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True Crime: Streets Of L.A. (PC) Cheats

True Crime: Streets Of L.A. cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Menu Passwords
Enter these as a word for your license plate to get the desired effect.
PasswordWhat it does
WHUPASSShow the hidden dog bones on the map.
B00Z Bum costume
5WAT SWAT costume
M1K3 Commando costume
FATT Police Officer costume
FUZZ Officer Johnson costume
B1G1 Your Female Boss costume
ROSA Your Partner costume
HURT_M3Your Partner in Lingerie costume
TFAN Gangster costume
HARA Asian Worker costume
MRFU Asian High-Roller costume
PHAM Asian Butcher
TATS Tattoo Lady costume
MNKY Street Punk costume
B00B Punk Girl costume
P1MP Pimp costume
BRUZChampion Boxer costume
HAWG Big Biker costume
J1MM Corpse costume
RECKONGunslinger costume


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Tips and gameplay tricks for True Crime Streets Of La pc
Play as Snoop Dogg
Collect all 30 bones during the game to unlock Snoop Dogg. Note: They are marked in yellow on the map.

Snoop lowrider hydraulics
Press Left or Right while in the lowrider on a Dogg Patrol special mission to change the ride height.

Top Dogg rank
Successfully complete the Dogg Patrol mission with an "A" rating to become a Top Dogg.

Bonus FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game with all three endings to view the bonus FMV sequence.

Bandit Never Been Apprehended mission
When the street crime mission is to bust the criminal "Bandit Never Been Apprehended" be ready to fire. Every time he pretends to surrender, he will fire. Note: If you do not want the Good Cop rating to go down, take out your guns and wait for him to pretend to give up and fire at you once, so that you have a reason to kill him.

Escaping car enemies on missions
When you are supposed to flee from other cars shooting at you, look for big open spaces like the Staples Center parking lot and drive through them. The people chasing you will stay on the road and go all the way around, giving you a good chance to escape.

Stop carjackings
When your enemy is escaping by stealing a getaway car, kick them when they are pulling out the victim to stop them.

Spotting illegal drugs
To avoid wasting time frisking innocents, look for people that walk differently.

Restore health
Learn where the impound garages are located. When you get low on health, just visit the garage. You will not only get a fresh car, your health will be full again.

More damage
When an opponent is dazed, you can hit them hard into the wall with a finisher to do even more damage.

Deadly knife throw
In some situations when a enemy drops a knife, you can pick it and throw it. If thrown correctly, it will impale their forehead, killing them.

S.W.A.T. team
To get the S.W.A.T. team on you, kill a number of civilians (about thirty). The S.W.A.T. team will come after you in black vans.

Increasing Cop rank
Go around checking everyone for drugs and weapons to get +1 Good Cop. Also, go to the Hancock Park area in the middle of the map. On a street corner at 2nd and Citrus Ave, you can frisk just about anyone close to or moving to the intersection and almost always finds drugs or weapons on them. Additionally, to increase your Good or Bad Cop rating easily, replay a stealth mission and choose your attack accordingly.

Get past fence
When in a blocked off place with a fence on the other side, go up to it and face it. Do not press any buttons. The game will put you back on the other side within five seconds. It is easier to do this than hit the fence and not get through.

Push pedestrian through wall or fence
When nick frisks a person next to a wall and they are clean, he will give them a push. They will pass through the wall and turn into a shadow. This also can be done with fences.

Movie reference
In the game, there is a sign that reads "True Crime: Streets Of L.A.: The Movie, Fall 2005".

Defeating Wu's dragon
When the dragon is about to use his fire attack, use you manual aim to shoot it in the mouth, thus avoiding its fire and tail attacks. Note: Do not bother trying to shoot him while he is swimming in the lava.

Defeating zombie during Wu's mission
After beating up the chefs, a zombie will appear. Go near a stove and kick it. Hopefully, you have not destroyed it while fighting the chefs. The stove will explode and both of you will catch fire. The zombie will get greater damage than you. Repeat this with the second stove. If the zombie is still alive, knock him into the fire. Note: It is not possible to kill the zombie with physical attacks.


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Bonus Ending Movie
Complete the game and obtain all 3 endings, to gain access to a 4th bonus ending where FBI Agent Masterson and Nick compete in a breakdancing competition.
Get East Good Cop Points
Go to the mision when you have to get into the gulag by the back entrance in sneaking missions use the good cop stun thing and you will get points you can do this mission over and over do this when you need points.
Master Code
At the map screen enter Up, Right, Left, Up, X a chime will confirm correct entry.

Note: this doesn't not unlock the story missions!