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Skip battle in Mission 4

Towards the end of Mission 4: Disorder for the Chaos side, you must fight a large group of Eldar and Imperial Guards to reach the psychic gate and complete the mission. To skip this part, warp some Horrors (the four armed pink daemons built at the Sacrificial Pit) over to the gate and the mission will be completed.

Verified by: midterm360 Submitted by: The heroic King on October 01, 2005


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Biel-Tan send help!

On mission 2 of Winter Assault Order campaign when u have to reach the Ultramarines, when u play as the Eldar if u spawn guardians theyre Biel-Tan guardians not Ulthwe like the other Eldar
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: guthixmonk553 on September 21, 2009