: : : : : Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha (Import)

Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha (Import)

Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha (Import) Cheats

Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha (Import) cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PS2.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alto's VF-25F Tornado PackChoose either Sheryl or Ranka to accompany Alto during Stage 35, then choose the same character again in Stage 38. During Stage 45, have Alto achieve a kill count of at least 70 before he enters the Vajra Nest.
Chirico's Scopedog TC-ISSHave each of you allied units defeat at least one enemy from the prologue battle all the way to Stage 39. Then before Stage 39 ends, ensure that Chirico both a)has a kill count of 70+ and)forces Ipsilon to retreat by reducing his HP to below 8000.
Holland's Terminus 303 SP BoosterHave Holland achieve a kill count of at least 50 before he leaves the party during Stage 33. He will rejoin you later on in Stage 49.
Marguerite's Pearl NailDefeat Marguerite using Crowe sometime in between Stages 34 - 36. Then have Crowe either defeat or convince Marguerite during Stage 42 (Earth) or Stage 43 (Space). This will allow Marguerite to become an allied unit during Stage 49 after either she or Schwar is defeated.
Unlockable Equipment Items
UnlockableHow to unlock
Auto-Repair Machine (10% HP Regen)Have Crowe pilot Blaster and move him to the bottom right of the satellite towerduring Stage 13
Haro (+2 Move Range, +25 Evasion, +25 Accuracy, +1 Attack Range)Achieve a kill count of at least 70 with Lockon before Stage 49
Mark of the Brave (+25 Evasion, +25 Accuracy, +25 Critical Chance, +200 Defense)Have Takeru pilot Godmars during Stage 31 and Stage 41, and make him convince then defeat Marg
Super Alloy Z (+1200 Max HP, +250 Defense, 10% EN Regen)Have Kouji piloting Mazinger Z during Stage 41, and move him to the center of three buildings surrounded by a forest
Super Repair Kit (Refill all HP, EN, and Ammo once per battle)Have Crowe pilot Blaster during Stage 30 and move him to the panel where Zenitori started in
Yggdrasil Drive (+150 Max EN)Achieve a kill count of at least 40 with Suzaku before Stage 34


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CODES - Gold Finger

master code
EC852164 1456E79B

EC852164 1445C524


all parts=9
7CFFA3E0 143EE7A6
3CA08331 1456E7A5
1CFFA240 1456E79E

0CB4713C 1456D3C9
1CB47140 0C53A3A5
9C9AB328 88D9E66F
9C9AB32C 1453CF25
9C9AB330 0C4D2C1D

hit count=4x
0CB47188 1456E66D
1CB4718C 0C5397A5
9CB47190 1459FF25
9C9AC32C 1479CFC6
9C9AC330 B8D3E66D
9C9AC334 0C4D2C30

1 hit=pp,hit count max
9CB4719C 1456E7A5
9CB47150 1456E7A5

EC852164 1456E79B

1 hit=hit count max
1CB47198 2C75E7A5

1 hit=pp max
1CB4714C 2C75E7A5

stat max
1CB47FBC 2C75E7A5
1CB47FD4 2C75E7A5
1CB47FEC 2C75E7A5
1CB47F04 2C75E7A5
1CB47F20 2C75E7A5
1CB47E34 2C75E7A5

EXP Lv 99
1CB46EC4 1456E7A5

SP unlimited

Unlimited movement
9c864d04 2894e79d
9c864d08 b4d4e779
9c864d18 3854e7a5

?????(not sure wat is it)

9CBA1EAC 1906E7A2
9CBA1EB0 1332E8F5
9CBA1EB4 1524F5D7
9CBA1EB8 137344A6
9CBA1EC0 1456EAA5
9CD56CD8 DAD31828
9CD56CDC CAD34328
9CD56CE0 D2D34528
9CD56CE4 8FD34128
9CD56CE8 1456E7A5
9CD56CEC 1456E7A5
9CD56CF4 D7D57127
9CD56CF8 D7D52A26

master codes
ec852178 1456e79b

subsequently attained money x 10
9cb5b9f8 105a9924
9c86dd44 145a06a5

mind SP undecrease
9cb470bc e5a2ebbd

infinite removal
9c864d04 2894e79d
9c864d08 b4d4e779
9c864d18 3854e7a5

engery undecrease
9cb1f668 e416d3de

bullet undecrease
9cb1f6f0 145acfb3

1hit pp max
1CB4714C 2C75E7A5

Option parts max 4
9CB10030 3857E7A1
9CB10034 B637E7CA