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Unreal Tournament Cheat Codes

Players can utilize the following cheat codes in Unreal Tournament single player games. To enable cheatcode mode, press the tild key (~) on your keyboard, type in iamtheone, then you have access to the codes listed below.

God mode god
All weapons with full ammunition loaded
Full ammunition allammo
Flight mode fly
No clipping mode ghost
Disable flight and no clipping modes walk
Add indicated number of bots addbots [number]
Kill all indicated enemy type killall [opponent name]
Kill all opponents killpawns
Change game speed (default is 1.0) slomo [1.0-10.0]
Stop time playersonly
Third person view behindview 1
First person view behindview 0
Advance to indicated map open [map name]***
Spawn indicated item summon unreali.[item name]*
Spawn indicated opponent summon unreali.[opponent name]**
Broadcast message to others say [message]

* Item Names
quad shotut_eightballflakshellamm

** Opponent Names
warlordtitanstone titanpulsegun
skaarjgunnerqueenpupae nali

*** Map Names
DeathmatchCapture The FlagDominationAssault
StalwartFacing WorldsGhardhenHiSpeed
Fractal ReactorEternal CavesCrypticRook
TurbineCoret FacilityCinder FoundryMazon
Codex of WisdomThe Iron GauntletGearBoltOceanFloor 'Station 5'
PressureDreary OutpostLeadworksOverlord
GrinderGrinder - MyschaOlden Aquifer 
Koos GalleonThe Last CommandTomb of Sesmar 
TempestThe Lava GiantMetal Dream 
Orion's BarricadeNovember Sub PenLament  
Liandri Central Core   
The Peak Monastery   
Ice Station Zeto   
Fetid Sewers   
Floating Pyramid   
Stalwart XL   

Boss Skin

To use the Boss Skin, you must modify the user.ini file in the game directory. It is a good idea to make a backup copy of the file before altering. Use the following line in the file.




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Best Weapon: The Redeemer
The stringest weapon by far in this game is the Redeemer. It is hidden in almost every level and only holds one shot at a time due to its utter destruction.

Mode 1 fires the rocket and you can watch it fly to the area at a far away distance. Stand far back because the explosion radious is huge.

Mode 2 lets you control the rocket and guide it to where you wish it to destroy. But beware, you are open for attack so be in a safe place.
Darkbladerlister's weapon choices
for one thing i have messed around witht the weapon on Unreal tournament myself

Dark Pistols- Shoots 3 rounds per second looks like the old pistol from unreal (wastes ammo fast(requires reloading))

Dark Sniper- shoots a red beam of enegry is you try and use the scope not the best

Healing point- looks like a visbale teleporter heals up to 100 health (good for single players)

Needler- old unreal weapon made for Unreal Tournament

i choose to summon these weapons becasue they are better then the old ones

Notice you don't need Iamtheone for the cheat mode they just don't work

MAking weapons is easy (but unreal weapons are like idoit proofed) but you need 432 and the unreal Ed 2 and some tuts
Easy CTF Win - Lava Giant
First, search the map and get your health and armor to as high as possible. Next, locate every weapon on the map and try to get max ammo for them all.

Next, make your way to the enemy base. Go around to the back, and throw a Translocator disk onto the entrance tower roof and teleport up onto it. Go around to the back of it, so the peak is infront of you (as well as most of the base).

There are a few things you can now do. Firstly, you can drop down and take their flag, run like hell back to your base, and hope you are alive to score the point.

The second thing or two you can do, which I do every time, is to keep poking your head out and taking out the enemies in the base, and wait for a teammate to steal the flag and get back to the base. If the enemies fire at you, keep ducking behind the roof peak and attacking them every few seconds, staying alive. They will not come up and get you. Most of the enemies will abandon their base and chase after their flag once it is taken, so you just wait there on the roof. Right after your teammate successfully captures the enemy flag, drop down and steal the enemy flag again and take the path to the right of the map and get back to your base quickly (your enemies will be taking the left path to get back to their base to stop you).

Easy win.
Over 150 Shield
Don't you wish you could have more than 150 shield? Well, you actually can. The way to do it is to pick up a shield belt and take some damage. Then go and pick up some thigh pads and/or body armour and then another shield belt. Normally the shield belt overrides all other armour, but if you follow the above procedure, then for some reason it doesn't, allowing you to have more than 150 shield.
See Your Team
This should work in every mode except for Deathmatch (since you are alone). It is most useful in Capture the Flag, I would say. When you would like to know where the other members of your team are on the map, press F5. The camera will then move infront of one of your team members, showing where they are and what they are doing. If you keep pressing F5, the camera will move to the other players on your team, and then eventually back to you. It is very handy knowing where your team is because you can go to them if they need help.
Speech Menu
Do you hate when you are the only member of your team actually doing something? Tired of your useless team just following you around doing nothing, while you are doing everything?

During a game where you have members on your team, press V to open up the Speech Menu. In here, you can select various things to say to your team, and they will actually respond to you and do what you say. So if you want them to attack, they will. If you want them to defend, they will. If you want them to capture the enemy flag, they will.

The Menu has a lot of various things in it, so try it out in a game or two and see which team commands you could be using.
YOU GOTTA READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you have invincibility, infinite ammo, flying mode, and the cheat to stoptime, go get the reddemmer and shoot it every where as much as you can. But before you do stop time. dont worry though you you won't run out of ammo. you will see the missles every where stuck in the air. then after when you want them to blow up just take off the cheat of stopping time. you will see explosions every where. some explosions will even hit you becuase they are so powerfull but thats why you have god mode on.


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999 Redemption ammo
NOTE: This cheat only works on maps that have Redemptions, sorry!
Go to a map that has the Redemption. Once you collect it, activate the max ammo cheat: loaded.
You should now have 999 Redemption ammo! Activate god mode and you can go on a rampage! Best done in Practice mode with bots because multiplayer games usually disable cheats.
To active the codes you must:
A.use the '~' key or
B.use the say and delete the 'say'(my way)

To fly and be invincible:fly
Fly + go thro' anything:ghost
All weapons(no reedemer):loaded
999 ammo for possesed weapons:allammo
Disable FLY and GHOST:walk
Stop timelayersonly*
3rd peron view:behindview 1*
1st person(normal)view:behindview 0*

*tested once
Console Commands
Various pickups.

Whenever you want to summon items, press the "~" key to bring the console up, then type the following codes to summon that item in front of you. Note that the pickups will respawn after awhile in the exact spot you summoned them.

For some of these codes to take effect, you may need to type into the console "iamtheone", without the quotes.

summon healthpack - Summons a Big Keg 'o Health.
summon ut_invisibility - Summons Invisibility.
summon ut_jumpboots -Summons Anti grav Boots.
summon armor2 - Summons the Body Armor.
summon udamage - Summons the Damage Amplifier.
summon ut_shieldbelt - Summons the Shield Belt.
summon thighpads - Summons the Thigh Pads.

Weapons Cheat List

To get a weapon wherever you want, press '~' to bring up your console, then type in the names below. the weapon does respawn after a while in the same place.

summon doubleenforcer - 2 Enforcers
summon ut_flakcannon - Flak Cannon
summon minigun2 - Minigun
summon pulsegun - Pulse Gun
summon warheadlauncher Redeemer
summon shockrifle - ASMD Shock Rifle
summon supershockrifle - Instagib Rifle
summon sniperrifle - Sniper Rifle
summon ut_biorifle - GES Bio Rifle
summon chainsaw - Chainsaw
summon translocator - Translocator
summon impacthammer - Impact Hammer
summon ut_eightball - Rocket Launcher

Easy CTF Wins
Easy wins in Capture the Flag is pretty simple. This way pertains to Unreal Tournament (2000).

Get yourself to 199 Health by finding a health pack and/or health vials. Then get 150 armor by finding the 50+ and 100+ armors in the level.

Now that you are fully stocked, go take the enemies flag, and run like crazy, taking any shortcuts as possible and get back to your base for the score.
type in fly and you will be able to fly around
Interactive Background
Enter the Ghost Cheat, then type slomo 10.0 or higher and fly to the map's background. You should eventually pass the boundary, and you'll see a chamber with the background, or several of those. In those rooms you will see a miniature model of the whole map, without the area you battle on. Now fire a weapon or summon something, go back to the battle area and see what happens!

Note: Some maps do not contain such chambers. Don't try this on maps without a background.
Spawning Big Things
If you spawn big things, such as 'Queen' be aware that even with godmode on you will be annihilated.
Although if you spawn something big while you're floating and looking downwards, the chances of dying will become trivial.
Don't make it too high, or else your spawned creature will die
Use Boss Skin without completing Single Player campaign.
Find the file user.ini file in your UnrealTournament\System directory.

Create a new line in an open space called:


Under that line print: HasBeatenGame=True

After you do this, it should look like this:


You should be able to use the Boss skin in single and multiplayer.
UT Cheats
Summon codes:

SUMMON MEDBOX - summons a medical box +20 (health)
SUMMON BPAK.BHEALTHPACK - summons x helth +1500
SUMMON U4ET.G4EWGOLD - summons 3 bfg grenades
SUMMON UNREALI.TROOPERCARCASS - summons troopercarcass
SUMMON PLASMASPHERE - summons "pulseshot"
SUMMON UT_GRENADE - summons (from rocket) a grenade

It is extremly hard to beat Xan. But I found this to be a helpful tip to beating him:

Make sure that you have a rocket launcher and lots of ammo for it. Have it so most of your battles are outside the ship. Now when he comes out, have a rocket home onto him and sending him into space. Its best to try to kill him here because he can fly out into space and die.