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Worms 3D Cheats

Worms 3D cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Worms 3D Tips

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Instant Kill
Go on the multiplayer mode and set up the weapons so you have viking axe and any other weapons you want Now, go on to wormpot and either

- Put on double damage
- Put on hig damage hand to hand combat(baseball bat with a cloak and on a background of green)

Enjoy the havock get up close to a worm and SMACK one worm down the pan with a 1 hit one kill weapon.
Submitted by: Dmcboy on July 28, 2004

Worms 3D Cheats

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Change Map

257462320 or 194915571 - Small map that only shows a little bit of ground and a tiny bridge.

1585104494 - High altitude map.

241780260 - Very long map.

221350867 - Map that shows four consecutive submarines.
Submitted by: Jax06 on November 10, 2005
Terrain Codes

enter igotworms for a medium sized map with a couple of baloons

90210 for a unusually large map(ideal for thoose worms who want to loose weight)

enter bangbang for a level that has steps galore
and perfec for practiceing those jumps that you always end up messing up on a mission!!!!!

enter 241780260 for a extremely long level

-----------------the best few--------------------

enter either smashsumfruit or 194915571 for a sucidal super smash

enter 221350867 for a level that looks like your very own mission

enter 1.223555447875 for a level that has plenty of bridges and sniper spots

Now for the best one ever:

I won't ruin the suprise for you, but I'll say its perfect for having a dive in the drink

enter 1585104494 for this level

----spoiler of the level ahead---------------
-------------------- ------ -----------------
------ ====== ======= ======= ====== =====
if you find it hard to work out the drop from the top of this level to the bottom does 68 points of damage (without extra fall damage!!!)

Submitted by: Dmcboy on July 28, 2004