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Unlock the hidden Cheat menu

During gameplay type in Holyheck! exactly as shown with the "!" and a small pop up window will open allowing you to select the desired cheats.

Available Cheats:
-Beach Nav Mode (Free Roam)
-Extra Life
-Lose a Life
-Enable Keypad Cheat Keys (See below)
Keypad Key #1 (During Gameplay) Wipe Out
Keypad Key #2 (During Gameplay) Wipe Out and
Keypad Key #3 (During Gameplay) Slow Down
Keypad Key #9 (During Gameplay) Speed Up
-Music information (Click on Leroy's picture)
-Re-Entry (When losing Contest)
-Score (Adds 10,000 pts to your score)
-Summon Semjase (UFO) Hit it for big pts.
-Tron Mode (Wire Frame Mode)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: swiftshark on July 28, 2004