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You Don't Know Jack Cheats

You Don't Know Jack cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.

You Don't Know Jack Unlockables

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Achievements Videos
You Don't Know Jack 2011 Birth Certificate Trophy shadow1976664 (00:02:39) Jun 08 2015
UnlockableHow to unlock
500,000aire!Earn $500000 lifetime.
100,000aire!Earn $100000 lifetime.
1,000,000aire!Earn $1000000 lifetime.
Back TaxesWin all prizes in Episodes 1-73.
Beast MasterGet 10 animal questions correct (excluding DLC).
Button BangerGet at least 1 multiple choice question right in 2 seconds.
Consolation PrizePlay 5 hours without getting a single achievement.
Discover Gauntlet of FireFind the gauntlet of fire.
DisOrDashAce a DisOrDat under 10 seconds.
DisorDat DestroyerAnswer all DisOrDat items correctly.
DisOrDat Participation AwardComplete DisOrDat in 30 seconds.
Film in Your BrainGet 10 movie questions correct (excluding DLC).
Genius for a DayScore at least $30,000 over your average.
Great CrowdLaugh at an easy joke.
It's Just More of ThisFinish at least 1 episode.
Jack Attack DogGet all Jack Attack questions correct without messing up in a 2-player game.
Living in the PastGet 10 history questions correct (excluding DLC).
Mouth-BreatherAchieve the third-highest rating.
My First TimeScrew someone for the first time.
Vidiot SavantGet every question right in 1 episode.
One Teat Short of an UdderAchieve the second-highest rating.
OverconsumerListen to all commercials after 1 episode.
Perfect AttendancePlay episodes 1-73.
PhattyGet 10 food questions correct (excluding DLC).
Quick-Draw McDumbassChoose a wrong answer within the first 3 seconds, 10 times.
Slack AttackGet -$1 million on a Jack Attack.
Smelt the RosesGet a multiple choice question right in the last 1 second.
Social OutcastFinish 5 single-player games on Friday or Saturday nights.
Taking It from BehindCome from behind to win during a Jack Attack in a 2-player game.
The Game's Half EmptyPlay episodes 1-37.
The Game's Half FullPlay episodes 1-36
TurncoatPlay on July 4th.
UnicornAchieve the highest rating.
Submitted by: Lavender Blush on November 02, 2012