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James Bond 007: NightFire (PS2) Cheats

James Bond 007: NightFire cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Bond move Deep Descent
When you have to destroy there communication relay instead of going through the giant fans and get damage use the remote torpedo to guide it throu the fans and destroy there communication relay.
bond move in the exchange
At the first stage of the game you must find a switch. Open the switch box and zap only the green wire with your laser. If you zap the red laser too an alarm will go off. You get a bond move as well as leave the red wire.
Cable walk
Can u walk on the cable? yes.
All u do is go on the roof of lift tower be careful and walk out on to the cable.
TIP: Be carful lift will push u back jup over lift.Enjoy.
----Incoming Transmission from Alura------

Drake has taken over the International Space defence Platform, some of the original might still be alive but I can't conferm that I can tell you that Drake imployed a laser defence net witch draws power from the platfroms core,

Rather enjoyed your company James, do be careful, Call out.

---End of Transmission------

Objective 1: Disalbe the missiles

To disable the missiles when they are about to launch shoot the green flashing copling to disable them, at the same time eneimies will be coming out of the auto doors kill them druring the missile launch prepration. Once you have done that you have done the hard part of the mission.

Objective Complete!

New objective: Deafet drake before the base goes critical

Now this is the actional hard part.
before you diabled the first rocket eniemies came out, while you were fighting them Drake unconnected your space shuttle so you couldn't escape. But un sure the nose part of it broke of and flew straight after the last missile was disabled into the laser and hurt Drake!

But he flies out with his jet pack and starts to shoot powerful missile at you,1 way of killing him is just dodge his rockets and give him some shots with your Pheonix Samirai or just dodge his rockets then he will by accident shoot his laser and it will reflect the laser on him.

Objetcive complete!

Mission Complete!

Equinox/ game video
James Bond gets to the escape pod and escapes but when he does the ISDP (International Space defence Platform) blows up, but bond just escapes.

If anyone find out if anything else happens in the ending video please post it on the site, because I haven't deafeted drake just watched the video and fighted drake the I died. And I need help with it so can someone give me advice,hint,cluse and help?

---------MISSION EQINOX COMPLETE!-------------
Equinox level: Defeat Drake
After you disable thhe missles in the base, Drake will come out and try to kill you. If your having trouble killing him, try this tip. For this tip you need good aiming. While Drake is shooting missles at you, don't stop moving. I reapet. DON'T STOP MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see moving will give you a chance to shoot at Drake and dodge the missles at the same time!!! I know it may seem harder to aim but hey, it worked for me. And Remember DSM . . . . DON'T STOP MOVING!!!!!!! Trevor out.
floating tripbomb
go all the way up the stairs in fort nox enter one of the rooms and put a tripbomb on the glass punch the glass and the tripbomb will float where the glass used to be
Long Range Kills
If you don't happen to have a sniper handy and you still want to kill somebody from a long way away there is a way to do it. NOTE: This works best with pistols because unlike an SMG the first shot is always EXACTLY where your target dot is pointed. Pull up your micro camera out of your gadgets and press L1 to aim. Zoom in as closely as you can right onto the person's head. Then, witout moving your aim at all switch to your gun such as a P2K or PP7. Fire and you should get a headshot which is a one shot kill. This only works if your target is not moving, if they are moving then you must zero in on one spot in their programmed motion and then time your shot so the bullet hits them right when they are at that spot. This is very useful for either levels with no snipers or levels where you don't have a sniper yet and still need a kill from far away.
Oddjob's hat!
When playing as Oddjob, one of his default weapons is a hat. You can throw the hat as far as you like and it kills enemies in one hit.
Ranged Warfare Without Ranged Weaponry
Throughout the game, you will find many, many areas that are excellent sniping points, yet you will have no Sniper Rifle in site. Although I would not recommend the following for missions, it will be fairly useful in arena combat with friends.

Your gun has a built in target dot which you can use to aim. The golden gun, is a fairly powerful gun. Although many people prefer to use sniper rifles in many cases, this tiny circle can be used with precision and can make powerful kills if the use of the Golden Gun is implemented.

Just as useful as the sniper rifle, with a better reload time. WARNING: This should only be used if you are sure of your sniping skills.
In The Excange level start at the bgining of the level go dowh the stairs. Then go out the front door make the gaurd surrender by putting your gun in his back. He then will turn around and surendder but he still has a hand gun so shoot him. By then you should see a truck stop next to you jump on the hood and then in the pick up then you will go up to the gate be shure to croutch up to thecab 007 move in to the castle.


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All Levels Unlock
Unlocks all levels by going to codename at the bottom of the main menu and go to your file, then go to secret unlocks and type in "PASSPORT
All Gadgets
Enter the code: Q LAB

(Note the space between Q and LAB)
All Missions
at the pause menu hold l1+r1 enter sqaure sqaure triangle triangle on the night shift. Complete night shift and all missions will be unlocked.Works 4 me!
Alpine Escape Level
Select Codenames from the menu, select your codename. Select Secrets Unlocks, then enter the codes.

Alpine Escape Level - POWDER
Awesome Cheats
Berserk Racing
During the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration, and Deep Descent levels, pause the game, Hold L1, and press square, triangle x2, square, triangle, circle, then release, L1.
Bigger clip for Sniper Rifle
Enter the following code: MAGAZINE

bond in a spacesuit
enter: ZERO G as a code and you will be able to play as bond in a spacesuit in multiplayer
Camera Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - SHUTTER
Chain Reaction Level
To enable this code, enter - MELTDown
Countdown Level
To enable this code, enter - BLASTOFF
Decrypter Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - SESAME
Deep Descent Level
To enable this code, enter - AQUA
Destruction Mode
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": TNT
Double Cross Level
To enable this code, press - BONSAI
Enemies Vanquished
On the Enemies Vanquished level, pause the game, press and hold L1, and enter the following codes to unlock these cheats;

2X Armor: Press - S, T, C, S, S
3X Armor: Press - S, T, C, S[x3]
4X Armor: Press - S, T, C, S[x4]

Crazy Racing Mode: Press - S, T, C, S, T, C
Extra Race: Press - C, C, S, S, T
Insane Racing Mode: Press - S, T, T, S, T, C
Racing Trails: Press - S, C, C, S
Super Bullets: Press - C[x4]
Unlock SUV: Press - S, C, T, S, T
Equinox Level
To enable this code, enter - VACUUM
Faster Laser
To make your laser faster enter PHOTON as a code.
in the sub marine level on multiplayer you can walk through the walls and get underwater by the submarines.go to where the switch is to use the lift.when its up.try walking into it over and over side to side and your'll eventerlly get into the lift then go to the right corner and try there ur get into it(your'll see a weird glitch there) but if you dont get enough into the right you'll get stuck and it glitches unless you have a sentinel to kill yourself.
Glitch in Skyrail
First go to multi player. Then choose sky rail.You must have at least three human players. If you get in a tight spot sometimes you will go right through the ground! This has only happened 3 times so it might not work. Also, you cant get out so youd have to restart or kill yourself.
Golden PP7
To enable this code, enter - AU PP7
Golden Wolfram P2K
To enable this code, enter - AU P2K
Grapple Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - LIFTOFF
hold two guns
If playing on multiplayer select weapons as Phoenix weapons. Then when you play the game you start of with a hand-gun. If you pick up more ammunition for it it will give you the secong gun.
But, be warned the gun cannot be turned on to burst mode and taked longer to reload.
Island Infiltration Level
To enable code, enter - PARADISE
King Of The Hill Mode
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": TEAMWORK
Laser Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - PHOTON
Level Select
Select Codenames, then select Secrets Unlock,

Now type in the word PASSPORT to unlock all Levels
Night Shift Level
To enable this code, enter - HIGHRISE
P2K Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - P2000
Phoenix Fire Level
To enable this code, enter - FLAME
Scope Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - SCOPE
Shelby Cobra
Play the Enemies Vanquished level. Pause the game, hold L1 and press Right, Right, Left, Left, Up and release L1.
Skyrail tank glitches

1.Go on 1 player a team battle be pheonix soldier choose 3 Pheonix AL and 1 MI6 AL,time:unlimited,points: 120,pheonix wepons,explosive scenery,respawn far
and unlock random r.c toys.
now go to the little house oppisite the castle.the tank must not be in the snow if it is restart the level.hold the sniper rile look down and tap X.Go up the path at the closest side to you keep going and you should go thru the level and blow up.

2.same setup same tank go and kill your MI6 charecter by shooting at the ground with a grenadeand you should'nt die now go between 2 explosive barrels fire another grenade at the ground and this time you will explode and the level should be in wireframe mode

WARNING:all charicters must be unlocked and all game modes and comleated the game and all gadget and wepon upgrades from the single player game.
sneaky kills
grab a senitiel go to a curving wall and fire round it and blow the coocooheads off to pluto!!
Stunner Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - ZAP
Tranquilizer Dart Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - SLEEPY
unlock all al bots
Ever wondered how you could never unlock all the al bots well i have the sloution. Go to secert unlocks and type PARTY. When you go and play you have all of the al bots.
Unlock All MP Scenarios
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": GAMEROOM
Unlock Assassination mode in Multiplayer
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": SCOPE
Unlock Baro Samedi
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": VOODOO
Unlock Bond Tuxedo
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": BLACKTIE
Unlock Christmas Jones
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": NUCLEAR
Unlock Drake Suit
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": Number 1
Unlock Explosive Scenery on Multiplayer mode
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": BOOM
Unlock Golden Gun
To Unlock the Golden Gun Enter TARGET as a code.
Unlock Goldeneye Strike
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": ORBIT
Unlock Goldfinger
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": MIDAS
Unlock Jaws
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": DENTAL
Unlock Oddjob
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": BOWLER
Unlock Protection Mode
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": GUARDIAN
Unlock Scaramenga
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": ASSASSIN
Unlock Uplink Mode
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": TRANSMIT
Unlock Xenia
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": JANUS
Update The Tranquilizer
Enter the following code in the "Secrets Menu": SLEEPY
Vanquish Car Missile Upgrade
To enable this code, enter - LAUNCH