damage: 11
Ricochet Bomb - Damage: 9
Environmental Hazard - Damage: Special
Skill Reticle - Damage: 7-70
Skill Satellite - Damage: 7-70
Skill Zoomie - Damage: 2-20
Freeze Missile - Damage: 1
Mine - Damage: 10
Charge-up Mine - Damage: 20