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Unreal Tournament 2004 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Adrenaline Combos
Scattered throughout most levels are little Adrenaline pills. By collecting 100 of them and doing various movement combos using the up, down, left and right arrows, you can use them to do special things. I've tested many combinations and these are the ones that work.

Up, Up, Up, Up - Speed (boosts your speed until the pills run out)

Down, Down, Down, Down - Booster (adds to your health, then your armor until the pills run out; extremely useful)

Up, Up, Down, Down - Berserk (gives your characters weapons a faster rate of fire)

Right, Right, Left, Left - Invisible (makes your character invisible)

There are two adrenaline combos that are hidden in Practice Mode, and cannot be used in the regular tournament mode. To unlock them, go to Mutators and include them (turn them on). Their explanations are pretty self-explanitory.

Right, Right, Right, Right - Camouflage

Left, Left, Left, Left - Character Model shrinks
No Dying from Falls
Hate dying or severely getting hurt from falls? You can stop it, as long as it's not an extreme distance like falling from a Raptor at highest altitude. To trick to do it is in your Shield Gun. When you're falling, whip out this handy hammer. Aim straight downwards. Right before you're about to hit the ground, shoot the shield primary fire (you don't need to charge it). It'll save you 20 health. Might not be much, but it might be enough to keep you from dying. Remember, if it's multiplayer, you have to take into account lag. How long will it take from the moment you click the mouse for the shield to actually fire?
Quick DD Tip
This is a small Double Domination tip for 2003 and 2004.

Just after your team scores a point (after controlling both points for a certain time limit), there is about 5 or 10 seconds before both control points open up again. For whatever reason, all CPU players will leave both areas until the points open up. Just stand around one of them until it opens, and step in it immediately to control the point. Then either stick around to defend it, or quickly run to the other point and control it.
Secret Loading Screen
When you load a map or movie, you will get 3 different loading screens. One of Tamika and Aryss standing back-to-back, one of Cyclops with a Bio-Rifle, and one of... something else. You can get a Xan loading screen. To get it, browse to C:\UT2004 (or wherever your UT2K4 folder is) and enter the System folder. Browse down to user.ini and make a backup of it. Then open it with Notepad. Now press Ctrl+F to open the Find prompt. Search for the term "backgrounds". The first result you get is what you want. Below the word backgrounds will be 4 lines, each with a number at the end. It should like the following:


1-2-2-4. Notice a number missing? 3. Change the number at the end so it reads 1-2-3-4. 3 is the secret loading screen, one of Xan Kriegor that looks VERY cool. You can change it around how you want, personally I deleted all the lines but the 3rd loading screen, so I'll always get the Xan one. It's just so cool.
Speech Menu
Do you hate when you are the only member of your team actually doing something? Tired of your useless team just following you around doing nothing, while you are doing everything?

During a game where you have members on your team, press V to open up the Speech Menu. In here, you can select various things to say to your team, and they will actually respond to you and do what you say. So if you want them to attack, they will. If you want them to defend, they will. If you want them to capture the enemy flag, they will.

The Menu has a lot of various things in it, so try it out in a game or two and see which team commands you could be using.
Unlock Secret Characters
The secret multiplayer characters are the Skaarj Clan Lord, Thunder Crash captain Malcolm, and first Unreal Tournament champion Xan Kriegor. You unlock them in single player.

To unlock ClanLord, beat the game on any difficulty WITHOUT USING CHEATS. If you use cheats, then character unlocking will be disabled. You need raw skill.

To unlock Malcolm, you need to have first unlocked ClanLord. Finish the single player tournament again ON A DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY. If you do the same difficulty, the character will not be unlocked.

To unlock Xan, you need to have first unlocked both ClanLord and Malcolm. Beat the tournament on a different difficulty than the difficulties you unlocked ClanLord and Malcolm on.

Personally, I unlocked ClanLord on Easy, Malcolm on Average, and Xan on Experienced.

When you're going to unlock a character, you face their team and them in the championship. If it's your first time through the tournament, and you will be unlocking ClanLord, you will face the Iron Skull team in the Championship Deck17 match. After that, you will fight ClanLord on HyperBlast2. If you've unlocked ClanLord and are going for Malcolm, you will face Thunder Crash in Deck17, and face Malcolm in HyperBlast2. If you've unlocked both ClanLord and Malcolm and going for Xan, you will face The Corrupt in Deck17 and Xan in HyperBlast 2. After you win the final match, the character you unlocked will be able to be chosen from the Player tab in Settings.
Unlock Secret Characters without Single Player
If you're really cheap, and want the secret characters without having to play through the single player tournament, you can do the following:

On C:\, browse to user.ini in the System folder of UT2004. Between any two sections, add the following:


Make sure there is a space between the 2 sections surrounding it and the one you added in. To see what it should look like, go here: http://stickypapers.com/nurv/image_view.php?id=15009


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Cheats for UT2004
These are the UT2004 cheats and most of them should work in UT2004
Press ` in game to bring down the console, or press TAB for the quick console. Then type one of the following commands:

God - Toggle God Mode
Amphibious - Underwater Breathing
Fly - Fly Mode
Ghost - Walk Through Walls
Walk - Return Walking to normal
Invisible <bool> - Turn Invisbility on or off (true/false)
Teleport - Teleport to where your crosshair is pointing
AllAmmo - Full Ammo on all possessed weapons
Allweapons - Give all weapons
Loaded - Give all weapons and full ammo on them (combo of allammo and allweapons)
SkipMatch - Win the current match and advance on the ladder
JumpMatch <int> - Jump to a specific match on the ladder, where <int> is a number. for example 43 for ladder 4, rung 3
ChangeSize <float> - Change the player size by factor # (i.e. 0.25 or 2.0)
SetJumpZ <float> - Change Jump height
SetSpeed <float> - Mutiply the player water and ground speed with the given value
PlayersOnly - Toggle the level to a players only level
summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup - Get rocket launcher
summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup - get shield gun
summon xweapons.shockriflepickup - Get shock rifle
summon utclassic.classisniperriflepickup - get sniper rifle
Summon onslaught.ONSHoverTank - Get a Goliath
summon onslaught.ONSPRV - get a hellbender
summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup - get a instagib shock rifle
and others, If you want them ask for them at my mailadress: k0a0i7@hotmail.com
Easy CTF Wins
Easy wins in Capture the Flag is pretty simple. This way pertains to 2003 and 2004.

Get yourself to 199 Health by finding a health pack and/or health vials. Then get 150 armor by finding the 50+ and 100+ armors in the level.

Now that you are fully stocked, go take the enemies flag, and run like crazy, taking any shortcuts as possible and get back to your base for the score.

If this does not work (in some levels it is harder, based on base layouts and enemies), get 100 Adrenaline before you go and take their flag. Right before you take the flag, press up up up up (to use Speedboost), AND THEN run like crazy to your base.