Silent Hill 3 Cheats

Silent Hill 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Silent Hill 3 cheat codes.


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Bullet savers
Here's some ways to save bullets:

*With a double-head (evil dog), get far away enough to let it jump at you. Keep your handgun raised, and when he's in mid-air, shoot it once to drop it (takes timing), then, when he's on the ground, walk up and press X repeatedly to stomp him to death (if you're quick enough. You might have to repeat the strategy if it gets up)

*Don't be afraid to turn-off the flashlight in a dark room of double-heads. If you do so and walk lightly, you can avoid their attention and walk safely by

*If a double-head or slurper (crawling demon) is pursuing you, drop some beef jerky to distract it.

*If up against some real slow-movers (like closers) just run past and they won't think twice about you

*When fighting a nurse with a gun, close up on them and block as they're about to pistol-whip (and if you get it, it won't hurt as much as a bullet) and finish it with a series of pipe smacks or katana slices

Btw. if you can't follow these tactics and end up shootin' too many things anyway, the game will forgive you by dropping ammo if you need it.
Instant death evasion!
Another instance where (near) instant death can occur is in the hospital. When it turns into the "otherworld" there is a room on the 3rd floor with a large mirror and a empty stretcher in the corner. The strange blood(ish) lines start coming from the mirror and your reflection stops moving DO NOT stand still and gaze into the reflections eyes as death awaits anyone who does. If you just want to get scared save your game and go into this room! when heather dies with a scream i sure did jump!!
Toilet terror
This egg takes place in Silent Hill 3 but you can only see it if you have a completed file from Silent Hill 2. Go and examine the toilet in the second cubicle in the 1F ladies restroom in the mall and a funny scene will occur in which Heather tries to look for something in the bowl, only to be comically grossed outand then addresses you, the gamer directly


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Alternative Costumes
HappyBirthday to get the: ''Heather Shirt'' Costume.
I_Love_You to get the: ''Onsen'' costume.
PutHere2FeelJoy to get the: ''Block Head'' Costume.
TOUCH_MY_HEART to get the: ''Don't Touch'' Costume.
GangsterGirl to get the: ''God Of Thunder'' Costume.
LightToFuture to get the: ''The Light'' Costume.
ShogyouMujou to get the: ''Transience'' Costume.
BlueRobbieWin to get the: ''Killer Rabbit'' Costume.
01_03_08_11_12 to get the: ''Royal Flush'' Costume.
cockadooodledoo to get the: ''Golden Rooster'' Costume.
Princess Heart to get the: ''Transform'' Costume
Shut_your_mouth to get the: ''Zipper'' Costume
Ammo Adjust X5
To unlock the X5 Ammo Multiplier in the special options menu, finish the game once. Then load the same game data from your last save spot and finish it with the same file again. Do this ten times and you can now set the multiplier option to five.
Avoid Insta-Death
There are a few spots in the game where Heather can die instantly and it's Game Over. Keep the following hot spots in mind to avoid this problem.

Chapel: After Claudia murders Vincent, you're given a choice of what to do afterwards. Do NOT fire at her or the creature within Heather will take over her body again and the game ends.

Haunted House: When Heather reaches the "Exit" at the end of the tour, a strange humming red light will pursue her down the following two hallways. Do NOT stand still or it will consume her. The moment you get through the door keep running until you are all the way out.

Subway: Heather can jump off the platforms and onto the tracks. However, do NOT try to run off-screen and into the next area or a cut-scene of a train running her over ensues.

Subway: When Heather reaches the final train platform, she must check out the red-lighted door down the track tunnel. Immediately after she does two hounds will rush her from behind. Either kill them off as quickly as you can or avoid them altogether and climb back up onto the platform. If you do not do this in time the train will run her over.

Underground: Heather reaches a blood-splattered room with a small grate bridge spanning a pool of water. Do NOT cross the bridge before killing the creature underneath or she will get pulled in and killed.
Beginner Level
To unlock the "Beginner" difficulty setting, die on purpose at least twice during regular gameplay.
Bonus Options
Enter this sequence in the options menu

Bonus Options - Simultaneously press L1, L2, R1, and R2 to make the new options appear.
Boss Strategy: Alessa
Alessa has four forms. Each time you "kill" her she will reappear on another part of the carousel with a new weapon. She goes from knife, to pistol, to pipe, to machine gun. You can either use a gun on her each time she posesses a melee weapon and a melee weapon whenever she posesses a gun; but your best bet is to equip your katana and attack her relentlessly. Slash away at her first form and when she disappears, quickly start running around the carousel until you find her next form. Don't wait in one spot for her to show up or she could ambush you from behind. You basically just want to hunt her down and beat her senselessly with your katana until she's dead for good. The only time you want to let up on her is if you're in need of health items.
Boss Strategy: Leonard
Despite Heather's difficulty moving through the water, Leonard is relatively easy to defeat. All you need to do is run in a loose oval around the room until you hear him resurface. Then, before he can swat at you with those arms of his, draw your weapon and let him have it with your shotgun, regardless of whether or not you can see him on-screen. Sometimes he'll start writhing in the water before going back under. In this instance you can either take that moment to heal on the off chance you've been damaged, or switch to your handgun and plug him a few times before switching back over to your shotgun and repeating the process.
Boss Strategy: Missionary
This boss is a bit quicker and trickier than the others. He will dash around the roof, making him hard to get a bead on. You do NOT want to stay put when fighting him, because after his initial dash he will head straight for you and slash at you with those deadly blades. Run around the roof in a circle and when he charges you, keep going until you're somewhat behind him. Then draw your shotgun quickly and shoot him in the back. If you attempt to attack him from the front it will be ineffective because he will only block the shot with his blades.
Boss Strategy: SplitWorm
This is by far the easiest boss to beat in the game. Simply run around in the middle of the room and wait until it shows its ugly mug. This will also help you avoid its tremor attacks. It's basically a guessing game to see which tunnel it comes out of. Then, keeping your distance from it, stand directly in front of its mouth and let it have a taste of your weapon. If it begins to roar it means that it's going to rush you, so get out of the way quickly and then return to your original spot. A few well-placed shots will defeat it quickly.
Boss Strategy: The God
The last boss is surprisingly easy to defeat. Keep running around the floor in a loose circle to avoid the flames. If you stay in one spot the flames will come directly at you, so keep on the move. When the god lowers her body into the battlefield, stand somewhat close to her and shoot her in the head with your semi-automatic machine gun. If you run out of bullets for that weapon, switch to your shotgun, followed by your pistol. It may take a lot of ammo to fell her, but it shouldn't be that difficult. The only thing you want to watch out for is getting too close and getting thwacked by those long arms.
Conquer Your Fatigue
Wearing the Princess Heart transform costume will help Heather run extremely long distances without getting tired. Stamina counts in this game during battle, so you'll need to save it up. Also, in Easy Mode fatigue does not come into play as much, especially when you are wearing the Bullet Proof Vest, because Heather doesn't run as fast.
Douglas In His Underpants
After successfully completing the game, highlight the "Extra New Game" option at the main menu. Then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X. Select your difficulty and puzzle levels and Heather should sigh if you've done this correctly. Now Douglas will appear in his boxers during cutscenes.

Note: I could have sworn I saw this cheat already posted here once before, but I don't know what happened to it.
Extra Costume
Complete the game to unlock the Extra Costume mode on the Main Menu. From here, input the code listed below. Note that this cheat is case sensitive.

Game Informer Tank Top - gameinformer
Extra Interactive Scenes
Have finished game data from Silent Hill 2 on the same memory card as your Silent Hill 3 data to unlock special interactive sequences, such as Heather unplugging the toilet in the mall.
Extra Options Menu
Yes, it's the famous extra options screen present in every Silent Hill game. Simply go to the regular options screen and then press any of the trigger buttons (L1, R1, etc.) to open up an extra options screen where you can edit blood color, adjust bullet count, etc.
Extra Subway Cut-Scene
There are two steps to getting an extra cut-scene where an unknown person pushes Heather off the train platform and onto the tracks. First, make sure you read the four month old newspaper sitting on top of a phone booth on the top main floor of the subway. Then, read the Occult Magazine sitting on the floor in one of the lower tunnels. When you go downstairs from the magazine you will automatically enter the cut-scene. When it's over, press R1 and L1 to wheel Heather around in the opposite direction so that she can climb back up on the platform quickly, or else the train will run her down.
Gold And Silver Pipes
In the sewers where you use the Hairdryer to kill the monster under the bridge, walk up to the water (but don't fall in) and press X. It will ask you if you wish to throw your steel pipe in. Select "Yes" and a woman emerges to ask you three questions. Answer "No", "No" and "Yes" to recieve both pipes.
Heather Beam
Defeat 333 enemies. Playing the game several times through will achieve this.
Heather Beam Firing Modes
Homing Ray: When Heather is not wearing the Princess Heart costume, hold X.

Psycho Ball: Used anytime, press X and then press and hold X a second time.

True Beam: When Heather is wearing the Princess Heart costume, hold X.
Life Display Option
Successfully complete the game on Hard Difficulty to unlock the Life Display option at the secret extra options screen.
More Alternate Costumes
ProTip: GamePro Shirt
GMRownzjoo: GMR Shirt
SH3_OpiuM: OPM Shirt
badical: PSM Shirt
EGMpretaporter: EGM Shirt
Suspense: 13eme Rue Shirt
Possessed Ending
1. Defeat most of the enemies in the game using long range weapons (guns).

2. Get injured a lot, and run around needing health a few times.

3. Tell the woman at the confessional that you forgive her.
Showdown With Claudia
When you get to the final room of the chapel after Claudia and Vincent are done fighting and the cut-scene ends, you have a choice of what to do to Claudia. Do NOT fire at her or try to attack her in any way, because this will only get you a Game Over. Instead, use the charm inside the necklace Harry gave Heather to progress beyond that point safely.
After you get to the apartment building under construction after the sewers, go to floor 5. You will come to a room where Heather comments on the fact that a squatter probably lived there. To the right of the mattress above the hole in the floor is a wall with a white, concrete looking section. You'll know it's the right wall when the camera angle changes. Use the maul or another melee weapon to break it open. You'll find the silencer for your HandGun.
Silent Hill 3 Hint
If you are ever stuck with a monster and you are all out of Ammo. Remember that you have Beef Jerky. If you are ever stuck with a Monster without Ammo you can throw some Beef Jerky at the Monsters (especially with mosters that resembles dogs) and they will pick up the Beef Jerky and go away.

Note- You will have to find the Beef Jerky. But usually it is in the kitchen.
Special Weapon Locations
Here's where to find special weapons after you unlock them:

Beam Saber: End of the hallway where you get the bookstore key; hanging on the door.

Flamethrower: In Helen's Bakery on the counter.

Heather Beam: After getting it, you will always have it automatically.

Infinite Ammo Sub-Machine Gun: After escaping through the mall bathroom window, at the end of the alley to the left.

UFO Ending
First, successfully complete the game. Make sure you've entered the password to get the Transform Costume. Also, you must have unlocked the Heather Beam by defeating more enemies with melee weapons. Then, start a new game and defeat all enemies and bosses using ONLY the Heather Beam. The monsters defeated counter at the end should read "0 Kills" if you've done this correctly.
Unlock Extreme Action Modes
Successfully finish Hard Mode to unlock Extreme Action Mode 1, then defeat that mode to unlock EA Mode 2 and so on up to EA Mode 10. This will also give you the password for the God Of Thunder costume.
Using The Silencer
Not only can you equip the silencer to your pistol, but it can also be equipped to your machine gun! Just make sure you have your machine gun armed when you attach the silencer so that it doesn't end up on the pistol instead.