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Zoo Tycoon 2 (PC) Cheats

Zoo Tycoon 2 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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How To Unlock Some Objects
Complete These.hypono:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Flower PostCompltete The "Zookeeper In Training".
Flower ArchComplete The"Troubled Zoos'
Sundial StatueComplete The "Prevent Animal Abuse"
Globe StatueComplete The "The Globe"
Myterious Panda CampaignComplete The "Conservation Programs"
Gilded Panda StatueComplete The "Mysterious Panda"
Rainforest Themed5 Photo Challenges
Savannah Themed5 Game Challenges
world species finderplace and breed every animal in zt2 (in 1 zoo)
Unlockable Animals
Unlockable Animals In EA.
UnlockableHow to unlock
sikaget 3 generations of bengal tigers (one must be white)
quaggarelease one of every extinct animal (including the "Dino Danger" dinosaurs) into the wild.


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A few hints.
1. When placing buildings, these are the basics:
Make a little area and put buildings around the edges of it. Then put picnic tables/umbrella tables on the area, along with garbage cans/recycling bins.
The usual buildings for a small zoo are this:
1/2 areas
2/4 small restrooms
6/12 picnic tables/umbrella tables
7/16 recycling bins/garbage cans
and grow as you keep expanding your zoo. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
2. When dealing with animals, 3 words- choose the cheapest. It's good for you and hey, your guests will like it too.
Put at least 3/12 trees/plants/rocks for scenery.
To save money, put natural water instead of bowls. It saves you money and looks better, too.
Only put food when absolutely needed(I.E. carnivore). Herbivores can graze, but they need the occasional pile of branches.
Put a little quiet spot for your animals in the exhibits. They won't be happy if they're being stared at from every corner of the exhibit by guests.
And that's about it! I hope this helps some aspiring zoo maker <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
African Wild Dog Pups
If african wild dog pups are hungery, they will beg older dogs for foog and the older dogs will throw up small piles of meat. If you have a pup all alone in its own cage, put an adult in with it.
an easy way to have a caveman
put lots of glaciers in a tundra zoo and then a caveman appeared.
Annoying zookeepers No More.
I found that it is very hard to get zookeepers to do what they are supposed to do. Unless, you do what I do:
1. Make the exhibit so that there is atleast one corner big enough to fit a staff center in
2. Place the staff center in that corner and fence it in with a strong fence and place a gait that leads into the rest of the exhibit.
3. Place the zookeeper in there.
(Possible 4. If you haven't actually set up the animal exhibit do so now.)
And there you go, that(or those) zookeepers can only go into the staff center and back into the exhibit. Never will you have to worry about your zookeepers being in the wrong place again.
Cheap Animal Care
- Don't put in a zookeeper until you absolutely need to. Care for the animals yourself while your zoo is small.
- Use natural water instead of water bowls. It looks much prettier, doesn't need to be refilled, and is free.
-If you have multiple animals from the same biome (just not predator and prey), put them in the same exhibit (if it's big enough). One big exhibit is cheaper than several normal-sized exhibits, your guests enjoy seeing different species together, and you'll have to buy less food if they eat the same thing.
cross-bred baby giraffe
So when you are creating a Savannah exhibit, put in one Masai Giraffe( male or female) and one reticulated giraffe( male or female). You will get credit for two different species, and get a baby in return. Either it will turn out to be Masai or reticulated. Good luck:)

Free Tanks
Tanks are more expensive and harder to edit than normal exhibits, so we're probably reluctant to make them. I have a way to make tanks that are free and easy to change the shape of. Just use the biome brush and put down deep water of your animal's biome instead of making a tank with walls. This works with all marine animals except for the ones that also go on land (sea lions, sea turtles, etc). Your guests might even jump in to swim with your animals! Mine seemed to enjoy swimming with my blue marlins. But they probably won't like swimming with dangerous animals, so those ones should probably be in proper tanks. Hope this helped!
Free water
Go to the biome section and use the water biome to give water for your animal so it saves money.
(P.S: Some animals cannot swim even in shallow waters)
Get great shots in photo mode!!!!
When in photo mode press x and it will take you down into a "crouch" position to give you an awesome view for pictures. You have to keep your finger on the x button while taking the photo or else it won't work.This works really well if your taking pictures of animals low down or in a shelter of any kind. Its a really cool way to get really good photos.
keeping your guests happy!
If you are plating free form, than you will have unlimited cash - as i started out, i didn't get a lot of people, and i wondered why that was happening.

if you want more guests, create more marketing and fulfill their needs. yes, you need to fulfill animal's needs but really, zookeepers can do that!
to fulfill your guests needs, you will need:

•Marketing (gift shops, souvenir shops, etc.)
•food (resteraunts, food stands, food carts, food shacks)
•basic needs (ATCs, Family Restroom [holds unlimited people and eliminates lineups], benches, trashcans/recycling cans [and a lot of them too], Picnic tables, lamposts [for nighttime], and water fountains)
•entertainment (for the Dino Pack a performer stage& performers, sky tower, playground equipment, pony rides, marine shows),

don't forget space!
good luck!
Koi Fish Patterns
To place a koi fish(found on the bench icon)make a deep puddle or a tank(sharks eat kois).Place 10 kois and look for 3 different patterns.The patterns are Gold spots,multicolored spots,and blue dots.Bengal tigers,and african wild dogs have patterns or colors also.
Locked Animals
When playing a challenge that does not allow you to purchase animals try this. Click on an existing animal. Then click on the zookeeper pic. Next clik on the animal picture again. It will take to the option to purchase animals that you have unlocked.
Mad People
Get some lions and put a fence by the opening so people cant leave. then put a lion by the people and then the lion that you put will chase and hurt people!
More Animals : Less Space
Here's just a little hint I created while playing the game.

If you have say, a plains zebra, an african elephant, and an ostrich... and you don't want to built big exhibits for each one of them, you can put them all in a single cage, however big or small you want. [Although I'd say no smaller then a 4 unit square for small animals, or a 9 unit square for larger animals.] Then on one corner, delete the fencing and in the opening put a statue of some kind, then put a fence piece on either side; this keeps the animals in the smaller area, but makes the game think that the whole map is their exhibit. 2 other things you have to do to make it work is make sure there are no plants, food, or other animals outside of the small pen. You also have to make sure that however large the area, that its enclosed otherwise you'll get a message saying "Ostrich 1 is not contained!"

This trick makes breeding rare species easier and also saves space in cramped zoos.

Just a little hint. Try it, and trust me it works. Click the link to see an example: <a href="http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff326/Aurora182/zootycoonexample.jpg" target="_blank">http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff326/Aurora182/zootycoonexample.jpg</a>

[Note: This only works if all the animals are from that same biome. Although you can make separate ones for different biomes.]
More Money On Campaign Games
When on a tight budget, select the bulldoze option and delete all the trees. This gives you an average of a couple of grand a year.

This will obviously only work once as you'll have no trees left to sell after.
No Man-Made Anything(except fences)
I've seen this in action in the campaign/challenge modes of the game. If you put an animal in an exhibit with all of their recommended plants, trees, and a small watering hole, they will be able to survive off of just that! (you might still want to have some zoo keepers around in case they get sick)
Not a tip a cheat with CE
Search google for CE(Cheat Engine) now if you know how to change value in a game already then I don't have to tell you but if you don't know how then open CE and take the tutorial...

Now to the point open CE and select zoo tycoon 2 as target then find a column with a word "Scan type" in front of it this can be found under the longest column now change the the column by pressing the \/ at the end of the column and change the "4 bytes" to "All(bytes to double)" then you know what to do do it like in the tutorial but this may takes long but it works! trust me I got like 999999999 by just buy two trash can!
Put animals in the same cage without fighting
Okay you can put animals from the same biome in the same cage including predators. How? Well just create a small cage for the prey the beside it exactly put a predator cage. Hope I helped give you more space.
Do you hate makeing a zoo and haveing to keep the guests happy all the time??? do this!.... ( follow the steps )

1: put fenceing at the gate to the zoo that way the animels wont run away.

2: scater the food the animel(s) you want to have eat.

3: put animels in but NO zookeepers they ruin it.

4:watch your animels run free breeding runing arond and evin hunting!

hope you like this <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
its great fun watching lions wolfs etc hunting and zebras elk gazeel ect graze and the baby animels youl see oh my!
Running wild!!
If you don't build a cage surronding an animal, not only will it chase guests in your zoo, but if you don't have any Zookeepers, then they will run across the screen and out of your zoo. They will disappear after running down the block wasting the money that you paid for them.
Saving Money
In all games, i find its cheaper to not use fences. Instead I make deep holes in the ground a place the animals in there, remembering to place zoo keepers within. Another technique is raising the land making fence made of "ground". This saves ALOT of money and it is easy to make exhibits larger.

Screaming guests
At the freeform or challenge menu of the game, spin the globe really fast and people will start screaming. It's HILLARIOUS!!!!!
Super Sprint!!!
In Zoo guest mode, there are many things you can push to move. To run hold click and shift. The sprint do this ..... yattayattayatta. But wanna go from 1 side of your zoo to the other in less the 5 seconds? Here's how!
Hold all of these buttons:
Click + w + shift (left) + shift (right) + the ^ arrow
More buttons = more speed

Have fun, Speedy! XD


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land shark
Ok put deep water of a bihome in one part of the zoo. Then put some marine animal Lets say a shark. Then use the habitat Editor and make a plataue in the water so it is shallow. Then the sharks will jump on land and swim a little then stop. You should put them back so they do it again. Lol
More Cash
When you need more cash I find this works great,you must have the african Adventure though and a little starting money at least $60 to begin.Go to build a jeep path and make several rows next to each other(out of the way of you main zoo perferablly) then build the cheapest fence across the rows forming rows of gates instead then you bulldoze all the gates and repeat till you think you have enough cash.I have tryed other cheats for more money but this one that I discovered works.

The path is $10 and the fence is $50(using the cheapest) this all you need and keep building up from there.Dont sell your paths though just the gates!!!!The fence cost $50 and you sell them as gates for $128!Thats a nice profit I think. Hope this helps!
Stuck In A Seat
First buy a sky tower. Now when someone is on it click on the person and click the move button. Move them away from the tower and the seat will appear to be stuck to them. This is a visual glitch that doesn't impact gameplay.
Underwater objects + early release caveman
First buy an object like lets say an ice cream cart*. Next move the cart to a pool of water, tank ect.. Now move the cursor over to the menu and click on the pick up/drop item. Finally exit the window. Voilla!! You now have an underwater icecream cart!
*-Any object will work.

Sometimes a caveman will me in yur glaciers. When that happens go to camera mode and take a pic of him to find out his name(optoinal). Mine happened to be Stone Grindstone:D. Now go to the guest list and click on him. Then click the pick up button and drop him inside your zoo. Hope I helped.

Easter eggs

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Screaming Guest!
When ever you choose your area spin the globe as fast as can be then the guest would be screaming! It is very funny!


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Boosting a Low Budget
If you have a low budget, do the folowing to get back on your feet:

Build a Recycling Plant. (Each time your animal poo's clean it up and at the end of the month you get a check for your recycling efforts)

Build Donation Boxes Outside every exhibit

Increase the zoo admission price

Increase the price for Gift shops, restraunts, carts etc.

Bulldoze unecercery items.

Fire some Matinence workers and zoo keepers but leave atlest 1 of both, because you can do the stuff they do but with help it be safer because by yourself you could miss something and you might kill your animals :color:

Cavemen in iceburgs*
If you have Z.T 2 Extinct animals then buy an iceburg(Buy an alpine animal or a sabre tooth tiger and its on animal enrichment) and if you are lucky, then there will be a caveman inside**.It will act like any other guest!!!

*it will take a while to melt.
  • DONT sell the iceburg or the caveman will disappear.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!
Extra Babies
Ok, if you have a pregnate animal after it gives birth put the baby up for adoption after a while the mother will get pregnate again. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE THAT CAN BE UNDONE IN THE TIME PERIOD BETWEEN THE ADOPTION AND THE MOTHER GETTING PREGNATE AGAIN.

NOTE: this doesn't work with twins.
Jump for freedom
All you have to do is scroll 3rd mouse button backwards.If your lucky and do it right you can jump over small fences.
Okay.. When You Need money all you will have to do is delete all of the bushes and trees around you ( in your zoo area) and it will give you more money to do the "something" you wanted to do but you couldn't.
More Animals in campage games
I am very sorry if this doesn't work for you but I found it useful.Say if I was building a cage for an african elephant and i clicked on the zookeeper button that gives the right cages and food for the animal and the clicked on the picture of the elephant it took me to the place where in freeform games you can buy animals

Thanks for reading
Ps the animal doesn't have to be an elephant:)
More money!!
When you start a game or start a scenario there will be a lot of trees. get rid of all of them then you have $$$$$
Pregnant Animals
If you have an animal that is going to give birth and you put it in a crate, the animal will have no babies and won't be pregnant when you release it!
Run in Zoo Guest Mode and Photo Safari Mode
Run in Zoo Guest Mode and Photo Safari Mode:
Since left-clicking the mouse makes you walk in Zoo Guest and Photo Safari Mode, and so does W or Up, you can walk twice as fast (aka run) by holding two of these.
Sprint in walk mode/zookeeper mode
Click the left mouse button down and then up on the keybord and finally hold shift to sprint.