Silent Hill 2 (PS2) Cheats

Silent Hill 2 cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Silent Hill 2 cheat codes.


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Access Hidden Options Menu
Press the following at the Options Menu:
Additional Puzzle Difficulty
When you get almost to the end of the hospital area and go down in the elevator, you will get a call on the radio. It is game show which will ask three questions. You must go to the third floor storeroom to get your prize. The combination to the box is 3 1 3.
Ammo Multiplier
Beat the game once to unlock the Bullet Adjust, which allows for double or even triple bullets per pack.
An Extra Scene with Maria
If you go to the 2nd floor of Brookhaven Hospital and into the Women's Locker Room, if you still have Maria with you, examine the Bear to see this scene. I won't spoil it for you. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Chainsaw (in the start)
When you complete the game go on the retry option and go down the alley where you meet your first zombie (mwahahahaha) And the is some
suspisious logs look there and there is a chainsaw (now go and kick that zombies ass yeah)
This cheat will explain how to get each and every ending in Silent Hill 2
| In Water |
In order to get the 'In Water' ending the following must be accomplished [note that you don't need to do every single thing mentioned here] but each one you do will increase the chances of getting this ending, which is actually quite easy to get.First of all, throughout the entire game,the more time you spend with low to mid health,the better chance you have of getting this ending.Every once in awhile go into your inventory and examine the Angela's Knife as well.Read the diary on top of the hospital, as well as listen to the headphones in the hotel. The final thing to do is stand in the final hallway while the conversation with Mary plays out, do not leave until it is over.
| Leave |
The 'Leave' ending is pretty much the default ending you will get if you just play through normally,which makes it pretty easy to get.Make sure you go in the direction of the hotel when Maria first starts following you around.Do not examine the diary on top of the hospital or listen to the headphones,but do listen to the conversation in the final hallway. If you ever get hurt during the game,access your menu and heal your wounds immediately.
| Maria |
This is the hardest ending to obtain, as it takes the most work from the player. It mostly revolves around your actions when Maria is with you,never try and go in the wrong direction in town,head toward the hotel,then the bowling alley.Never let Maria get hit by enemies,or by you.When you drop her off in the patient ward in the hospital,make sure you stay with her for some time,then make a number of return visits to check on her.Run all the way to the end of the hall at the end of the game and ignore the conversation,and try not to do any of the major factors for the other endings,like examining Angela's Knife.
| Rebirth |
The "Rebirth" ending can only be acquired after you've completed the game at least once,it involves collecting four items you'll find throughout the game,this is the only condition and you will guarantee this ending if you pick them all up.It's not hard to get if you know where to look.The locations are as follows: White Chrism is in Room 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments,Lost Memories is in the newspaper dispenser at the Texxon Gas Station,Obsidian Goblet is in a smashed glass case in the Historical Society,and the Crimson Ceremonies is on the bookshelf in the reading room of the alternate hotel.Now just go and beat the game.
| Dog |
You cannot get the 'Dog' ending until you have gotten all three basic endings,or the 'Rebirth ending'.When you go out the West exit of the Rosewater park for the first time,head South into a little area with a doghouse that only appears if the ending conditions are met,get the Dog Key from inside.Now play the game as far as Room 312 in the Hotel,after watching the video on the VCR, the ending will trigger automatically.[Note this is not a serious ending, don't play through expecting one.]

Passing 2nd Pyramid Head Encounter on HARD
It's difficult to get to the elevator without Maria dying prematurely on HARD. To stop her being attacked too often, equip the chainsaw weapon and position yourself tactically before activating Pyramid Head's appearance.

Run a little down the corridor and TURN AROUND FAST (RI + L1) and hold the ready button (R2). Just when you're pointing at Pyramid Head, HOLD X (the attack button) firmly and do not move the anolog stick in any direction - James will attack with a chainsaw STAB. Hold X down firmly for as long as you want and James will continue to do this attack.

If you don't hold the button firmly or if you move the anolog stick, James will do a swiping attack - this is no good as it will hit off the walls or even hit Maria.

Continue your attacks on Pyramid Head until he becomes slowed down a lot. When you feel safe enough, turn around (R1 + L1) and continue your escape. When Pyramid Head picks up speed, turn around and let him meet the same series of attacks. Do this until you think you're close enough to run the rest of the way.

Note: If you have the patience, you can continue this attack until Pyramid Head pushes you to the end himself! (Though his will take a fairly long time full of loud chainsaw sounds, there's always the mute feature on your TV <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> )

Easter eggs

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James' Chainsaw Taunt
If you equip the chainsaw on James and stand IDLE while there is an enemy close by, James will scream and taunt the enemy with the chainsaw, holding it in the air and shaking it like a maniac.

If you can't find a right place to do this without being hit, don't worry, there are two instances when this can be done with little to no chance of being hit.

1. In the Apartments, after certain progress is made, Pyramid Head will appear standing and breathing behind bars on the second floor just past the room with the clock hand puzzle. Your radio will sound danger static but there is no chance of being hurt by Pyramid Head at this time - though there is still the chance of being attacked from behind by straight jacket monsters if you haven't already cleared them. Position James so that he is close to the bars and wait for the taunt animation to begin.

2. Early in the game, when you travel down an ally to get the key to the apartment gate, you will pass by a VAN with a straight jacket monster waiting under it. If you pass, the enemy will appear out from under it and move around - this risks being hit. Instead, just before you get near it, stop and stand idle. On hard, there's still small chance of being hit by the bug monster which sounds like a broken pram wheel being pushed around. Mostly, there is no chance of being hit, though - so stand idle with the chainsaw and James will taunt at the enemy under the van.

There may be other instances where you can use the taunt effectively but they are up to you to find out.

This is a relatively unknown Easter Egg even to Silent Hill fans and goes largely un-discussed or mentioned among many Silent Hill fan sites and forums.
James' Corpse
In the apartments, you can find a skinned body (apart from the head) sitting lifelessly in front of an untuned TV. The camera is designed in such a way that it is IMPOSSIBLE to turn to see the face of the victim, however it is still confirmed that the corpse is James. It's his face, hair and polygon structure - This is revealed in the making of Silent Hill 2 by one of the main Japanese dovelopers.
Motion Acting & Voices
All characters who did the motion action for the characters also did the voices for them, too. This is was done in Silent Hill 3, too.


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Extra Hard Riddle mode
To get this, finish three games, each with a different riddle level, in any order.


1st game, Easy
2nd game, Normal
3rd game, Hard

When you load a new game, it won't appear, but you'll know it's active because the puzzles are much harder.
Getting Different Wepons
After you complete the game once, use the new re-play option. As you come across the ranch at the start of the game, you will see a pile of logs your chainsaw will be found there.

.Extra Options.
Press L1 or R1 in the options menu will unlock new options like the color of blood, the level of map zoom and more.

.Hyper Spray.
Complete the game on any difficulty and the hyper spray should become avaliable. Restart your game and check the motor home to find it.

.Return To Title Screen.
Simply press L1,R1, select and start simultaneously.
Reading the writings
Once you get all five endings, go through the game again and you'll be able to read all the writing on signs that was previously obscured.
Secret Items
Chainsaw- Finish the game on Easy Action level or higher. Stuck in logs near the beginning of the game.

Hyper Spray- Finish game twice, with one game either on Normal or Hard Action. Found in the RV on Saul St.

Ritual Items- Finish the game once, regardless of difficulty.


White Chrism- Room 105 kitchen, Blue Creek Apts.

Book of Lost Memories- Texxon Gas Station, newspaper rack.

Obsidian Goblet- Silent Hill Historical Society, broken display case.

Book of Crimson Ceremony- Reading Room, Dark Lake View Hotel.

Dog Key- Finish the game with the Rebirth Ending. In the Dog house next to Jack's Inn.
solution to coin puzzle (extra riddle mode)
Old man, empty, snake, prisoner, empty.