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2006 FIFA World Cup (PS2) Cheats

2006 FIFA World Cup cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Scoring Goals in FIFA can be very hard or very easy, depending on how you do it.

First you must watch the Opponents Keeper, if he is running at you try lobbing him as he runs to you.

If he's staying back on his goal line try shooting as you reach the penalty spot. A simple tap can be good enough.
How to Get The legends of football playing for your team.
Have you ever wanted, to have the legends of football, like Zico, Carlos Alberto on your brazillian worldcup squad or other legends for other countrys? well then this tip will help you.

You will notice that you earn points during the game, well if you buy, the players you would like on the worldcup squad like carlos alberto and zico ect, and then, you are playing with there country get a player say a defender for brazil sent of like a player you dont need, like a sub, place the sub on starting lineup get him sent of, then the next time youplay a match youll have a legend defender on ure team, with a full ovr (ususally) but sadly you can only have them for one match, as they go away when the player that got cared is unsuspended try this out for all countrys and all positions.

Unlockable: All-Americans Team
You must win the World Cup with at least one team from the Americas.


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all world team
win the world cup with a team from each continent to unlock all world team. This taem is unbeatable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!