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Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo Cheats

Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo cheats, and Codes for PS2.

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Tip: Geting Garma's Zaku IIsubmitted by Cardo - Foxhound150@hotmail.com
On the second level in the story mode (called Winds of War) you start out in front of White Base. From there run forward and destroy only the magellas. Then run back to White Base and jump on the right side of it on the leg. Wait for Zeon fighters to come your way and then shoot down seven of them. You will hear aumaro say stuff when you shoot them down. Later on, about midway into the board, you will hear him say something about the squadron leader. If you shot down the 7 Zeon fighters then a new screen will play and show an orangish-brown Zaku with a bigger gun and four vulcan cannons. Fight him and when you're done with him Char will come and tell him to pull out. Then fight Char, win and then save. When you go to your MS gallery there should be one for Garma's Zaku II. Then if in tactics mode you have already beat the missions with all the suits, just play one of the missions and a movie should say that you've got a new gundam. In my case I started a whole new story mode game and quit after the second level and he was there. Good Luck! Hail Zeon!

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