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easy way to win assasination missions-easy money
Especially useful taking down Ospreys without using lots of fighter drones or missiles.
Follow the target Squadron closely till the target ship (lead ship usually) is through a gate, then shoot at the escorts, they'll break off escort to combat you. Pick them off quickly as they'll be easier without having to dodge the big stream of ammo fired at you by Ospreys and the like. Then jump the the next sector and position yourself close to the next gate the lead ship is heading for, but off to the side. the target the ship and wait to fire, shoot at it as its nearing the gate surface, say 1km out or so,
then back out of firing range as it starts to turn to fight you and enjoy the show...
It should bump up against the cloudy mist like jump gate and slowly bump its way to the edge of the ring and then constanly bump into the ring till it self destructs. Basically its turning circle is too wide and it keeps ramming into the inside of the ring and blows up in about 30 seconds. This means no money on drones or missiles and an easy 300 to 350k. ENJOY! oh and you get a rep bonus HAH!
Hiring a mercenary
OK so we know that you can't hire a mercenary as such but if you require some extra protection around one of your stations just hire a transporter ship {Argon Mammoth, Teladi Albatross etc} and send it to your station. Tell it to stop its engines very near to the station and you have your very own "home guard". It will cost you only the gate fees to get to where you want it and it's yours until discharged. P.S. don't stop the transporter at the entrance to your station DOH!
The Best Ship In The Game
Its the best ship in the game its the Xenon K is guns are in the perfect place to shoot everything
and its fast and very very manoeverable and it looks good and the cokpit is different is cool