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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (PS2) Cheats

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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A Long Way Down
The best way down the first ledge is to wait for the fire then go strait the hole way and quick enough so people down below dont shoot you down. Take out the men and turn left and follow that way until you get to a button on the right wall it will smoke out the guards. Their will be a armored vest from where you came down and look right diagnoly and their will be a tank that explodes. Shoot it and take the vest. When you repel off the second ledge go as far right as possible then strait down and quickly. When you reach the bottom go right and their is another vest. Take it look right and repel up that wall into a window. Dont go in a guy will repel down from where you are going up shoot him and turn around and take his gun. Go into the window and take cover on the wall and take out the men. then run strait from the window until you get to the window across from it go left and knock over the table, duck behind it, and take out the men that come down outside the window. Go out that window until you get to the bottom and get their guns and jump down strait from where the dead men are. Their will be a vest. jump off the ledge and when you get down their go left and press the button on the wall it will blind guards. Take them out get their weapons and go right and press the button and the fire will go away. Go into the room, take out the men, then jump off the ledge from where the fire was then you are done. Simple as that.
An Old Friend...
In the multiplayer Egypt level, you don't only get new toys, but you get to meet up with an old friend. Finish the "Flashpoint" level and it will trigger a scene in wich you will meet the ultimate spy, Mr. James Bond. Look through the window!
Bond Moments For 1st Level
On the first level, if you can't find both of the Bond Moment (when you kill the guy with a rocket launcher and shoot the plane when you leave) instead of going down the stairs, turn left and there is a ledge without a railing. Look up at where you started the level and there is a guy on top of the Clock Tower, if you shoot that guy and get a silver 007, jump of the ledge and you'll get another one.
Coin Grenades
Use coin grenades to kill several enemies at once.
Everything or Nothing
After defeating diablos men you will come to a door. Go in and it will start to load. You will have many weapons from earlier battles. You wont need any of your weapons except your rocket launcher. If you dont have a rocket launcher then go to the left and you will see two rocket launchers, grab them. Go through the last doors. Once you get out their you will see a clip. right when you start aim up at diablo and doge his rocket that he shoots at you. Aim again and shoot and it only takes one rocket. Diablo will fall into a hole with a giant nucular rocket. A passage will open it is to the right if you are right where you came in. Go down through the passage and you will get to the end. It will let you shoot rockets. The rocket will come out and will fly away so right when you can shoot it many times until it explodes. It will show the clip of it exploding and you beat the last boss. It will show one last preview then the credits you can skip them, and then it rewards you. In my opinion it is the easiest boss in the game. Find out for yourself and win yourself.
In 'The Ruined Tower' level, at the start you will see two guards. Wait till the guard pacing up and down turns the other way. Creep up behind him aand press square. This will strangle him. Then shoot the other guard with a sleeper dart.
If you do this right the guards outside the garage won't hear you + you'll get a Bond Moment.
The Kiss Kiss Club (Platinum Objective)
In the Platinum Objective for the Kiss Kiss Club, you can't use any ammo, or can you? If you lock onto a target, fire, and roll, the game will not count it as a shot, also, it is extremely helpful in raising your ammo accuracy and efficiency by tons, such as, rounds fired, 0, guards subdued, 24. This is helpful in other levels with ammo restrictions.
Train Chase On A Dirtbike
At the begining of the "Train Chase" mission, instead of taking a left to Bond's Porsche, turn right into a small room. Inside, you will find a dirtbike and a slighty different path through the mission (You will missiles on the bike so don't worry.)


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While at the pause screen enter these cheats.
( won't work properly until the proper number of platinum 007s are acquired and saved to a hard drive or memory card. )

Golden Gun
Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle

Better Traction For Car
Circle, X(x2), Square, Triangle

Improved Battery Life for Q-Spider, Q-Cloak
Circle, Square(x2), X, Circle

Note: Activating cheats, disables you from recieving a medal at end of mission.
To enter these codes, pause the game and enter them.

You must have the number of platinum medals indicated by the number in front of the codes, in brackets.

Golden Gun
[1] Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle

Improved Battery
[5] Circle, Square x2, X, Circle

Double Ammo
[7] Circle x2, X, Circle, Triangle

Full Ammo
[11] Circle x2, Triangle, Square x2

[13] Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square

Full Battery
[15] Circle, Triangle x2, X, Circle

All Weapons
[17] Circle, Triangle, X x2, Circle

Unlimited Battery
[19] Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle

Unlimited Ammo
[23] Circle, X, Square, X, Circle

Slow Motion Driving
[25] Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle
Golden Gun
To unlock the Golden Gun go to the pause menu and press: Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle. Unpause and voila! The Golden Gun appears in your inventory.