Zoo Tycoon Cheats

Zoo Tycoon cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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a few AWESOME cheats!
if you want a mermaid, put a mermaid statue in a tank (preferably salt water, but fresh water works too) and the statue will turn into a mermaid.

tip: they really, really, really like kelp and their favorite object is a clam.
place the clam statue inside the tank and it will become a real one with a pearl and all.

you can change the shape of your zoo if you name the zoo after a country.
EX: if you name the zoo mexico, it will become mexico shaped. if you name the zoo russia, it will become russia shaped. not all countries work, but a lot of them do.

if you name an exhibit "microsoft", then you will get double amount of donations.

if you name an exhibit "blue fang", then guests will be charged double without noticing.

if you name an exhibit "wonderland", then you will get a lot more guests.
Another way of feeding
If a zookeeper can't access an exhibit because it's blocked, you can either:

1. Put the zookeeper in the exhibit, he/she will place the food, then take him/her out again and put him/her back on path.

2. Adopt a herbivore, such as a tom gazelle or a sheep family animal into a carnivore's cage. Although red angry faces will rise up from the carnivore's head, it will chase after the herbivore and BOOM! Then wait and the herbivore will be gone.
Big Foot
On Zoo Tycoon there is a way to get big foot. First, buy a male yettie and put him in a exhibit. Then name him Bigfoot or Big foot. Look in your animals and Big foot is there.
Cool Exhibit!!
He's how!!
first get a fence (any low or HIGH FENCE) and then use the rolling ground thing and if its a HIGH fence go down 2 times if it is a low fence go down 1 time and put the landspace fences (use Post and a rope or hedge landspaceing fences) put them were the guestes stand then put some animals in the exhibit too!. EXTRA!!! Name a Exhibit Xanadu then unlock and adopt a UNICORN!!
Name and exhibit Cretaceous Coral and then UNLOCK THE TRIECATOPS!! name an exhibit wonderland then MORE AND MORE people come!! (i tryed that then i got a 1,000 guest milestone torhoy!!1) name a guest mr. then pink,blonde,blue and orange (chouse the color you would like) then all the buildings and guests shirts will turn the color you chose!! name a guest bill clinton then people will want hambugers more!!. and that's all i know
everything available!
do you hate having to wait and wait for everything to unlock?
well do you?

worry no more!

pick "kids starter zoo" as your desination, then delete everything (if you want to) and flatten the lot. (i sound like this is for TS3 - it is for ZT.) you can place anything you want (that you have) and don't have to wait! downside: you won't get your favorite biome, but hey, it only matters in the exhibits, right?
Fix Fences After Shift+4
After using the Shift+4 to gain money, some of the fences are broken. A simple trick is to name a male maitenence worker "Bob V" and it will fix all broken fences.
Magic Fences Fixing
If you have damaged fence, place the exhibit door where the damaged fence (you get this by clicking the door picture at the bottom of the build fence sidebar.) Then place the door back where you originally want it and, abracadabra, its fixed.
Pool Tycoon!
Zoo Tycoon isn't just for creating animals in exhibits, tanks, cages, or whatever. Try putting a patch of salt or fresh water on the ground. No exhibit fencing is needed. Then watch the guests as they might swim in the water, like you would play a game called Pool Tycoon! And, in Marine Mania, there is a shack called a Swim with Dolphins ride. Make a tank, and watch the guests swim with dolphins or other tame animals.
Sick Animals and Straving Animals
When you got a sick camel, thomas glalz, or a zebra and you have a straving lion,jaguar,bear,leopard, or anyother meat-eater. Put the straving animal and the sick animal togeather, and the lion or whatever will run after the sick animal and eat it. Problem solved. The sick animal is gone and the straving animal is not straving anymore.
too much and not enough terrian
if your animal has to much and not enough of a terrian (ex: too much concrete and not enough snow) replace a terrain with a too much terrian(ex: grass with rainforest) and your animal is more suited with the exibit. simple. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Easter eggs

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see an movie
when a person goes into the animal theater, at the roof, it will show a bear standing and sitting


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All the Cheats!!!
Here are a list of cheats that always work, but not if you have the expansions, just for Zoo tycoon...The only ones that work with the expansion are the Unicorn cheat and Triceratops cheat, although I wouldn't recommend the Dino one unless you have Dino digs. The fence cheat and money cheat and mermaid cheat all work with the expansions too, but that's about it. The rest are for Zoo Tycoon only! {I found out the hard way}

Zoo Tycoon Cheats

A Quick $10,000
To quickly get $10,000 simply press (SHIFT+4) on the keyboard during gameplay. Fence damage (see left) will be the result, but it's easy to fix.

Unlock the Unicorn
To unlock the Unicorn, rename one of your exhibits "Xanadu".
The game may crash if you give this name to a new exhibit.

Unlock the Triceratops
To unlock the Triceratops, rename one of your exhibits "Cretaceous Corral".
The game may crash if you give this name to a new exhibit.

Unlock the Yellow Brick Road
To unlock the Yellow Brick Road, place a Bengal Tiger, a Black Bear, and a Lion into the same exhibit.

Halloween Special
If it is October 31st in real life (or according to your desktop clock) then all guests and buildings will have a black and orange theme, and the Jack-O-Lantern will be available for purchase.

December 25th
On December 25th (in game time) you can spot Santa Clause flying over your zoo as well of his cast of reindeers. Also, if you quickly check your scenery list, a snowman will be available for purchase.

September 15th
On September 15th (in game time) you can spot a red plane flying overhead to signify the release date of Zoo Tycoon.

October 31st
On October 31st (in game time) you can spot a witch over your zoo. If you check your scenery list, there will also be a Jack-O-Lantern available for purchase.

Re-Name Cheats

Rename a guest Adam Levesque
- Makes all animals care programs available
Rename a guest Akiyama
- Makes all scenarios available
Rename a guest Alfred H
- Makes guests scared of the birds
Rename a guest Andrew Binder
- Makes all animal houses available
Rename an exhibit Blue Fang
- Guest will pay double for attractions
Rename a guest Bill Clinton
- Demand for hamburgers will be higher
Rename a guest Bill Gates
- Donation amounts will be higher
Rename a guest Charlie Peterson
- All foliage will become available
Rename a grizzly bear Deer
- It will escape
Rename a zookeeper Dr Dolittle
- Animals in their assigned exhibits have higher breeding chance
Rename a guest Hank Howie
- Makes all staff education training available
Rename a guest John Wheeler
- Makes all animal shelters available
Rename a guest Lou Catanzaro
- Makes all animal toys available
Rename an exhibit Microsft
- You will get double the donations
Rename a guest Mr. Blue
- Guests clothes and buildings will become blue
Rename a guest Mr. Blonde
- Guests clothes and buildings will become blonde
Rename a guest Mr. Brown
- Guests clothes and buildings will become brown
Rename a guest Mr. Orange
- Guests clothes and buildings will become orange
Rename a guest Mr. Pink
- Guests clothes and buildings will become pink
Rename a guest Mr. White
- Guests clothes and buildings will become white
Rename a female tour guide Rosalie
- Makes all tour guide salaries drop to $0
Rename a guest Russell C
- Makes all fences deteriorate
Rename a guest Steve Serafino
- Makes all endangered animals available
Rename an exhibit Wonderland
- More guests will come to the zoo
Rename a guest Zeta Psi
- Some guest shirt turns yellow and they puke!

Endangered animal cheat
Build an exhibit. put one female and one male WHITE BEAGLE TIGER in the exhibit. It doesnt take long for them to breed but if it does name one of your zookepers Dr.Dolittle. then once the white beagle tigers breed you will get an award for breeding an endangered spiecies the award is $15,000!!!!!!!!
Extra Animals
For the Triceratops create an exhibit and then let the game use the default name, "Exhibit 1", "Exhibit 2" ect. The click on the front gate of that exhibit. The Exhibit window will come up, NOW click the Exhibit name, and rename it "Cretaceous Corral" (Don't put the quotation marks in with the code)

For the Unicorn, do the exact same thing but rename the exhibit, "Xanadu" (Don't put the quotation marks in with it)

Fun things to do with guests and other stuff
Name a guest Mr. Blue and it will turn everyone's shirt blue.
Name a guest Mr. Blonde and it will turn everyone's shirt yellow.
Mr. White - turns everyones shirt white
Mr. Brown - turns everyones shirt brown
Mr. Orange - turns everyones shirt orange
Mr. Pink - turns everyones shirt pink
Alfred H - white birds appear and scare people
Russel C - Fences all deteriorate 100%
Zeta Psi - Some people's shirts turn yellow, and they start puking
John Wheeler - All animal shelters become available
Hank Howie - Researches all zoo staff research
Steve Serafino - All endangered animals become available
Andrew Binder (i messed up on the other one. pay no attention to the first one i made) Unlocks all animal houses

Enjoy these cheats!
Get Deinosuchus
Name an exhibit Super Croc And you can now adopt a Deinosuchus
right you will find the top half of my cheat list credited by someone else so get those then these

Name an exhibit "Xanadu" to unlock the unicorn.
Name an exhibit "Cretaceous Corral" to unlock the Triceratops.
Name an exhibit "Microsoft" to get double donations.
Name an exhibit "Blue Fang" and guests pay double.
Name an exhibit "Wonderland" to increase your park visitors.
Name an exhibit "Kathmandu" to get the Yeti.
Name a zookeepers "Dr Dolittle" to increase breeding.
Name your tour guide "Rosalie" to drop all tour guide wages to $0.

Easter Eggs:
A Microsoft plane appears with the words Blue Fang trailing behind it on a banner on the day that the game was released.
A Witch appears on Halloween.
Santa appears on Christmas.
Make the grizzly bear escape by renaming it to Deer.
Build an exhibit with a lion, tiger and bear to get the yellow brick road.
Build an exhibit with 2 ostriches, gazelles, zebras and wildebeest to get a prize award plus a boost to guest happiness.

If your computer date is:
Oct. 31 all new and old buildings and guests will change to orange and black. A flying witch will appear a few times, Jack-o'-lantern is unlocked for that day.
Dec. 25 snowman and Christmas tree are unlocked for that day. Santa will fly across the map.
Sept. 15 A Microsoft biplane with a blue fang flag.

Pressing $ (Shift+4) will give you 10,000 bucks but the drawback; it damages fences. Add the money at the very beginning before you start building so that there are no fences to deteriorate.
Ctrl+F disables foliage for you to see your zoo better. Helps you to find all the trampled terraine.
Ctrl+G turns off the grid.
To get more money put 10 different animals in the same exhibit.

How to make all endangered animals available
Click on a guest, and name him/her Andrew Binder to make all endangered animals available
Increase max money
Normally thye limit is $500,000 or something rather but I know a cheat that can expand that! This isn't the Shift+4 cheat so listen up:
Go into the Zoo Tycoon folder and locate the main .ini file. Open it and find "MSMaxCash=" (without quotation marks). Change the number next to it to alter the set limit. Enjoy!
Put a mermaid statue in a tank and it will break open and a mermaid will come out. There are ONLY females, and they aren't gay. they do attack people.
money cheat
for money hold down shift and tap "4" until desired amount of money is met and your fences will be deteriated.
Moving clam
build a marine exhibit. under the buildings find the Giant Pacific Clam statue. Place on in the tank and the clam will open and close its mouth. water will shoot the pearl up too!!
Triceratops Exhibit:
Rename your exhibit Cretaceous Corral, then try it to rename your exhibit Xanadu.