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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Easy Eldar Victories
To win skirmish maps easily when playing as the Eldar, build warp spiders. When you have fully upgraded them , 3 squads of warp spiders will destroy anything with ease.
Easy Tau win
When playing tau a easy way at the ealier parts of the game all you need to do is build teams of stealth suits upgrade them everything and place them infront of the only entrance to your emeny's base then just build fire warriors take every point over and just keep putting more units in that spot
Infinite Orks
Start a new game as the orks then build ten waaagh banners, this will allow you to build up to one-hundred orks, fill your squad cap with orks, save the game and exit the match, re-enter then you can make another one-hundred orks. You can keep repeating this trick with the same match, no limits.
Playing Skirmish Mode
When you first start a skirmish map, you wanna make alot of builders, i'd say about 4. You can always delete them later if you wanna make better squads. The you wanna have your builders make turrents to defend your first HQ. Then make start making generators, or some way of getting more power. When you see that you're generating AT LEAST +60 power, then you can start building unit creating buildings. Then make some infintry, NOT SCOUTS!, and go out and capture a relic. As you are doing all of this, KEEP UPGRADEING!!! After you've captured a ton of critical points and stuff, attatch listening devices and keep upgradeing them. ALSO, keep and mind to be creating powerful units and upgrading at the armory and HQ and other places.

I used this method in campaigns AND skirmishes and it definetly works!!!

Sue me if it doesn't.... lol

Dont really
Space Marine Assault
If you're playing as an Space Marine
You can use my strategy how to beat an AI in Campaign or Skirmish

First Capture three strategic points and one relic ( fully upgraded listening posts)

Second Train at least 4 to 6 Space Marines ( with 1 sergeant,1 apothecary, heavy bolter, 2 rocket launchers and 1 plasma gun )

Third build 3 Predators ( fully upgraded ) and 2 land raider ( boarded by 2 terminator squads )

Fourth You must attack only when successfully defended your base from 2 attacks.

Before you attack build a second base that's nearer to your enemies base, because your might fail.

if you fail try it again.
Unlock All Levels
First, open up your Dawn of War\Profiles folder and choose which profile you are going to use. Now go to \W40k\singleplayer\campaign\state1 and open up "campaignstate.lua" with some type of text editor (I suggest notepad or wordpad). Now you need to change two lines. The "maxmission = #" and the "scenario = #". Just change the # signs to whatever mission you want (the maximum is 11 and both # signs have to be the same).


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Cheat list
To use cheats,Hold ctrl+Shift and then press the ~ during game play to show the console,then these cheats shown below.these cheats require version 1.10 or higher(also work online)

>Cheat_Revealall-reveal all fog of war
>Cheat_killself-Kill ure self
>Cheat_power(#)-give your self (#)of units of power
>Cheat_requisition(#)-give your self (#) Units of requisition
infinate power
during game hold ctrl+shift+~and type power cut and you will get 9999999 power
Ultimate Battle Force
If you are playing as chaos, i advise that you use these combination of untis to sweep the map clean: 1 defiler 1 predator tank and 2 squads of marines, one with all bolters and one with all missile launchers,a squad of heratics and a builder. I tend to build 2 of these combinations. Use the tanks and the defiler to scout ahead and the marines to cover. Use the heratics to capture any points so your marines can continue advancing.Use the builder to build listening posts and repair your tanks.

The same goes if you are space marines but a hellfire dreadnought in place of the defiler. If your fighting orks it's best to pack in a close combat dreadnought as orks are tough enough to come in close.

Also make sure you have squads in support so if one breaks morale, you can switch them around so the other can repair.

Another point, don't upgrade to las-weapons. Especially on Predator tanks as thy lose their ability to blast apart squads and break morale.