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Special Game play tips for Eufa 2004 portugal

EURO 2004 Tips and Tricks


W - Through Ball, Keeper Charge
E - Sprint
A - Lob passchip shot, Slide Tackle
S – Pass, Switch Player
D – Shoot, Conservative Tackle
C – Pressing
Q - Trigger player run


1 = Tele
2 = Action
3 = End to End
4 = Sideline
5 = Broadcast

Game Play Tips

Hold Q and press W – perfect cross to your player

Hold Q and press D – an opportunity to kick over the keeper when you're going 1-on-1

Hold C and press D – fake-shot (use only on CPU half)

When you're giving a pass, press pass button (S) again to get back the ball to the receiver (wall play). And don't forget to use Arrow Keys to reach the maximum progress!

Bicycle kick – during the cross, your player must stay opposite to the keeper, and then double click on shoot button (D).

Diving header – run almost till the end of the rightleft part of the pitch and press A and double click on D

Skill Moves
!All Skill Moves should be used only when you're near the opponent !

Press Shift and then click RightLeft arrow – to get the ball through the opponent legs.

Press Shift and then Down arrow – Zinedine Zidane superb skill move (turn on 360), when you want to go down on the pitch

Press Shift and then Up arrow – Zinedine Zidane superb skill move (turn on 360), when you want to go up on the pitch

Shift - FreestyleFreekick Ball SpinJostleReceiver Run (use arrow keys)

These special moves should be used only by the stars players (Zidane, Raul, Shevchenko, Beckham and etc.)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: tranquilizer on August 26, 2004