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2 Paladins: Nearly Unstoppable
If you and a friend are both playing as humans, you can take advantage of the spell available to the Paladin, Holy Light. This heals the target unit by a large amount of hit points.

If two of these beings go into battle, then they can dish out damage and heal each other continually.
Aura's: What Do They Do?
Aura's are incredibly useful magical additions to any unit in the game. Working constantly, an aura gives some type of increase to your character (typically) or vice versa (I can't bring any to the mind at the moment) they can change the course of battle if you have about equal amount of power in your men.

If you see the chance to upgrade, and turn your nose at the opportunity to change armour by so much as one point, remember this; It will be effecting about 20 units. Now, is it worth it?
Banshee: Let's Beat Yourself With a Club!
After your banshees have been fully upgrade, they are able to Posess enemy units. Although this sounds like some five-second-enemy-fights-for-you sort of thing, it is not. It is a full fledged possession, after which the Banshee is destroyed.

The unit is then loyal to you and only to you, and can always be a great addition to any battle, especially if it was something along the lines of a powerful creep. Be warned, there is a level cap on what you can possess. So if you try to take a level six ogre over on the field, expect to fail.

Also, remember, Banshee's are made with curse on autocast. If you plan on using one of the Banshee's for possession, turn it off. They use all the mana they have to possess. This also means that just made Banshees are not adequate for instant possession, as they do not have full mana.
Base Defense: Towers Are Not Alwys Enough
Although you can simply say the need for defenders to be able to at least move in times of crisis (excluding the nightelves, who's towers will lift out of the ground to beat them) is a good enough reason for you to have alternate defense, and that those ground support troops have abilities and advantages unavailable to towers, there is one thing that puts the need for them above all.

Bastillas, Steam Tanks, etc, all have greater ranges than towers and can easily destroy them. Always leave a small group of warriors behind to handle that Bastilla. If you do not think your troops could survive beyond that, hide behind the towers and the rest will be taken care of.
Blight and the Advantages
Blight is made whenever a Necropolis is built nearby, which causes the ground to break and die. Same with the gold mines. If any buildings are built closer to the edge, then the blight will widen. If it touches trees, then they, too, will die, although they will still be able to produce lumber.

Any undead standing or hovering over the blight will regenerate health faster .

Blight disappears when buildings of another race is built upon it or near it.
Build Orc Buildings Faster
When playing the Humans you can select more than one peon to construct a building so this means faster construction. So try to make as many peons as you can so they can build the buildings faster
Charging Forth is Not Always the Best Option
Remember that your siege units do splash damage. That means that if they are targeting units your other units are fighting, your own units will take damage as well.

That means making sure those mechanical units keep their eyes on the buildings and not on the units.
Dungeon/Restricted Troop Tip
If you are ever restricted to a small group to work with, then always make sure that the units that can handle the assault are in the front. Otherwise, weaker units that might have been useful, such as the priests, are gone for good for the rest of the level, unless you come across more later, and even then you will have much less than normal what you would have wanted.

Otherwise, spend lots of time resting, doing side quests and getting good items. you never know when they might be helpful. If your hero has a healing spell or a good offensive spell, hell, any spell at all, use it frequently.
Easier Kill(Undead)
Each race has an ultimate building(Chimera Roast etc)I found the Frost Wyrm from the Undeads ultimate building really kick a$$,send a maximum amount you can control (12 units) to our enemies base and get them ALL to destroy the buildings ONE by one,if you get them to defeat the buildings seperately,the enemies army will kill before you can kill them
First Is Free, Now It's Dead, and I Want Another
One thing that you may notice when you first play the game (at least, I did) in the multiplayer game is the cost of your first hero. Nada. No wood, no gold, like they usually cost. They will cost wood, so make sure you have enough for workers and your hero to make more men to serve your hero.

If the hero dies, you must have the correct alter to resummon it, and it will cost you money, more depending if the hero's level is high enough.

If you want another hero, then it will cost you five food, gold, and wood, so make sure you want him/her. They will cost just as much to resurrect as all the others, depending if they are all the same level.
Gain High Elven Technology
Have you ever wondered why the High Elves are in the game, yet you never are allowed to use them? Well, in one Undead mission, you may. In Chapter 5 the "Fall of Silvermoon" where you are finally able to kill Sylvanas and end up turning her into a banshee, you may make a bansee from your temple of the damned and possess a villager; afterwards, you're allowed to build kick ass towers that can be built anywhere on anything, including cliffs, bridges, walls, trees, and even on water, though it has to be right near the shore. in addition, they're not that expensive and are some of the best defensive structures in the game, and the dragon hawk unit isn't too bad either. (I would recommend activating the immortality cheat to get the villager, though it is unnecessary)
Get Multiple Heroes!!!!!
You know when you go to the undead campaign five 'Fall of Silvermoon'you defeat sylvanas and can then create banshees? Use the banshee to posses a high elf peon and use the peon to build a great hall and an altar. then u must fully upgrade the castle and then u click on the heroes u like on the altar andd u can create as many heros as you like!!!!
Get Ticontrious! (dreadlord from undead campaign)
if you did the undead campaign you would see that Ticontrious' background was red, well... if you go custom game and the undead race (obviously with red for a colour) choose dreadlord for your hero and because your colour is red it's Ticontrious! (this is a glitch. not a cheat.)
Healing Units- A Must Have
All the races have at least one type of structure or person who can heal others. For example, the Humans have the Priests, the Orcs have the Witch Doctor, the Nightelves have their Keeper of the Grove/ Druid of the Claw/Moonwells and the Undead have the Blight/Statues. Also, some units have the ability to hell themselves by burrowing, turning to stone, etc, at an accelerated rate, and all units slowly heal themselves.

These units/structures are a must have, as they will heal any troops they see, especially when set on auto cast (right clicking the icon so there is a little gold sparkle around it) and can easily change the direction of any battle.
Hero Points: Spend Them NOW
One thing that some people do is hold back on the hero abilities. That is the worst thing you can do, so always make sure that you are using the most of the abilities you have at your finger tips!

Also, you might want to put them into something that might be extremely useful later in the level, except, perhaps, the most powerful skill that any hero can achieve, or ultimate skill, at level 6.

The others have three levels of effectiveness, but are all useful in one way or another. Spend them wisely... how you use your hero can change the course of the game.
how to control all races
note: you must be undead. first type the upgrade cheats spawn a banshee let it take a humen or any worker you can build their buldings and you can win faster
How to see dead people
on the first mission on human campaign, kill villagers then go to the graveyard and click before the graves. you will see dead people
Human Tip: Constructing Building Advantage Over Other Races
One of the things that sets the human race aside from the others in this game is the ability for them to set more than one peasant n a job at once. this means that, even thought there tower needs to be upgraded, they can build about 6 in the time it takes other races to make 1 in the equivalent amount of time.

Although this does take up extra gold, isn't it worth being able to put up a base in half or a third of the time typically required?
Human/Ally Specific Advantage: Call to Arms
The human/ally group has a certain ability in their base which can allow for the quick creation of an army in a moment's notice to answer the call of attack.

Although not as impressive, or, in my opinion, as powerful as the Nightelves ability for the base to rise up against them and stomp them to death, these men are just as useful, and are made from the peasants in the area when the base calls for them from the Town Center.

Although temporary, these men can be a stopgap defense if nothing else is available.
Hydralisk in campaign (only for 1 lvl)
On the second Night Elf lvl, there is a hydralisk at the top of the map but to find it use the "iseedeadpeople" cheat. the best way to know that its there is to hit that button that changes the color on the mini-map; it will appear as orange. it is also surrounded by trees, so us the ballista.
If You Have Mass Effecting Damaging Powers...
... use them! More specifically, use those that do damage to units, such as chain lightning, on peons, etc, as they have low health and are the back bone of any base.

Other types of mass effecting weaponry, such as the Blood Elf Mage's 'Fire Circle' spell, are incredibly useful for doing damage to buildings clumped together.

Good luck, and have a great game!
Use these cheats

thereisnospoon-spells without mana
thedudeabides-no mana rest
sharpandshiny-complete all research
synergy-complete all upgrades
whoisjohngalt-complete all tree research

1.use dreadlord for your hero,type these cheats (thereisnospoon, shrapandshiny, synergy, whoisjohngalt)
2.add inferno for your spell
3.then close to the enemy base put up inferno
4.use thedudeabides so you can create as many infernal as you want!!!
Nightelf: Nighttime Abilities
The one I want to mention is the ability to shadowmeld, or disappear. Although this ability is lost when around buildings with true sight or units with the same ability, it is still useful for such things as surprise attacks.

All female (and some male, and some others if outfitted with the correct cloak) nightelves have the ability to shadowmeld when they are made. If they stand still, they disappear. If the button is clicked down by you, then they will not even move if the enemy comes within range.

Ordering them to attack or move, however, will make them visible again, and it does not work at day.
Nightelves Advantage: Wisps as Scouts
Wisps have the unique property of bonding to trees and being able to dispel magic by self destructing (for those who are interested as a way to blow an army of summoned undead to hell, this is one). however, they also rarely attract the attention of armies marching to their doom/victory towards your base.

So, that means while wisps are harvesting lumber, they can also be working as remote sentries for such locations that are typically outside your line of site but may be where the next attack is coming from, and as any RTS player knows, one of the best things to have in the game is an early warning.
No cheating, easy victory...
Usually I use only one cheat, that is "ISeeDeadPeople". But you certainly dont need it! An effective way to finish a quest like where in Human you have to destroy Mal'Ganis's base you do the following:
1.) Finish off the optional quest using a few scout men and the main hero. (eg.Arthas.)
2.) Return to base and start to make atleast 5 workers cutting down wood and 10 gold digging. (hehe, gold digging)
3.) After about 5 minutes you should be ready to start to make a lot of men to invade the base or a part of land!
4.) Make enough men so a small group can patrol back at base and another group can go off to fight!
5.) Attack using your men then attack using your hero so you have selected HIM to use special abilities. (eg.Holy Light)
FIVE simple rules in FIVE simple minutes! Hope I helped ya! (Check out my forum on Pokemon Ruby Forum page)
No more resources lost to Upkeep
You realize, of course, that when you have a decent sized army, a certain amount of gold (30% for low upkeep, 70% for high upkeep) is lost even though it appears that your workers are still mining the gold. If you're like me and you get tired of hearing "Our gold mine has collapsed" over and over then try this to get around the upkeeps. On most maps (even in campaigns) there are multiple gold mines, some of which might have to be fought for. The very first thing to do is take over all these gold mines and build your town center building near it (just take a spare worker to it). Then build enough workers to fill that mine, and continue until you've got plenty of gold mines all being mined at once. Then, once you have enough gold to buy a pretty large army, select all your workers who are mining and move them off the mine so they are not doing anything. Use the gold and when upkeep happens you won't lose a bit of gold to it!

The cool thing about this is that you end up with a bunch of extra workers to use to heal damaged buildings/units, etc. and if your army happens to be defeated (but hopefully not in vain by causing a lot of damage to your opponent's base) then you can begin mining again until you have plenty more gold, then stop mining and use the gold.

Note how much longer it takes for gold mines to collapse when using this cheat. This is because you get ALL the gold out of them, not the average of 33 percent by varying between 0%, 30%, and 70% upkeep.

Orc Advantages: The Offense Point of View of Buildings
No, we are not speaking of the smell.

In the campaigns and instant action games for this installment of the Warcraft series (RoC and FT) you may have noticed something when you look at orc buildings, such as food producing buildings, upgrade buildings, etc, and that is-

-they are all weapons. The orcs have the unique ability to upgrade all buildings, from towers and strongholds right through, with spikes of three different levels of power that damage units for as long as they are attacking that building.

Not only that, but Orc Burrows can have peons barricade themselves inside them, and you have instant extra towers all over the base!

So the next time you play the orcs, make sure to guard your base not only with towers and troops, but with spikes. Hold your mouse over the barricade button often: You never know when it might be useful.
Orcs: Pillaging
The title may be simple, and it may sound simply, but it is one of the most useful passive abilities in the game. When researched, this allows Grunts, Peons and Raiders to place gold in the reserves whenever they attack another building. This allows for the construction of more peons, etc, for lumber trades and building construction, and heck, for those who don't need it as much, it is nice to have an extra source of income!

Good luck and have fun with the rest of the game!
Priests, How to...
...protect them when you are going to need them most.

In some levels, you may have noticed that you have to hold an area for some time, etc, and one involves holding back a horde for two minutes.

One of the best ways to handle these is to have three seperate groups of priests in command groups, seperate from the other groups. then, when you send all your other troops into battle, you can send in the priests at the back, to continue healing others in the group.

Make sure they take as little fire as possible. Although they can heal each other, the enemies attacks are strong and will eventually storm through them. Also, make sure it is on autocast. Unlike the necromancer's skill, this one appears on auto cast when the priest is first made, but it is always safe to check.
Repairing Mechanical Units
Although most units can be healed through magic, some of the mechanical units, such as the Catapult, or the Steam Tank, must be repaired by the citizen (Peon, Acolyte, Wisp, Peasant) to restore it to maximum efficiency, and this will take up a little bit of your resources, just like repairing buildings.
Runing enemy bases
When I was playing the part of the human campaign when you're Arthas and you're in Northrend trying to destroy an undead base, I made a strategy wich can be pretty useful in the whole game, even in multipalyer battles.

Now, what is the one thing you can't pass without? Your base. And what is your base? A bunch of buildings (and some men, but oyu can deal with them later).

So, this is what you should do: build 5 to 10 building damaging creeps, like steam tanks. Send them ALL to an enemy base while you make more in yours (you can also set a rally point for them in your enemy's base) and watch your enemy's main buildings be destroyed in little time. Then get your men, they don't have to be many, and go kill the unlucky creeps that got their enitre base destroyed.

Tried this in multiplayer, it's hilarious.
Sleeping Creeps And Creeping
Two things that you pick up in the prologue that you might want to remember for the rest of the game, along with any side games you might play.

The first, is that at night some of the creeps will sleep, which allows you to sneak by some pretty nasty battles. The other is the act of creeping, which is wandering around the map for more and more experience, gold and items. Gold, in fact, can be useful, if you run out of it early in the game and you need more.

Both are recommended, so use both wisely.
something funny
If you keep clicking on your units they say extra lines that are very hilarious. Try the dreadlord he is the most funny.
Ultimate Orc Army
All you have to do is train lots of Shaman that know Beserk, right click on Beserk to turn it to Auto and battle! It can destroy anything in seconds.
Unaffiliated Buildings
Some of the buildings in this game are unaffiliated, meaning that they follow no race in particular, and service all. If you can monopolize all or at least some of the buildings on a level like this, than it is an advantage for items you have access to and that enemies will not.

It also offers you such things as healing, which is always useful. However, some buildings, such as the ones that sell items, will require gold to buy things for the hero, though.
Undead Advanatge: Remote Goldmines
One thing the undead is capable of doing is to haunt goldmines anywhere on the field, without having to have the blight or a main building nearby to receive it.

That means that you only have to waste enough gold to protect it (yes, offensive structures can be built, as the goldmine creates an area of blight), and is valuable in any game, as when you don't have to build part of another base, that's just more money in the pockets, or, in this case, wood and gold.
Undead Campaign: The First Mission
At the beginning of this campaign, you will, of course, have the hero Arthas. He may have been high level at the end of the human campaign, but remember he is no longer a Paladin.

He is a level one Death Knight.

Which means you no longer can handle a knight yourself, so be careful when you first begin to use him.
Undead Specific Advantage: The Necromancer
Although most consider units not exactly a tip, this is one where I am sure many would agree.

The necromancer itself is frail from the attacking and HP standpoint, but has a great side advantage. The ability to summon undead warriors from the corpses of any allies people to serve them for an allotted amount of time, depending on the power of the necromancer in question.

These warriors are powerful and can easily come in great numbers after large battles, or during. Although it may seem grim, the necromancers can, at any moment, blast them apart by summoning from ten corpses twenty warriors (2 from each corpse, even critters). This is one advantage to the undead that should not be given up at any time.

This power works best, always, if you do not have to micromanage it, meaning click on it every time you want them to. Instead, set it to autocast, by right clicking on the icon. Then, when in battle and they see a corspe, they will raise two undead brethern from the grave.

Working in combination with a graveyard, which always has at maximum four corpses on the surface, these beings can also summon some base defenses, and hopefully, for prolonged battles, a continued presence due to the graveyard racking up new corpses.

However, if you don't want those corpses quite yet, then keep them away from the graveyard.

Another combination that is useful is to have them join up with a few of the catapult like devices, which will hold any unused corpses.

Last but not least, remember that ghouls also eat these corpses if on auto cast to get back health. If you do not want that to occur, make sure you do not have it set to autocast.

Always check your necromancers when they come out. Why? They do not have it on autocast when first made.
Undead: Building Bases Advantages
An advantage comparable to that of the human and allies is the ability for one acolyte to summon an entire base in one go. Unlike others, which the peon/peasant/etc is used for the entire task, an acolyte is only required in the construction of the base by summoning the building. Once the summoning has begun, nothing else can be gained by the acolyte staying there, so for almost the entire construction process, they can move on to another building and begin constructing it. Within a minute, several different buildings can be under construction from one acolyte.

So if you want a race which can expand quickly, and plop a base in any spot in moments, once the blight is spread, then the undead is for you.

Have fun with your game!
Upkeep and What It Is
Upkeep is the pay to 'maintain' your men in times of war. although small groups of men require no upkeep, the larger your people get, the more upkeep is charged directly from the gold you collect. (Instead of that gold +15, you get a gold +7)

From 0-40 people, you have no upkeep, so you see that gold +10 each time those workers drop in some gold.

From 41-70 people, you have what is called low upkeep where you will be charged 30%, so little gold +7's will begin to appear again.

From 71 and up, in this game 90 and sometimes a little higher, you get charged +7 upkeep. Which means +3 is all you get.

Remember that even though you lose gold, a massive army can gain you many things if used correctly.
Why Can't I Upgrade Anymore?
One of the reasons in the game where you can't upgrade, other than if you are in a campaign and they are trying to hold you down a bit on the technology level, is if you have a building, such as the Great Hall, which has not been upgraded. May buildings can only be used if the upgrades are in place on the main building, so they can be built and the upgrades/units available there can be built/trained.
Wood Harvesting: I Want More
An easy and simple way to get more lumber quickly is too pay a few hundred bits of gold for a shredder. These Goblin run machines can bring back 200 lumber at a time, and let your peons, etc, be focused elsewhere.

They are available at Mercenary Camps, primarily.
Wood: A Defensive Ally?
I am not speaking of the Force Of Nature Spells or Treants here, but this one is simple. Woods are impenetrable unless they use catapults, etc, or loggers to get into the area. Surrounding your base with trees or building in a grove with rocks around those trees can give you a significant advantage over ground units, not only funneling them from one direction, but from limiting what they can do in the ways of attacking you.

This does not typically stop flying units, however, so beware if the base happens to be in one direction from you. When playing against the CPU in such a case, simply building up defenses on the part of your base that is in a straight line to theirs.


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500 Gold and Lumber
Press [Enter] to Display the two player message box and type this code:


and press [Enter] again to activate, The message 'cheat enabled' will appear
exploding sheep - extreamly hilarious
exploding sheep - extreamly hilarious: find a sheep and keep clicking on it and eventually it will explode. very funny i nearly p*$$é* myself!

Another memeber said "you click the critter 25 times to make it explode"

May take up to 42 clicks to explode
Extra scene in the ending
If you beat the final Night Elves mission on Hard mode, there will be an extra scene in the ending that shows what several Starcraft (and an Orc in a space suit) units would look like on Warcraft 3's engine. (Note: This is NOT a scene from Starcraft 2, it is just an example of what Starcraft units would look like on WC3's engine, nothing more.)
Instant Defeat
Type the following cheat in the chat box (hit enter) in single player mode to activate Instant Defeat:

Instant Victory
Type the following cheat in the chat box (hit enter) in single player mode to activate Instant Victory:

item from sheep
in the human lvl when you meet jaina take the path to the right where she came out of and kill the ogres. Search everywhere around that little area and find a wandering sheep. click it repeatedly so it explodes and when it explodes it droppes a bracer of agility im not sure if this happens all the time or if it's a once only thing anyways the item boosts your agility by 1 and plus you get xp from ogres and i think an item
More cheats
This adds on to other cheat list.
Press Enter and type in code and press Enter again to activate it.

Continue playing after losing in campaign mode: strengthandhonor

No spell cool down: thedudeabides

Disable victore conditions: itvexesme

Gold, default 500: keysersoze [number]

Lumber, default 500: leafittome [number]

gold and lumber, default 500; greedisgood [number]

Fast construction: warpten

Fast death: iocainepowder

Max food: pointbreak

Fast research: whoisjohngalt

Upgrades: sharpandshiny

Unlock tech tree: synergy

Set time to morning: riseandshine

Set time to evening: lightsout

Set time of day: daylightsavings [hour]

Toggle daylight pregression: daylightsavings

Level select: motherland [race] [level]
ex, "motherland orc 2
One Hit Kills + Invincibility (God Mode)
Type the following cheat in the chat box (hit enter) in single player mode to activate One Hit Kills + Invincibility:

It all started on the 15th of july 2006 when i was in custom game and it was undead vs orc. (i was undead and my opponent was the orcs) i trained a banshee (Temple of the dammed) and i sent out a army of people out, then i put in whosyourdaddy so my banshee didn't die and i used possession on a peon and then i took that peon to my base. Now i can build a great hall,barracks ect. TRY IT!!
Reveal Map / Disable Fog of War
Type the following cheat in the chat box (hit enter) in single player mode to Disable Fog of War:

Go the first mission of the prologue, and use the ''iseedeadpeople'' code to reveal the map, look at the island at the top of the screen to see some pirates guarding ''phat lewt''
Secret mini-game
Select Custom game from the Single Player menu and then double click the Senerio Folder at the top of the list that appears. 2 new maps will appear one being a Mini-Game of Called Sheep Of Death. Where you run back and forth dodgeing explosive sheep. use S to move left H to move right and esc to use a smart-bomb type attack.
Unlimited Mana
Type the following cheat in the chat box (hit enter) in single player mode to activate Unlimited Mana: